The biggest shock in the history of football

Football named the most popular sport in the world, and his fans are the official statistics of the set of records related to the special achievements of famous players. So, your attention is invited to the top most severe impacts in football.

The Nigerian flip

Basically, it is the execution of acrobatic tricks after goals scored and glorified at the time of the Nigerian football player Obafemi Martins, but he was in his career and an outstanding goal.

The biggest shock in the history of football

The athlete was able to roll out the ball to a speed of 135 km / h, which is very good. At that time he played in the "Newcastle" and was bought for a considerable sum, but to fully justify it and could not.

Hello from Turkey

One of the strongest impacts in football was able to demonstrate the Turkish midfielder Tugay Kerimoğlu in a match with "Southampton". At that time, the footballer defended the honor of the English team and for all the duration of the contract, and it is almost 8 years old, was able to score just 12 goals. Naturally, such a sharp turn in his career is remembered by many fans and made Tight revered coach in his homeland today. then the speed of the ball on the soccer kick foot evolved to 135, 5 km / h. Today this is not the first record, but such an impressive speed still leaves it among the hardest hit in the history of football.

The legend of the "Real"

That and nothing else can be called an outstanding football player Roberto Carlos. For a long time he was considered the best in the business and in 1997 was able to once again prove it, hit the opponent's gate curled the ball at a speed of 137 km / h. The trajectory of the round then forced goalkeeper of France just look at how his team has undergone a spectacular defeat.

The biggest shock in the history of football

Of course, his entire career footballer stood out not only that goal, although it was his and remember a large number of fans. In his team's matches Carlos could disperse the ball to 198 km / h, and that is what remains in history as one of those who was able to score 10 of the most severe impacts in football. Today football player ended his career as a player and a trainer's license.

The outstanding victory

That's what should determine the superiority of "Newcastle" on the "Foxes" in 1997. In that game, striker Alan Shearer managed to defend the honor of their team by filling in the opponent's goal is not just winning a hat-trick, but also made one of the strongest batting football, running it at a speed of 138 km / h.

The most gifted player of the Premier League

It is thus considered still a football player Matt Le Tissier. During his career he has played in many teams do not, but it managed to distinguish his speed, ingenuity and, of course, the impact force. His outstanding goal he scored against "Newcastle United", failing to disperse the ball to the speed of almost 140 km / h. It happened back in '97, but now many can not surpass its result. During his professional football career athlete to defend the honor of their team more than 450 times and still managed to score a goal 161. Many even from this list can not be compared with his success and professionalism.

The biggest shock in the history of football

Today, the owner of one of the most powerful punches in football is working well and a football expert to deal with it, thanks to their extensive experience.

A little-known case of

The names of many outstanding players know, even those who have no interest in the sport in general. Versatile player of the English team "Chesterfield" to those not affected. It almost does not know outside the country, although in his 38 years of age he still defends the honor of his team on the field.

The biggest shock in the history of football

The name of the footballer Richie Humphreys, and 21 years ago, speaking, then still in the youth team, he was able to impress fans with his most powerful blow to the football - the ball flew into the net gate of the enemy at a speed exceeding 154 km / h. It is a pity, but with such a promising beginning of a career of an athlete failed enchanting continue.

French striker

Began a rapid career in the "Juventus' David Trezeguet with equal pressure continued its first in the" Monaco ", and then moved to Italy. His biggest shock in football was recorded when the athlete defended the honor of "Monegasque" in 1998. Then the athlete was able to hit the ball so that the latter is accelerated to speed in as many as 154, 5 km / h and almost made a hole in the net of the enemy. Fans cheered the team simply and David himself after such a career could all further carry quietly and smoothly, the world fame it has already been provided.

Supermodel or superfutbolist?

Today, 42-year-old David Beckham has a loyal fan base among both men and women. Second admire its beauty and photos on the covers of fashion magazines, but the stronger sex David remembered 19 major football trophies, 17 goals for England and playing for the most famous clubs.

The biggest shock in the history of football

At the dawn of its popularity athlete was able to score in the opponent's goal, then they had a team, "Chelsea" at a rate of a goal 157, 5 km / h. Blow footballer struck from outside the penalty area, after which his position became so afraid of all the goalkeepers in the world.

The attempt to

It is interesting, but the speed of the strongest impact in the world of football is not always increases with age. A striking example of this is the game of the English football player David Hirst in the early 90s. Then the athlete handed high hopes, but due to the large number of injuries on the field could not justify them all. Although one of his achievements is still admired by many fans of world football. David was able to overclock the ball in play with "Arsenal" to a speed of 183 km / h. Outstanding call such a strike can not fully, because the ball does not hit the target, but hit the upright. But in the top of the best football could bring impacts and their name.

The biggest shock in the history of football

It was the leader of Hurst and records of the force of impact to the list in 2006.

A new record

It was 11 years ago, Brazilian player Ronny Eberson managed to set a new record in the game with a command "Nabal". Flight of the ball then can be compared only with the shot, because its speed reached the mark of 211 km / h! At that time, not the most popular player of the team was also able to shoot, as well as its impact, giving Ronnie a real moment of glory.

Another handsome

Three-time winner of the "Golden Ball" and another supermodel - Cristiano Ronaldo has no formal documented records, but at the same time, according to experts, is able to disperse the ball to 185 km / h, so fully justifies its place in the top most powerful strokes. In addition, they have Cristiano much.

The third place in the list of scorers in Germany

After the recorded record set at the time Ronnie Eberson, he was able to demonstrate its outstanding capabilities and team player in Germany. His goal in the match against South Africa was able to develop a speed of 201 km / h and accurately fly into the goal. Lukas Podolski, it was the name of the athlete, almost all of his career spent in the German team, while having Polish roots. Today football player defending the honor of the Japanese team "Vissel Kobe".

The long-awaited first

So, after a detailed review of all outstanding goals in football over the past decade, it is time to pay attention and to the point. The strongest kick in football has been fixed at the players of the domestic "Zenith".

The biggest shock in the history of football

Brazilian-born footballer nicknamed Hulk was able to develop the speed of the ball as much as 218 km / h on that he took all of 34 meters, he went before the net gate of the enemy. At that time, the Brazilian played also for "Porto", so load it was high enough. Today, football is already in favor of "Shanghai GHGIS". During his career, the athlete was able to achieve incredible success and get more than one trophy, proving his skill. To date Zhivanildu Vieira de Souza, it was the name of Hulk, has won the title of athlete that performed the strongest hit the ball in the history of football, and it is unlikely that it soon will beat anyone else. Such physical nature bestows these very few, and not all are gifted athletes, failing to direct their energies in the right direction.

While on the other hand, a couple of years ago nobody thought could not imagine that you can beat the record of Carlos, and now we admire the achievements of a different player.