List of tallest basketball player in the world, the NBA and the USSR

What should be a real basketball player? Fast, agile, resilient. Yes, of course, precisely the qualities he must possess. Surely every once I watched as players develop a very high speed, running through the site, constantly changing direction and deftly throwing the ball into the ring. All these physical qualities, depending on the athlete's athletic training. Daily training largely improve them.

List of tallest basketball player in the world, the NBA and the USSR

And what about the data that is presented to the nature? As they say, against genetics do not go. Most probably already guessed that we are talking about external data player. Typically, the high growth in basketball is not uncommon. Today we talk about the tallest basketball player in the world.

The big growth - an obstacle or advantage?

Athletes with high growth driven by not only what they notice and remember. A big plus in the game. Players with high growth is much easier to throw the ball in the ring, even from the middle of the hall. Besides being high, easy to cut around another player.

Of course, everything is relative, and often depends on the physical abilities and daily workouts. Speaking of relativity: the constant jumps performed in basketball, too, to some extent affect the growth. However, this does not happen so often compared to that which is heavily influenced by health problems.

List of tallest basketball players in the NBA

Highest basketball world, of course, were all seen. Most of them have played in the NBA, which stands for National Basketball Association. There is a list of the highest basketball world. Specifically, in the list of NBA is about two dozen. Among them are Arvydas Sabonis and Ralph Simpson. Their height is 221 cm and 224 respectively. Surprisingly, this is not the highest NBA basketball players. Slavko Vraneš - one of the most famous players. He has managed to grow up to 230 cm and at the moment is in the list of the highest basketball world. I played for different countries. Only one match they had played in the NBA. Manute Bol - another tall basketball player surpass the former in the growth of one centimeter.

List of tallest basketball player in the world, the NBA and the USSR

This man, like some other tall people, has no pituitary disorders. The fact that parents Manute Bol were also very high. Their growth exceeded 2 meters. Basketball on your physique lean, compared to other players in the NBA, and that too much is released. Its weight for a given height is about 95 kg. 231 centimeter - just think! But this is not the limit. Who is the tallest basketball player in the NBA?

Gheorghe Muresan

And his name Gheorghe Muresan. This athlete deserves the tallest player in the NBA.

List of tallest basketball player in the world, the NBA and the USSR

Gheorghe Muresan from Romania, and in addition to basketball is engaged in other different activities. He often acted in various films and videos. A role he has played well in the comedy "My Giant". Gheorghe Muresan Height is 232 cm, and this is due to the problem of the pituitary gland. Played pretty good athlete, but often exposed at the same time various types of injuries.

Once George has played for "Maryland Naythoks" when the team consisted of the tallest players. That's when the athlete was not the first time on the court the tallest player. The same team was Sun Mingming growth of 236 cm. Players who are in the NBA, with similar data bit, but they are still there. And that's what our famous basketball players in history?

Highest basketball in the USSR

Some of our guys even more famous, such as the highest basketball player of the USSR Alexander Sizonenko. Due to its growth in the athlete hit the record books as the tallest basketball player in the world.

List of tallest basketball player in the world, the NBA and the USSR

It was still in the Soviet Union. His height was 2 meters and 39 centimeters. Almost all his life, Alexander was committed to the game of basketball. The only thing that prevented him then - is that because of their own growth, Alexander was not as fast as required game.

Despite this, it is very well kept game. By the way, Alexander was not only the title of the highest basketball player, but also the tallest man on the planet. However, one day he had to leave your favorite activity and must leave the game due to health problems.

On the life of Alexander Sizonenko

Like many other athletes, Alexander Sizonenko, in addition to basketball, doing other activities. It is perfectly approached for a role in the film based on the famous fairy tale "The Brave Little Tailor". Here it is perfectly played the role of a giant. Surprisingly, throughout his life athlete he continued to grow. The reason for this was the problem of the pituitary. Alexander fought with her to the last, not even moved one step. In 2012, he still died. At that time, his height was 245 cm.

Ulyana Semyonova - girl stands out for its growth

If the tallest basketball player was considered a Soviet athlete, who is the tallest basketball player? It is surprising, but it is also a Soviet athlete Juliana Semenova. With the growth of 210 cm she weighed 127 kg. Athlete for his game received numerous awards, including as a world champion and the USSR. These basketball players of the USSR saw the whole world. But how long ago it was! Currently, Paul Podskolzin leader in Russia. He is also a player in the NBA. His height -. 224 cm by their labor athlete reaches the highest results and shows another example of basketball players, and this deserves respect.

Sulaiman Ali Nashnush - the highest basketball player in the history of

If you take the entire history of basketball, the highest worth noting a player like Suleiman Ali Nashnush. This athlete from Lithuania growth of 2 meters 45 cm. The problems causing the player to reach that height, broke it, not allowing to build a career. Having reached the age of 47 years, Suleiman, unfortunately, died. He remembered the world not only as a basketball player, but also a bit of an actor. Quite a talented actor. In 1969, he starred in the film "Satyricon."

The talent is not measured by the growth of

Like many in the world of talented athletes. Everyone who is interested in basketball, there is one favorite player. And it does not matter, it is allocated to any external data or not.

List of tallest basketball player in the world, the NBA and the USSR

Speaking of growth, as large number of tall people in the world, but not all are engaged in basketball.