Reviews of Stels Navigator 850 bicycle

A growing number of people buy bicycles. Some like to drive on mountain paths, while others wish to have a rest from working vanity, quietly riding in the park. However, not all are willing to shell out a large sum for a two-wheeled transport. To purchase did not disappoint, did not require repair after every arrival and had the budget, many choose Stels Navigator 850. It belongs to the mountain models, so it is possible to overcome the rugged terrain, jump on the curbs or just strolling in the countryside.

Reviews of Stels Navigator 850 bicycle

vehicle base

Unlike some other models of the "Stealth", there is provided aluminum alloy frame. It is much stronger than a steel body, and is lightweight. Also, aluminum has many advantages:

  • is not subject to corrosion;
  • has a large margin of safety, which is important for mountain bikes;
  • is more elastic than steel, so the bike can perform complex turns, without being afraid that the frame lead.

The use of aluminum bike has turned out light. The final weight of the finished product does not exceed 15 kg, which is a good indicator.

Stels Navigator Model 850 produced with different frame sizes. In trade there are 17, 5, 19, 5 and 21, 5-inch samples. As a result, people of any build and growth will pick the best option for themselves.

For easy movement and walking on the frame are provided for mounting the pump and bottle. After the purchase, you can just sit on your bike and ride. But it may be necessary to adjust the seat height.

Reviews of Stels Navigator 850 bicycle

used suspension

Stels Navigator 850 Disc is equipped with suspension, the Japanese Shimano. Professional athletes carry it to the average level. It refers to a mountain bike type, so it has weighted rear. This variant is called Hardtail. They meant the suspension only on the front wheel, while dvuhpodvesnyh amortized on both wheels. Hardtail have no springs at the rear, but it is more rigid. This approach has its advantages and disadvantages. Lack suspension at the rear of the bicycle makes Stels Navigator 850 DISC is not so heavy and more maneuverable. He is able to overcome thresholds, curbs and other obstacles. But at the same time the rider feels the shock of bumps in the road, some users claim that each dimple effect on handling.

Smooth out any unevenness must plug. This model uses a model of the "Santoor". However, users claim it is not fully meeting its obligations. The design represents a spring-elastic block. But it works only at high loads, in a complex, rugged terrain. Given that a mountain bike, you can not consider it a disadvantage. It should be noted that this feature is observed in all budget forks. Interestingly, the fork can be adjusted. But the range is so small that, in the opinion of the professional riders, it does not make much difference.

Reviews of Stels Navigator 850 bicycle


New Stels Navigator 850 is equipped with disc brakes mechanically. However, earlier models were produced with the rim. Therefore, before purchasing it is recommended to clarify this item from the seller.

It should be noted that the brake V-brake, used in new samples, work flawlessly. Many of them regulate the master, while they help out in any situation.

The standard for any mountain bike are dvadtsatishestidyuymovye wheel. In this case, the manufacturer does not depart from tradition and completes model tires with aggressive tread. The feedback is often referred to the use of double aluminum rims. They ensure that the ride will not be "eights" and the bike stand high loads. Twenty-one is designed for speed riding. Front there are three stars, and behind - seven. Switches are used entry-level, but, in the opinion, if properly adjusted, do an excellent job with its functions.

Reviews of Stels Navigator 850 bicycle

Additional features

Stels Navigator 850 DISC 2014 is quite decent reviews. There convenience pedals, which are formed as a frame, made of aluminum. According to the riders, with their foot does not slip, and they are strong enough. The use of additional reflectors making driving safe at night.

The model comes with mudguards. In this case, the back is with a particular slant. It provides reliable protection of human when driving in bad weather.

Customer Reviews

Pretty decent features and affordable price made popular Stels Navigator 850. Reviews of the model somewhat contradictory, but many are satisfied with quality / price ratio.

Celebrated bright colors and sports-aggressive look of the bike. It stands out on the road and look prestigious. Average user happy with attachments that are not professional, but not bad quality.

Fans of racing in extreme conditions noted stability and reliability of disk brakes. Cables hidden under the frame and do not interfere with free movement.

Used seat, which is marketed as unisex. However, many noted his discomfort. Also because of the shortcomings highlighted an unusual form of the steering wheel. Due to the existing faces no possibility of additional equipment (bell, lamp).

The presence of mudguards justify his appointment. However, some argue that the unusual location of the rear wing is not justified and all the dirt flying on the rider's back. Among the advantages of ease of release of overcoming obstacles. Bike easily jumping on the curbs and even jumps on the stairs.

Reviews of Stels Navigator 850 bicycle


Stels Navigator 850 relates to budget model, which justifies its value to 100%. This vehicle is trusted by many cycling enthusiasts and acquire it for racing on rough terrain.

If you observe the rules of operation, the failure is rare. Always check the chain, lubricate the brake system and do not store the bike in the wet and cold areas. Used dampers can comfortably ride on bad roads, but it should be understood that the suspension does not work on small bumps.

Bicycling is recommended for both novice and professional riders. Good performance and cost allow to operate the model in all situations.