Forks Rock Shox: Do not afraid to ride a series of budget?

During the production of Rock Shox forks, many models have been reworked many withdrawn or replaced by other series, but all the same variety of choices did not disappear. The company still produces a sufficient number of different plugs to suit any needs of even the most demanding riders.

Forks Rock Shox: Do not afraid to ride a series of budget?

Why Rock Shox?

Without a doubt, Rock Shox make very good bike forks, regardless of their level. A sufficient amount of attention paid to all models produced at the moment. Among the forks of this company has something for themselves will find the usual lovers twist pedals, and avid riders who are chasing each extra gram of weight and rich functionality.

Unlike Fox |, there is no super-high prices for brand cheat, so products are also available to mere mortals. In general, all Rock Shox forks pretty good quality, with the exception of some technical aspects that are not brought to ideal.

To set up and take care of the forks is quite simple. On the official website there are manuals for complete self-service. Virtually all air forks there is a table, depending on the weight of the pressure, which greatly accelerates the spring swap.

Forks Rock Shox: Do not afraid to ride a series of budget?

Types of the Recon

Among the forks of a higher level can be identified Recon model. This series belongs to the mid-range and exists in several versions. Silver - the base version. It has steel legs, chrome-plated outside only. Fork is based on Solo Air air springs using an oil damper Turn Key (TK) of the new generation. In this version there is a choice between air and a steel spring, so that there is a gold standard for every rider. Silver is compatible with 26 "and 29" wheels.

Forks Rock Shox: Do not afraid to ride a series of budget?

Gold version is more advanced and is already very close to the older models forks forks Rock Shox, such as Reba, for example. It has a stroke of 100 mm, which can be increased or reduced without any extra costs. Equipped with Motion Control damper and air spring Solo Air. There is an option with a damper TC. Recon Gold gained aluminum legs with a special cover slip. In modifications of this fork meets the tapered rod made of aluminum or steel straight. Through the use of an air spring without bulb and light-alloy legs 30 mm plug is significantly diminished in weight.

The impression of the Recon

Both forks Rock Shox Recon and rebound are adjustable to adjust the preload of spring steel, and dropouts by axis 9 mm. In fact, Silver and Gold are quite different to each other and it is not clear why belong to the same class. Speaking generally, the series is designed for advanced riders or those who got permanent bumps on the hands and the sound of spring forks. Available in both series for different wheel sizes.

Forks Rock Shox: Do not afraid to ride a series of budget?

Silver version is quite simple in design and inexpensive to maintain. Ideal for classic hardtail bikes and travel, which are used frequently and in large quantities. It is unpretentious in service and has sufficient rigidity to overcome any obstacles.

Gold version is ideal for those who are going to move to a more expensive type of fork Reba, Sid, Pike and above, but not yet tried out the charm of the aluminum legs and lightweight design. It has excellent rigidity and thought-out geometry that improves management control.

Rock Shox XC

Plugs of this series produced in 2012, and one of the first models can still be seen on the bike in a well working condition. XC series appeared as a result of the replacement of two. Like all products Rock Shox, XC forks are made with clear standards that ensure their precise and stable operation. XC Series is available in three variations:

  • XC 28. Stroke 100 mm. Spring steel, currently used oil damper.
  • XC 30.
  • XC 32.

All three variations are chrome-plated steel legs, which adds to the rigidity of forks and of course, weight gain. XC 30 and 32 can have a steel or aluminum rod. The entire series is available only with the XC dampers TK, which are equipped with a lockout. Also, all these plugs can be dispersed, and run up to 10-20 mm, depending on the needs. Altogether, these budget items are treated well large bumps, vibration damper cope with not too sharp blows. After switching on the XC with any cheap or extremely spring bicycle forks difference is very noticeable.

Forks Rock Shox: Do not afraid to ride a series of budget?

On the downside can be attributed quite a lot of weight - about 2.3 kg, unreliable damper small diameter legs XC 28, and relatively poor response to minor irregularities. However, the more we expect from a budget plug is not necessary. XC any version, is used as intended, it will work well in an environment for which it is intended.


The official stores, distributors fork Rock Shox you can buy almost any spare parts to any plug, even the old series. For example, most dampers are compatible with each other and, therefore, it is possible to upgrade your version of Recon Gold more reliable damper setting or titanium springs or, on the contrary, the air. In principle, from the different parts can be assembled almost own fork just for yourself, even if one is not commercially available.