Alexander Kozhevnikov, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

The famous Soviet hockey player, became a two-time Olympic champion and one-time world champion. Now Alexander Kozhevnikov often attends matches the native "Spartacus." And, despite his 60 years of age, 3-4 times a week out on the ice. He still nice to play hockey, remember the youth.

The Early Years

Born Alexander Kozhevnikov 21 September 1958 in the town of Penza in an ordinary family. His father worked as a driver, my mother was a nurse. Hockey boy started late - at 11, 5 years old, to get it out of the football team. Previously, he also played in basketball.

Training in the Penza Oblast Sports School Ice Hockey. He is a graduate of the honored coach of Russia VI Yadrentseva, which still considers one of his main teachers in hockey. At the age of seventeen he was accepted into the local team "Dizelist", played in the first league. The team is constantly applied for the transition to the big, but it was impossible, because the city was not the Palace of Sports. At that time it was a prerequisite for a major league team.

In the hockey capital of

Alexander Kozhevnikov, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

After winning junior team at the European Championship in 1977, hockey player Alexander Kozhevnikov was invited to the Moscow "Spartak". Head coach of those years Boris Kulagin he considers his hockey father, who made him a top-tier player. If not for him, then it is possible the young hockey player would have moved to the club from Minsk or Kiev. Alexander, who grew up in a small Ural city, was initially very uncomfortable in Moscow. He was used to a very different life.

In Spartakovskaya Kozhevnikov club played until 1986. He was repeatedly invited to CSKA and "Dynamo". However, he liked to coach the team, and generally liked it "Spartacus game." In 1986, Alexander had to leave their favorite team - the hockey player was the sixth operation on his knee, and he could not find a common language with the new head coach. In "Wings of the Soviets" Kozhevnikov played the rest of the time spent in the Soviet and Russian sport, with the exception of part-season in the "Crystal" (Elektrostal). In the championships of the Soviet Union hockey Alexander Kozhevnikov striker was one of the most effective "snipers", scoring 232 goals in 486 matches.

with the team Victory

Alexander Kozhevnikov, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

In the Soviet national team striker Alexander Kozhevnikov was invited since 1980. Amazingly, he had only one medal champion of the world and two awards of the Olympic Games. According to experts, this was due to the fact that the players refused to move to CSKA, then the club and headed Viktor Tikhonov. In one of the seasons, the striker "Spartacus" has become one of the best, but it did not take on the world championship. Tikhonov said Kulagin that, in his opinion, Kozhevnikov too tired after the union of the tournament.

Alexander is not offended by the prominent coach, because it took the Olympics both times almost directly from the hospital. Viktor Kozhevnikov considered an extraordinary player. I especially remember his Olympic Games 1984 in Sarajevo. Players said then that if they lose, they will go home across the North Pole. To forget about the team. In the final, their opponent was very strong team of Czechoslovakia. Tanners scored the first goal in the second period, which became decisive. Latest for "Red Machine" Olympic Games in 1988 were much easier. Strong team was fantastic, except the Finns, no one could give her a strong resistance.


Alexander Kozhevnikov, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

The first foreign club to become a hockey player Alexander Kozhevnikov Swedish AIK (season 1989/90). The Soviet hockey player had a contract worth about 100 thousand dollars, but he got it only 10% of this amount. Everything else took away state. Hockey player received 44 convertible rubles, while the unemployment benefit in Sweden is approximately 800 rubles. Then the athletes could not get more embassy staff. Alexander helped a little ambassador, which allowed him to buy caviar, vodka and wine in the shop at the Soviet embassy in Stockholm. Then he resold the goods in Moscow at a premium. Alexander was unable to play in the NHL, where he was drafted, "Calgary Flames" stead "Wings of the Soviets" was sent Sergei Pryakhin. Tanners became one of the few Soviet / Russian hockey players to play in England. One season he played for the team Durham Wasps (47 points in 11 games). Hockey player wanted to stay at the club, but the officials of the Sports Committee was told that the British were not interested in them. Kozhevnikov later learned that they were called, but they were told that Alexander had already signed a contract with another team.

After hockey

Alexander Kozhevnikov, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

athlete played briefly in Switzerland, Slovenia and Russia in 1995-1997. He played for the "Wings of the Soviets", where he graduated in 1997, performing in 37 years. He was the second player-coach, spent half a season and scored 20 points. Any sporting achievements of Alexander Kozhevnikov at this time is no longer wanted. In 1998, he moved to the USA, where he organized a children's hockey school.

After six years of living in Los Angeles, Alexander returned to Moscow. Now he is part of the leadership of the Night Hockey League, where he is responsible for the Moscow region. He is a regular expert of the country's leading sports publications. He worked for some time commentator on television.

Personal Information

Alexander Kozhevnikov, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

In the famous hockey player had a brief first marriage to Margaret Kozhevnikova, who bore him a son and a daughter. With his son, Alexander does not communicate. Returning from America, Tanners tried to establish a relationship, but it did not work. When the couple separated, and Kozhevnikov six years left for America, then he missed his children. I called, but his daughter Maria on the phone did not fit - offended. When Alexander returned to Moscow, they kissed each other, and the relationship gradually improve.

The daughter of a famous athlete, Maria Kozhevnikova - a famous actress, a former deputy of the State Duma. Once married, she gave birth to her three children and is now engaged in their education. Alexander says he has to go to the house half an hour's daughter, and he sometimes comes to him babysit grandchildren. If all of a sudden they want to play professional hockey, then he promised to help and become a personal trainer.

The new marriage

Alexander Kozhevnikov, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

The general public is only relatively recently learned that several years have passed since a new family of Alexander Kozhevnikov. In 2015, he signed with Juliana Belyaeva in the central registry office in Moscow. A luxurious wedding attended by relatives and friends, and even the governor of the Moscow region Alexei Vorobyov. Alexander was not used to cover his personal life, but does not hide anything. The wife of his junior by 35 years, they have a daughter together - Catherine.

He met his wife in the store, where she bought cakes. Alexander came over and offered to help. They began to meet together appeared at many events. After several years of dating married.

The girl most of his life lived abroad, working model. Collaborated with leading fashion houses, has participated in several large-scale advertising campaigns. Married, still he continues to make an impressive career in the fashion industry. Julian also studying at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Young wife says to her husband at the head of the sport and should work. Alexander Kozhevnikov almost every day out on the ice, but often at the same time he has to take painkillers, which make it possible to move freely.

Jubilee year

Alexander Kozhevnikov, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

In the biography of Alexander Kozhevnikov 2018 is special, because it was exactly 60 years. Jubiljar himself says he feels not years, and trauma. Relationship with his young wife had very good, rarely quarrel. A big age difference does not prevent understanding. The couple often travel, but spend more time in Moscow, where they live children and grandchildren of Alexander.

Alexander Kozhevnikov out on the ice three or four times a week. He plays with former hockey players, officials and businessmen. Sometimes they go to matches in other cities, where they play with the local amateur teams, conduct master classes. Besides hockey interested in football and volleyball. I am rooting for the Russian team at the last World Cup. He liked not only the performance of the team, but was pleasantly surprised by the organization of the tournament. She loves to travel, and especially fishing. Sometimes with friends goes on a fishing trip in Moscow and other cities. It gets great pleasure from exploring the capital city, as Moscow considers the safest and most beautiful city.