How to make a clown suit with their own hands?

Jesters, jokers, clowns have always been important characters not only for royal and the royal court, but also one of the main figures in the holidays. These characters are always dressed brightly and ridiculous behaved inappropriately and fun people at fairs and national holidays. Not surprisingly, many parents try to buy a child clown costume or crackers to make the holiday was a fun and memorable for a long time on the eve of New Year's morning. However, the right outfit, you can not always find, therefore showing little imagination, clothes for Carnival can make your own.

The main costume details

Choose an interesting variant of the New Year's outfit can be, for example, a jester costume photos in the book. Ready clothes ensemble should include:

  • antlered or tricorn hat or cap with bubonic or bells;
  • bright shirt or short-sleeved jacket with puff collar and jabot;
  • form-fitting tights with shorts or puff jumpsuit with elastic bands with wide trousers and pockets;
  • bright sneakers or shoes with narrow upturned noses.
How to make a clown suit with their own hands?

If the suit is designed for girls, instead bryuchek need colored skirt lined with several layers of tulle to make it fluffy and bright leggings or tights. Instead of a hat on your head, you can fasten a huge bright bow.

Sometimes dressed as a jester for boys tights and jacket replaced overalls.

How do I choose the fabric?

Outfit sewn from two types of contrasting fabric. You can use a satin, velvet, satin. If the house did not find a suitable material to suit jester can use the things of which the child grew: pants, bright summer shorts and T-shirts, stitching together pieces of suitable fabric patchwork.

How to make a clown suit with their own hands?

Ornament Kit may also be a multi-colored patches, buboes, large buttons. Before embarking on tailoring a suit, things should be thoroughly washed and smoothing iron.

How to sew a jacket with sleeves puff?

Jacket for a suit buffoon of a monochromatic fabric sewn contrasting colors. To make the pattern, you must:

  1. The old shirt to rip at the seams and neatly ironed.
  2. The back of the shirt and cut the middle, putting each half to different kinds of fabric, cut out the details given seam allowance.
  3. In the same way to make the front of the jacket pattern.

Finished parts sour cream and a stitch on the machine.

For the manufacture of puff-sleeves follows:

  • sleeve shirt transfer on a large sheet of paper.
  • Connect ends round sleeves straight line, then the middle and outline draw a vertical line from the top of the splashed to the horizontal line.
  • departing from the midline 2-3 cm with both sides still hold two vertical dotted line at the same distance from each other and cut the pattern on them.
How to make a clown suit with their own hands?
  • Next, on a new sheet of paper to place the lower part of the pattern, and the part that is round sleeves, spread out like a fan, and then cut around it in the resulting arc.
  • According to the pattern of the finished cut sleeve is folded and sewn into a jacket.

Belt to the jacket can be stitched from the same cloth that was used to sew the jacket, sew the ends of the pompoms or bells.

pants suit to clown

Short-puff shorts worn over tights or leggings, which are sewn the two halves of different colors. On one half of the patch to stick, you can paint it a color or a marker. Shorts with an overlap sewn from fabric in the color of the jacket. For the manufacture of patterns using old pair of trousers, choosing arbitrary length. Through the side cut is added 5-6 cm.

How to make a clown suit with their own hands?

tuck pant legs and stitched by a typewriter, put in a linen gum. According to the belt line of laying the required number of pleats sewn into the belt and insert the rubber band.

How to make a hat for a jester?

An important part of children's clown costume is a cap. The traditional costume is used two or tricorn hat with bells on the ends of the horns. The pattern of the hat can be easily do yourself, by measuring the amount of the child's head.

Layout make on a large sheet of paper:

  1. To this lay along a horizontal line segment equal to half of the volume of the head with the addition of 1 cm for seam allowance.
  2. from the vertical center line, measure the depth of the hood and arbitrarily dorisovyvayut horns.
  3. After that, the pattern is folded in half and each half is transferred to two times the available pieces of cloth.

Get the details baste each other and after the fitting is cross-linked.

How to make a clown suit with their own hands?

To cap kept good shape:

  • Of the two pieces of soft flannel or a knitted lining make the pattern and stitch them face inward.
  • Then, between the lining and the outer part of the cap is inserted into the foam sheet or board.
  • To the horns sticking out beautifully, inside which you can also insert padding polyester or wool.
  • In the bonnet put the inside and on the lower edge are sewn, and then the bottom strip of cloth sheathe. And to cap a well-kept, it is inserted into the elastic clothesline.
  • To the ends of the horns sewn multicolored pompoms or bells, which you can buy at the store fishing gear.

How to make the collar-frill?

Decorations Christmas clown costume is surround collar frill. For its production need half meter satin fabric, 15 cm wide and the same piece of tulle or other hard tissue:

  1. edges of each cut satin handle overlock seam or "zigzag", and then fold the face inward and are sewn on three sides, leaving free one long edge.
  2. Collar evert and insert the strip into the organza to stiffen.
  3. Stitch across the open edge.
  4. The finished product pull together in an accordion desired length.
  5. Bottom handle inlay, and the edges are sewn buttons or Velcro.
How to make a clown suit with their own hands?

Jabot for costume clown can be made of tulle. To do this, strips of cloth, size 30 x 15 cm, folded in half and tie a knot on a satin-loop tape. The more bars, the more luxuriant will crowberry.

Similarly, do and manzhetiki sleeves jacket.

for the clown Shoes

clown suit will not look complete without appropriate footwear. In the simplest embodiment, the shoe can use shoes or sneakers, decorating their colored labels, ribbons or bubonic. But the real clowns wore shoes with long upturned noses, on which hung tassels and bells.

To make these shoes for the costume clown with your hands, you need to sew a special slippers and put them on top of the normal shoe.

How to make a clown suit with their own hands?

is necessary for the manufacture of patterns:

  • Stroke boots or sneakers on the profile contour.
  • On the other side, which will adhere to the sole should be 4-5 cm downwards to retreat to impart shoe volume, then optionally to finish a turned up nose, adding 1 cm in seam allowance.

Then start sewing:

  • pattern is applied to the fabric of various colors and cut out parts of slippers.
  • Stitch the back part of the heel, capturing part of the foot, as well as the upper part of the sneaker and a constricted lower part of the nose.
  • for the opening leg bent on the wrong side, stitched by, departing from the edge at 1-1, 5 cm. There vdevayut clothesline gum.
  • Sock Slipper to seal filled with foam rubber, synthetic padding or pieces of organza.


Add an image jester possible accessories. Since his job is to entertain guests of the holiday, the child can be given a rattle, soap bubbles, latex balloons, as well as a pipe or a small accordion, which will come in handy if the child is able to play them.

Balls can give to friends and the rest of the items hidden in a small creative handbag with bells that hung at his side. If the child does not object, on the face, you can apply make-up and paint a cheerful smile, so the clown get naughty.