The best recipes for weight loss smoothies

Smoothies - a natural cocktail of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and juice. This low-calorie product that can nourish body essential elements, is rapidly absorbed. Unlike drinking yoghurt smoothie does not contain sugar, but it is almost entirely composed of fiber and protein. It is an effective tool to help get rid of excess weight. There are many smoothie recipes for weight loss, everyone has found their fans in different parts of the world.

The benefits of drinking smoothies for the body

Smoothies - a tasty, sweet cocktail that is usually drunk through a straw and eat with a small spoon. He is healthy and useful drink, having such advantages:

  • Smoothies saturates the body with beneficial vitamins and minerals, and also strengthens the immune system, increases the body's resistance against viruses.
  • Due to the high content of fiber, promotes the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as cleanses the body and removes toxins.
  • A cocktail helps to maintain vitality, strengthen the nervous system, and is also used as a remedy for stress.
  • The use of this drink instead of dinner will help get rid of excess weight. So, keeping this cocktail menu, you can lose up to 8 kg for three weeks.
  • Smoothies helpful to young children. The drink should add milk, kefir, yogurt, as a growing body just needed a variety of trace elements. It is not necessary to water the child's dietary cocktails, it can add nuts, chocolate, cream. Once the sugar is best to replace a few tablespoons of honey.
The best recipes for weight loss smoothies

Eating smoothies, people not only saturates the body with vitamins, but also enjoys his taste.

The negative impact on the body smoothies

Many girls as a smoothie drink selected. Recipes for weight loss you can read more in this article. And now to consider the negative impact of the drink on the human body in such cases:

  1. When there is an allergic reaction to one of the cocktail ingredients. In this case, you need to very carefully choose the components that do not harm the body.
  2. If you have an upset stomach due to non-compliance preparation technology. "The highlight of the" smoothie is the consumption of vegetables and fruit in its natural form, t. E. Without heat treatment. Therefore, you should carefully prepare products: wash under running water, if necessary, then peel.
  3. In use, only one drink throughout the day without nutrition. You can not completely give up solid foods, it is necessary and brings only positive effects for the body.
  4. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not get involved in such a cocktail, you can only drink in moderation.

It is necessary to remember that the use of this drink should be in moderation.

Dietary smoothies

To lose weight, women use diet smoothies. Recipes for weight loss, they are in print or on the Internet. Conventionally cocktails to get rid of the extra kilos can be divided into:

  • fruit and berry;
  • vegetable;
  • mixed (which include vegetables, fruits, berries).
The best recipes for weight loss smoothies

A well-chosen fruits and vegetables will give the drink a unique taste.

The basic rules of cooking

Before you try a smoothie recipes for weight loss, you must know the rules of the preparation of this drink:

  1. To dietary cocktail must be selected natural products having a low calorie. Of course, in order to saturate the body can use high-calorie fruit, but only in small quantities.
  2. Do not drink smoothies in cold or add ice to it. If you eat these foods, the receptors can not recognize the taste, and then there is the risk of overeating.
  3. The formulation of dietary smoothies do not use sugar, this drink will only extra kilos. Also, do not add the raisins, cream, chocolate (even bitter), as sweet components increase hunger, contribute to the emergence of excess weight.
  4. Eat smoothie can replace a full meal, for example, replacing breakfast or dinner. It is not necessary to wash down their main meal or varnish at any time of the day, this diet will not get rid of the extra kilos, and only add new ones.
  5. The vegetable smoothie recipes do not use salt diet. This is quite harmful component, so it is best to add dried sea kale or seasonings.
  6. It is not recommended to drink a smoothie instead of ordinary water. It is necessary to chew, as this drink is a lot of fiber.
The best recipes for weight loss smoothies

By following the simple rules of cooking, you can achieve getting a truly tasty and nutritious drink.

Useful ingredients for smoothies

You need to know what foods will help get rid of excess kilogram. Here is a list of the most basic and useful ingredients for smoothies:

  • Fruits. The best of them are apples, pears, citrus, cherries and apricots.
  • Vegetables. Will delight the taste buds, will help get rid of excess weight - tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, carrots, cauliflower.
  • Dairy. For weight loss in the preparation of smoothies using low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese and yogurt.
  • Berries. Best fat burners are considered raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, currants and gooseberries.

