Bicycles "Hammer" is valued primarily for appearance

The word "Hummer", most people immediately associate with the image of an expensive SUV. However, the bike lovers with this brand very different associations. Today, many people prefer to get to work or place of study on two-wheeled transport. Therefore, in this article we will discuss what is the bicycle "Hammer", the characteristics of the model range of the brand study, will review the price, and we note the pros and cons.



This produces a two-wheeled vehicles known company General Motors. Generally, bikes "Hammer" for a long time are not new on the market. However, today many of them no longer have any relation to the well-known automobile brands. Most of the models currently produced at factories in China, which have a limited right to use the name of a brand. Bicycles "Hammer" looks similar to counterparts with the same "car" name, such as Land Rover and others. Judging by the reviews, they are well attract attention on the streets, at the same time as the vehicles have average performance.


All bikes "Hammer" produced folding. This is extremely convenient both for storage and for transportation. These bikes made up almost everything including pedal or steering wheel. Folded bikes "Hammer" cover an area of ​​just one square meter. Assemble or disassemble them can be just two or three minutes.


Today, the two types of stores you can buy Hammer bicycles: Mountain and elektrobayk. The most common, of course, is the standard model - the first. It is assembled in China. Details on the mountain bike "Hammer", the price of which varies from twenty-two thousand, come from Taiwan and Japan. This bike is available in three colors. He has quite good reviews.


Bike equipped with high quality suspension fork and disc brakes. During gear shifting, which in this bike 24 corresponds to Japanese transmission.


In general, mountain bikes "Hammer" has a very unusual design. Central to their attractiveness are alloy wheels, which optionally can be in various colors. In the base there are also wings, bag, bottle of water and other accessories.

As for the wheels, the bicycle can be mounted on a tire with a diameter of up to 2, 3 inches. This size is quite enough for a comfortable leisurely ride on soft ground and light off-road.

ECO Bike X7

This elektrobayk of the "Hammer" is not much different in appearance from the mining model, manufactured without a motor. But it has a powerful electric motor (1000 W), which allows the bike speed dial up to 50 kilometers per hour. Bicycle stand loads of up to one hundred and fifty kilograms. Number of speeds to elektrobayka "Hammer" - 21. However, judging by the reviews of consumers, such an amount is not relevant, because the bike durable and powerful electric drive. Elektrobayk "Hammer" is equipped with a foldable design uncomplicated.

Suspension fork, which is equipped with a bicycle, enables smooth even minor irregularities, making the ride as comfortable as possible. Aluminum frame, but because of the presence of cast battery bike weighs about thirty kg. But even this characteristic in the operation is not a problem, since there are three drive modes: from the drive, from the pedals and Hybrid. Judging by the reviews, in an urban environment better suited a third option. It is the most effective, is also not so much drains the battery, as in the case of motion only from the drive.

Bicycle "Hammer": reviews

It is believed that the stories of the brand, is today a product of Chinese origin, are designed for those consumers who are accustomed to in this two-wheeler does not appreciate the technical characteristics or functionality, and the design and appearance. However, those who decided to buy them, for the most part satisfied with the choice. Many bicycles are called "Hammer" exclusive, believing that their appearance is worth the price at which they are sold. Seat and steering wheel adjusts easily, it is practical and convenient.


As for the electric bikes from the "Hammer", the vast majority of users said that does not make a mistake with the choice. The only drawback of these bikes, judging by the reviews, a lot of weight.