Tone Cream "Estee Lauder" Double Wear: reviews, features and shades

Tone Cream Estee Lauder Double Wear - a truly iconic product that has long been not removed from production, but only added to the lineup of its new version. Millions of girls around the world to buy it again and again. So thanks to some properties that an expensive cosmetic product gained a love of consumers?

The texture and the

Name of foundation of the original version of Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place translates to remain in place. Positioned as a cream powder, and this definition is fully justified. Honed finish that gives the face a more natural look than with a fully matt finish. Covering the average is closer to the dense. And for lovers of light and tonal framework does seem plaster.

Skin texture becomes dull after application, so the owners of dry skin, it is unlikely to fit. It is so dense that overrides any deficiencies and non-uniformity of color, fill an uneven skin surface. Its main advantage - it is resistance precisely because it is his property as is enjoyed by millions of girls.

Tone Cream

has a small protective factor from the sun, all SPF 10, which is sufficient only for the winter period. Therefore, in the summer months, you must use extra protection. But resistance Double Wear transcend even wet hot climate.

Keeps it really nailed both until evening. But it needs to be washed off a long and carefully, otherwise you can earn inflammation. Only facial wash it is unlikely to succeed to wash off completely, you will need to walk more than a bit of milk for removing makeup. And best of all it will wash away the hydrophilic oil that is true, then the very need to rinse off foaming agent.

To fit tonal basis Double Wear

It is uniquely suited to owners of the following skin types:

  • fat;
  • combined
  • problematic.

The girls Slavic type most of the skin is combination or oily and dry at a young age is very rare. A tendency to dryness comes only with age, due to hormonal changes. Therefore, in Russia from Double Wear Estee Lauder is so popular.

Those who have dry skin or just to be prone to dryness use this product you should not categorically. Otherwise, all fine wrinkles, even those that are not normally visible, will become very noticeable.

Tone Cream

By using Double Wear to age the skin should be treated with caution. Can emphasize even the smallest wrinkles. If the type of skin fat and skin is hydrated enough, then you can try, but with pre-testing before an important event. It can approach one of the versions, but more on that later.

The most loyal fans in the foundation, "Estee Lauder" Double Wear, by all accounts, including those who suffer from acne. Since skryvyutsya and active inflammation, and post-acne scars. Very fond of her in Israel, where the girls want to look perfect, that when they are wet hot climate it is problematic.

How to use

Apply Double Wear foundation is better not to fingers and a brush or a damp sponge duofibroy such as beauty-blender. However, consumption of the product in the end large enough due to the fact that it is absorbed by a sponge or brush. In problem areas such as the nostrils, the scars and the corners of the eyes, it is necessary to apply the product pat. Distribute it need quick movements, otherwise it will seize and improve coverage imperceptibly will be difficult. Due to the fact that he was so firmly grasped, the cream is one of the few does not spoil even the white shirts and keeps the skin almost daily. Therefore, layered foundation does not, in principle, and it is not necessary, given its incredible density.

Tone Cream

The finish in this tonal framework brushed so that there is no need to use on top of the powder. All dry foods fall perfectly and do not flow on it.

Product form

Produced cream powder Double Wear in a glass bottle, which contained 30 ml of product. The main disadvantage of the package - is the lack of pomp. This form factor a lot of annoying consumers, because they either do not know that the pump is sold separately, or know, but that they are uncomfortable and unprofitable. In addition, the pump looks different from the original color of the cover. The original cover is covered with gold paint, and the pump is made of black plastic.

Due to the fact that the consistency in the cream is thick and sticky, it is poured slowly. But still gain the product unhygienic fingers, so it will be an unpleasant smell faster.

The price and where to buy

Problems buy Este Lauder Double Wear no in Russia. It is possible to order on the official website and purchased at any major cosmetics network, which sells luxury cosmetics segment. Since the purchase is not cheap, it can be previewed online with detailed descriptions and reviews. The price of Estee Lauder foundation everywhere about the same, about 4 thousand. Rub.

Double Wear Nude

Many in their comments on the original version stated that this foundation all is good, but too noticeable on the skin due to their density. Especially for girls with such needs Nude version was developed with the effect of bare skin. The title of this version is translated - naked.

Tone Cream

As a result of hyaluronic acid in the composition, this tonal framework should pull the lower skin and therefore less felt in contrast to the original version. He rather liquid consistency, and finish with the effect of wet shine. Members say the most simple application without streaks and bands. The foundation for a long time does not freeze and preserves wet shine. Therefore, fixing the powder may still be needed. After application of the Double Wear Nude adjusts to the color of the skin, which minimizes the risk to miss with a touch. It is protected from the sun with an SPF factor of 30, which is sufficient even for the summer season, when used in the city.