Combining drink a variety of vegetables and fruits, it is possible to achieve effective results in getting rid of excess weight.

The recipes of smoothie diet of fruits and berries

The most popular among the population of fruit cocktails, an abundance of which can be found in supermarkets all year round. The recipes are simple enough. To prepare this drink, you must use special kitchen equipment. The best recipes of smoothie blender for weight loss are presented below. Remember that if you follow the instructions, then get a really tasty drink. So, the recipes:

  1. The recipe for hearty smoothies. Many girls prefer this cocktail recipe, as it is quite nutritious, can replace a full breakfast or dinner. For this drink you need to take 1 cup of strawberries and a half of a ripe banana. Fruit is crushed with a blender, followed by addition of a glass-free or low-fat yoghurt yogurt, whipped. At the end of added low-fat cottage cheese.
  2. The recipe smoothie with kiwi. In this case, a drink made from four kiwi, fresh juice of one orange, a glass of low-fat yogurt, one big spoon of honey. All the ingredients are crushed blender.
  3. raspberry smoothie recipe. The capacity to grind to add one ripe banana, one kiwi fruit, a glass of raspberry. At the end you need to pour a glass of nonfat yogurt or yogurt.
  4. Mandarin smoothies for weight loss. Recipes in the home make it possible to independently adjust the amount of ingredients, depending on their preferences. Thus, in this recipe necessary to crush one banana in a blender, two mandarin, adding 100 ml of low-fat yogurt, 300 ml of milk, a large spoonful of honey. If you drink too nutritious, can take half or 1/3 of a banana.
  5. Fruit smoothies with green tea. For the preparation you need to mix a banana, an apple, two kiwis, 70 g of light grapes and one glass of brewed green tea. Then use a blender grind all the ingredients until smooth. It should be noted that grapes need to remove the seeds.
  6. smoothie recipes that can be replaced with a full breakfast. To make it, you need to mix the avocado half, one ripe banana, two large spoons of oatmeal, half a cup of milk, a little honey and a pinch of cinnamon. All components are ground blender and pour into a glass. Serve immediately after cooking.
  7. The recipe smoothie with oat flakes. In a special container for whisking add a banana, a quarter cup of oatmeal, half a cup of low-fat milk and yogurt, half a small spoon of honey.
  8. smoothie recipe for weight loss with yogurt. To prepare useful and diet drink, you need a blender to mix in a bowl one banana, two glasses-free yogurt, one big spoon of honey and a small spoon of lemon juice. All the ingredients you need to grind for a few minutes until smooth.
  9. The recipe smoothie with raspberries. To prepare the need to take one banana, raspberry polstakana, 100 ml of milk and a pinch of cinnamon. By using the blender to grind food, then ready to drink pour into glasses.
  10. Smoothie with blueberries. Virtually every recipe such beverage present banana. This fruit nourishes the body and its natural trace elements make cocktail moderately sweet and airy. In this recipe, you must also take one banana, one-third cup of blueberries, half a cup of low-fat milk or yogurt. Ingredients grind blender to produce a beverage without pieces.
  11. The recipe smoothie with kiwi and cottage cheese. First, in a blender bowl put three kiwi, peeled and diced, and one big spoon of honey. All whipped and put into the glasses. Then crushed three bananas and two large tablespoons of cottage cheese, all carefully laid out on the kiwi puree.
The best recipes for weight loss smoothies

If you have questions about the technology of the preparation of a beverage, it is always possible to turn to a smoothie recipes for weight loss with photos. These step by step instructions make it possible to make a really useful and nutritious smoothies.

vegetable smoothie recipes for weight loss

Vegetables are very useful in any form (thanks to the high content of carbohydrates, fiber, essential trace elements and vitamins). Therefore, these smoothies are able to replace a full dinner. Some of the fair sex believe that vegetable cocktails not very tasty. This belief exists as long as they do not try this drink. A variety of detox smoothie recipes for weight loss:

