Size 48 - this is what size? Or how to stop torturing consultants

Each of us is faced with the fact that he could not determine its size or another person. Very often such a situation arises when you decide to buy anything from clothing to gift another person. All these different numbers, letters, Russian, European, French dimension lines ... When a person sees a different letter on the garments rather than the usual numbers, it becomes uncomfortable. Size 48 - this is what size the letters? A 42? Head is spinning. Let's understand what's what.

What is clothing size

Size 48 - this is what size? Or how to stop torturing consultants

One of the main criteria by which we select a particular clothing - is its size. We can say that clothing size is a specific code that is displayed on the corresponding parameters of the person. To make the choice of the consumer as convenient as possible, manufacturers of clothes, shoes and accessories are dimensions of the system.

The definition of size clothing lines

One of the most frightening dimension grids for the buyer - it is a literal dimensional grid: the very XS, S, M, L, XL, and so on. And what is there to find a Russian man 48 size? This is what size the letters? Such panicky thoughts have been in the mind of every customer. In fact, everything is easier than it seems.

Size 48 - this is what size? Or how to stop torturing consultants

to decipher these cryptic letters in the following way by using simple English words. XS stands for "eXtra Small", which means very little, S translates to Small, the there is a small. M denotes Medium, which means average. If L - Large understood around the world as large, XL - this is the "eXtra Large", you guessed it - very big. In order not to wonder when looking at these letters on yarlychah, there is a system of the appropriate size figures letters size.

Women dimension lines

Look for reduced compliance and you'll never be lost when visiting a store and think "size of the numbers 48 - is what size the letters?". Thus: XS corresponds to 42, S - is our 44, M is understood to 46, L - is the standard 48, XL stores - is 50, XXL is read and indicates 52, XXXL followed with the value 54, BXL denotes 56, BXXL with value of 58, BXXXL - is 60.

Size 48 - this is what size? Or how to stop torturing consultants

These dimensions are universal. But you still need to remember that stores measurements may vary. Particularly affected are the decrease of clothing options Asian clothing manufacturers. Their size 48, female, can nalezt with great difficulty on the Russian female 42 size.

Men dimension lines

Men's line is constructed similarly sized female. The only difference is that the countdown starts from 44 size. Therefore male dimensional mesh is as follows:

  • XS - 44.
  • S - 46.
  • M - 48.
  • L - 50.
  • XL - 52.
  • XXL - 54-56.
  • XXXL - 58-60.
Size 48 - this is what size? Or how to stop torturing consultants

Also there is nothing complex here. Sometimes difficult to define as the man, 48 the size of clothes he wears, or, for example, 44 minutes. Here you already have to rely on your eye or the slyly peep label on the clothes of your object.

Features of certain types of clothes

It should always be remembered that the size of the jacket 48 in one store is not necessarily the same as in another. And if you suddenly come across in the British system size designations may come again panic. So, let's define the size of the 48 - what size is in the British line. Remember that the size of the British need to add the number 6 in women's sizes This means that:

  • British 34 - European 40;
  • British 36 - European 42;
  • British 38 - European 44;
  • British 40 - European 46;
  • British 42 - European 50

The men's British and European sizes, the situation is as follows:

  • British 34 - European 44;
  • British 36 - European 46;
  • British 38 - European 48;
  • British 40 - European 50;
  • British 42 - European 52

On the men's jackets are usually available after the size of the letter means growth, that is:

  • XXS - 163 - 168 cm - small;
  • xxR - 170 - 180 cm - medium;
  • xxL - 182 - 190 cm - high.

On the men's shirts have a collar number. According to it, you can also determine the size of the product. The correspondences between the collar number and size of the following:

  • S (37-38) - 44-46.
  • M (39-40) - 48.
  • L (41-42) - 50-52.
  • XL (43-44) - 54.
  • XXXL (45-46) - 56.
  • XXXL (47-48) - 58-62.

Centimeters or inches - a measurement of the collar number. Inches often appear on the shirts of foreign manufacturers. Always when choosing a shirt and viewing labels must be remembered that the inch size of two and a half times less than the centimeter.

After the above cribs you should not remain any questions like "size 48, which is the size." But apart from the dry facts, I want to talk also about the psychological component of the choice of clothing size.

The tendency of the modern world - the pursuit of numbers and letters on the label. In society, it was felt that the lower the score, the better. But do not blindly believe in it. wrong size clothes a hundred times out of a hundred will sit ugly and spoil the proportions of the human. One should always choose the size depending on the feeling and appearance. If your size 48 female, it means that you need to buy, and do not try to pull on you things on the size or even smaller. Nothing good will come. People never pay attention to what size clothes you wear. Moreover, as they are generally recognized figures on the label of your sweaters? Yes, nothing. First of all, anyone will pay attention to how you are sitting on a certain piece of clothing, whether it is to you. Its color, style. But never on the size. Another point worth noting in talking about the size - is the size of clothes in shops. If you buy clothes for the first time in any internet-shop, not too lazy to read the information on the dimension of the grid. It may differ from the accepted standard. You do not want to suffer later with the return of clothes? Therefore it is better to spend a few minutes of your time, but then enjoy a new and pleasant shopping!