NYX Cosmetics: the means of feedback to make-apa from the "goddess of the night"

Not all girls and women are willing to spend an hour of time to create a make-up. In our bustling century is a luxury. But everyone wants to look beautiful and well-groomed. Especially for these modern women who hurry in the morning to study or work, and decorative NYX Cosmetics was created. Responses about it will be given in this article.

"Nix" has positioned itself as a brand, which produces cosmetics for salon make-up artists. However, ordinary women can get it. It affects the palette of colors and a wide range of cosmetic products. But while such cosmetics is cheaper compared with other goods for salon make-apa. All proceeds of this brand are easy to use. Therefore, professional cosmetics from the "Knicks" can also be used at home.

NYX Cosmetics: the means of feedback to make-apa from the

Brand History

Tony Co. of Los Angeles was forced to fifteen years of age to work. And she got a job shop assistant consultant in the cosmetics and perfume shop. Thus began her introduction to the beauty industry. With years time Tony Co. accumulated and experience. As a result, accumulated initial capital, she decided to create his own business. It was inspired by the ancient Greek goddess Nyx, the daughter of Chaos, the patroness of the night darkness. This character Olympus always had special magical beauty. And Tony Co. decided to create cosmetics for such women - NYX.

Reviews claim that the make-up meet the aspirations of young modern women who want to look flashy and unusual and not spend a lot of make-up time. Thus, the company's products are based Tony Co., it has become very important. The brand was registered in Los Angeles in 1999. And now its products are sold in 70 countries. Among the admirers of the brand celebrities like Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera and the daughter of the current President of the United States Ivanka Trump.

NYX Cosmetics: the means of feedback to make-apa from the

Face Makeup

What attracts women in cosmetics NYX? Reviews of the make-up person gives it to understand.

Brand strikes a huge assortment. If you have problem skin, you can get several tools that every step of applying makeup to make your face flawless. If other companies offer three shades of foundation, then the "goddess of the night" palette only one liquid concealer consists of ten colors. Thanks Concealer Wand, can also be professionally hide all skin imperfections. Green concealer mask the redness. Lavender hides the yellowing of the skin. There is also a special concealer which eliminates dark bags under the eyes. All products for facial makeup is weightless light structure, but creates a stunning HD-effect.

The collection includes primers, creams, clamps, bronzory, lyuminayzery and highlighter, proofreaders, matting agents, powder and blush. Separately available akksesuary for professional make-up - brushes, sponges and other things that are so necessary in the beautician woman.

NYX Cosmetics: the means of feedback to make-apa from the

NYX Professional Make: the means of feedback for eyes

Girls who do not have time to visit a makeup artist, are very fond of mosaic. No need to spend time to find zapropastilsya at the bottom of cosmetic thing. Suitable for eye color shades helpfully laid on pallets cells. And such a convenient range is not only in cosmetics for the eyes from NYX. The reviews also mention the bilateral pencils for sculpting the face. As for the eyes, which, as we know, are the mirrors of the soul, for their make-up brand has created a variety of means. It is not only familiar to us pencils, eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. In the arsenal of the brand is and proofreaders for the eyes, and the basis for the eyelids, as well as lipstick and eyebrow fixing gels. The company even produces false eyelashes.

Makeup Tools Lip

The famous mosaic of the brand, the amazing richness of color, are available not only for the eyes. There is a possibility probresti sets and lip. They consist of six or more lipsticks, which are suitable for a particular skin type. Available also professional reticulation Nude makeup in style. In addition, produced and eyeliners, and primers and glosses. But the general enthusiasm cause lipstick NYX. In the review, women customers informed of the widest selections of these funds. There are matte, shimmering, sparkling, with a satin finish, with the effect of plush. Lipstick manufactured in different forms: classical, liquid, varnish, oil-base. Not to mention the colors palette. There are nyudovye colors, pastel, bright, and very rich, but for those girls who want to be the center of attention at any price - and completely unnatural shades.

NYX Cosmetics: the means of feedback to make-apa from the

General reviews of NYX Professional

Any new developments in the industry of beauty, whether it is baked mineral powder or soft lipstick eyebrow, immediately appear in the arsenal of the brand. For that he is loved by professionals? The company is testing the funds are not animals, but only on volunteers. This reduces to zero the possibility of allergic reactions. Worth products from the "goddess of the night," a little more expensive than any niche cosmetics. But the quality is not inferior to such a professional brands like "Bobby Brown" or MAC. And how this American company wins the hearts of ordinary users? First of all, the convenience of use. In order to do make-up with the help of this cosmetics, make-up artist does not need help. Also, users will appreciate the huge range of products and palette, following fashion trends brand. Those who inquired about the composition of cosmetics, were quite satisfied. In her caring components used.