Whatever is stated in the title, the effect is not completely made up of the skin is not all the same. On closer examination it can be clearly seen that there is a foundation on the skin.

For owners of oily skin is damp feeling tonal framework can result in a number of disadvantages:

  • They it can leak, even when using a fixing powder. Despite the fact that the manufacturer declares resistance within 24 hours, in the opinion on the foundation, "Estee Lauder" Double Wear Nude is not.
  • The coating at the product looks more natural and true, but suffers opacity. Too obvious defects of the skin it does not override, but its lightness results still excellent.
  • Due to the fact that the cream is enough liquid structure, it may fall into the enlarged pores and emphasize them.

If you follow the recommendations and not to use the Double Wear Nude on the skin, prone to the active secretion of sebum, the product only please. But this is only the cream of the line Double Wear, which is suitable for use on dry skin.

Double Wear Nude in stick-cushion

Now quite popular tonal resources to cushion. Send it to all of the Asian countries, there is a long time they are used. Cushion - a liquid foundation that is covered on top with a porous sponge. It turns out that the tool is applied with a sponge that is impregnated with this agent densely. This allows to put means a thin and uniform layer.

Tone Cream

The newly updated version of Nude form factor in stick-cushion. While reviews on it are not very positive. Consumers do not like the fact that if the sponge is damaged, it becomes impossible to apply the remedy. And also the fact that the wash sponge is quite problematic. This in itself means Stick of 14 ml, and the price of about 3, 6 th. Rub.

Double Wear Light

The title of this version easy to translate. The main stated hallmark Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation from others of this series is a weightless finish. That is, it's the same texture cream-powder, but in a lighter version. Naturally, the resistance suffers. But in a review notes still good resistance.

Compared to other tonal fluids from Double Wear Light coverage is quite dense, all the irregularities of color overlap uniquely. Many have noted the effect of the illuminated skin from the inside, which makes the coating more natural.

Reviews foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear Light says that it really holds up to 15 hours, but can be a little roll in the meantime in the wrinkles and peeling places. Of all the creams in this series Light is the only version available in a tube, which for many is also a plus.


What is located in the coveted bottle of foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear, which gives it a resistance?

Tone Cream

In the first place in the composition of the water. Cream water-based rather than oil, otherwise he would have melted fat from the selected skin. Although water-based, moisture cream is not afraid, because silicone is still there in the lineup.

Foundation Este Lauder Double Wear, by all accounts, does not clog pores, if properly wash. Since this is a special volatile silicones, which allows the skin to breathe, though, and felt, and despite the fact that the thick cream, the skin breathes underneath.


Rulers in tonal shades of creams Este Lauder Double Wear different versions differ markedly.

In the original version of their entire 14. Choose the right and able to girl with peach skin, and the owner of the cold skin tone, and African-American.

In tonal fluid Nude series of 9 and mostly darker shades, leaving yellow undertone.

Tone Cream

In a series of Light all 5 colors. It is here that the most light tone among all tonal cream Double Wear it INTENSITY 1.0. suitable even Snow White.


According to reviews, the foundation "Estee Lauder" Double Wear physically felt on the face wearing period, and a feeling that the skin does not breathe. But instead it gives incredible results in durability. Do owners of very oily t-zone starts to shine, not earlier than after 3-4 hours, which for this type of skin is an excellent result and enables the whole event look great. For owners of normal skin, this result can be up to 10 hours. After these hours tonal framework does not disappear anywhere, just appears a light shine on the skin, which can be removed, soaked skin special matting facial tissues.

Based on the reviews about the foundation "Estee Lauder" Double Wear, you can identify the main claims:

  • emphasizes peeling, if any;
  • inconvenient packaging;
  • a feeling of tightness of the skin;
  • needed a knack at drawing;
  • very noticeable on the skin.

From all this we can conclude that this is a good foundation for the important events and photo shoots, that is, those places where the appropriate bright makeup, underneath which need perfect skin. In the photos, especially with flash, the face looks perfect with him. But if you use it every day in the office, that is, the risk of getting clogged pores and, as a consequence, local inflammation. Besides, he still noticeable on the face, if we consider it closely. Perhaps, for everyday wear suitable version Light and Stay In Place, and only in the absence of explicit peeling and dryness of the skin. In the photo face will look perfect as after Photoshop, but in daylight tonal basis may be noticeable.