  1. Recipe smoothie with cucumber and tomatoes. In the bowl of a blender put one cucumber, one tomato, two drops of Tabasco sauce, a quarter of the bell pepper, one cup of low-fat yogurt, herbs, seasoning to taste. All components are ground until a homogeneous mass.
  2. The recipe smoothie with broccoli. The preparation of this cocktail begins with boiling broccoli (do not add salt and spices). When a vegetable is prepared, it is placed in a container for whipping blender, add the green beam, a glass-free yogurt. This drink is reminiscent of green soup, so use it should be warm.
  3. Recipe smoothie with cucumber and onion. This cocktail is great to quench thirst, give strength and vigor. To cook it you need to grind until smooth: one cucumber, one bell pepper, green onion stalk, a small spoon of lemon juice and grated ginger root, a glass of mineral water.
  4. Smoothies recipe for weight loss with celery. To prepare this drink, it is necessary beforehand to prepare vegetables: beets rub on a grater and squeeze out the juice, tomatoes, scald and peel two carrots crushed blender, two of celery finely cut. Then, all components are placed in a container, whisk until smooth.
  5. Recipe smoothies with garlic. In the bowl of a blender put three chopped carrots, beets, radishes, garlic and parsley. All the vegetables are ground for a few minutes. Ready cocktail poured into a glass.
The best recipes for weight loss smoothies

As a result of taking slimming not only get rid of excess weight, but also to saturate the body with vitamins and minerals.

Recipes smoothies mixed

Unusual and delicious drinks are being prepared from vegetables and fruits. They combine enough different ingredients and get an explosion of taste. The most unusual connection of fruits and vegetables:

  1. smoothie recipe for losing weight at home with seaweed. To prepare this drink in a container put 100 g of chopped cabbage, a large spoonful of seaweed, 70 g of spinach, kiwi, pear, two large tablespoons of low-fat cream and a glass of water. All the ingredients are whipped blender until smooth.
  2. Recipe smoothie with cranberries. First, pear, apple and cucumber peeled, shift into a container for whipping. Thereto was added bundle of spinach, celery one, 100 g of crushed cranberry and blender. This cocktail is excellent diuretic.
  3. Recipe smoothie with mango. For preparation must take one purified mango, 100 g of cabbage, celery two glass of fresh orange juice, some branches of mint. All components are ground in a blender for a few minutes. This drink perfectly clean the intestines of toxins and restore microflora.

In spite of the (seemingly) incongruous components, beverages obtained tasty and nutritious.

The best recipes for weight loss smoothies

Smoothies: an effective tool for weight loss

Smoothies - very tasty and healthy drink. But do not use it as a single dish in the diet. Greater effect can be obtained by combining the use of smoothies and other healthy products. This article has listed many smoothie cocktail recipes for weight loss, and now two ways to reduce the weight to be described with their help:

  1. For starters, you can replace breakfast or dinner-drink beverages. It is best to give preference to the evening meal, as the weight is dialed due to improper food intake in the evening.
  2. To consume smoothies in the discharge day. That is, one day a week to go completely liquid diet, combining the use of a smoothie with water and green tea. The best recipes for weight loss smoothies

Eating drinks so that you can achieve a positive effect in the process of losing weight.

Star smoothie recipes

Hollywood actresses to achieve harmony of body and trim, constantly consume smoothies. Here are a few striking examples:

  • Bob Harper prefers to eat for breakfast berry and apple smoothie with greens.
  • And here is charming Jessica Alba calls his favorite cocktail "Green Monster". It is a mixture of berries and vegetables, full dietary product.
  • Many watched the TV series "Friends", where the main character, Jennifer Aniston mad about this beverage. Her favorite drink - a vegetarian cherry smoothie.
  • The diet Katy Perry not find boring banana drinks. Her morning drink like a dinner in a small glass.

Smoothies - surprisingly easy to prepare and delicious drink. Its beneficial effect feels everyone who dare to regularly drink this cocktail. So, get rid of the extra kilos is not difficult.