Best mascara: reviews of manufacturers

One of the key tools in female purse - the best mascara. Reviews make-up artists and ordinary women will help you make the right choice. That user experience rather than advertising promises need to be guided in the selection of cosmetic products.

What mascara is right for you

Every woman has its best mascara. Reviews contain information about the quality of makeup depends largely on the proper selection means. So when deciding, consider the type of eyelashes:

  • If you have short and sparse eyelashes, unequivocal answer - you need to lengthen the tool. To make the hairs do not stick together and good stain, choose a thin brush with sparse bristles.
  • If the short lashes, but thick mascara must also be extended. As for the brush, its bristles must be arranged frequently.
  • If your lashes are long, but the lack of density and not podkrucheny, use bulk ink. Prefer spiral brushes that are well tighten up hair.
  • If nature has endowed you with luxurious long and thick lashes, you do not need an additional increase in volume. Choose a product with a good nutritional composition. The main thing that was a spiral brush to make the hairs beautiful curl.
Best mascara: reviews of manufacturers

Characteristics of high-quality assets

Each woman has their favorite tool. However, there are a number of characteristics that must have better mascara. The feedback women customers allocate such traits:

  • A look becomes more expressive, but still look natural eyelashes.
  • The product does not crumble and not smeared throughout the day.
  • Even with daily use of mascara lashes remain moisturized.
  • agent is applied easily, it does not form lumps in the balance.

Mascara from Maybelline Lash STILETTO

Considering the best lengthening mascara, Lash Stileto reviews mark from Maybelline. The striking effect is noticeable after application of the first layer means. The peculiarity of this mascara - the presence of silk proteins, which nourishes the lashes. Special brush with extra long fibers contributes to a detailed staining of eyelashes. The cost of this agent is about 600 rubles.

Here are some reviews of the funds was awarded to:

  • Well lengthens lashes.
  • Due to a rich black color, giving an expressive look.
  • Do not cause irritation, itching and other unpleasant symptoms.
  • A convenient brush.
Best mascara: reviews of manufacturers

Telescopic Explosion Mascara from L'OREAL

Based on the experience of makeup artists and women it is possible to isolate the best mascara. Reviews buyers pay attention to Telescopic Explosion of L'OREAL. This popular brand attracts the fair sex is the best value for money. The peculiarity of this mascara is a revolutionary circular brush. Thanks to its small size, you can paint the lashes as it is convenient to you, and get to the most remote places. The cost of this pleasure is about 500 rubles.

Here are some comments left about this mascara beautiful ladies:

  • The stylish design of the tube.
  • Well lengthens lashes.
  • does not stick hair when applied.
  • Do not cause irritation and allergies.
  • Increased makeup time because the brush is very small.

Mascara Le 2 De Guerlain

If you are interested in the best mascara reviews will make you pay attention to Le 2 De Guerlian. The feature of this product - two brushes. One of them is standard. It is intended for staining the bulk hairs. The second brush miniature. It allows you to work cilia in the corners of his eyes. The cost of funds is about 1500 rubles. That's what women say about this mascara:

  • Convenient two brushes.
  • means well tightens and lifts the lashes, making eyes open.
  • The effect is natural.
  • A well kept during the day.
  • Do not cause allergies.
Best mascara: reviews of manufacturers

Turbo Lash by ESTEE LAUDER

This product is characterized by a unique vibratory device by means of which the eyelashes stained more thoroughly and uniformly. The tube is built a small "motor" that runs on batteries. The result - a twisting expressive and volume, as well as a significant increase in lash length. The cost of funds - from 1200 rubles.

Many beauties believe that this is a good mascara. Responses about it the following:

  • After the first coat is completely eyelashes dyed.
  • The tool does not weigh down hair.
  • Easy to apply.
  • No lumps.
  • The agent is not showered for days.
  • Easily removed with usual detergent.
  • The cap is much buzzing in his hand.

Mascara Chanel Inimitable Waterproof

An important quality of carcasses for eyelashes - is under all circumstances. This requirement is fully consistent with waterproof mascara Chanel Inimitable. For a start it is worth noting that the mascara perfectly lengthens lashes and gives them volume. But most importantly - it is amazing moisture. Means tolerates rain and tears. Moreover, this ink is suitable for use on the beach, in the pool and even a sauna. But wash will be problematic in the late afternoon. We need to use special tools.

Waterproof means it is perhaps the most good mascara. Responses about it the following:

  • is very convenient brush.
  • The composition has a beeswax and vitamin B, which has a positive effect on the state of the eyelashes.
  • Do not cause allergies and irritation.
  • Excellent withstand humidity.
Best mascara: reviews of manufacturers

Ink Mascara Singulier from YSL

Many girls and women feel that the most important thing in a good mascara - its composition. This opinion is quite correct, as the loss of eyelashes is a much bigger problem than their length. According to many, Mascara Singulier from YSL - a good mascara. Elongation in a review, is highly evaluated. But the main advantage of the means - composition, rich in natural ingredients. Especially worth noting the presence of proteins, vitamin complex and moisturizing agents. With continued use eyelashes become tighter and tighter. Also worth mentioning about the convenient spiral brush, which is well curls hair. The cost of this pleasure starts from 1000 rubles.

Here are some reviews has received the following product:

  • Very nice stylish tube.
  • Mascara is easily removed conventional milk for the face.
  • It would be desirable to have the brush was bending.
  • means for a long time does not dry up in a tube.
  • Good lengthens and curls lashes.

Mascara Super Curlacious Mascara from Avon

If you need a good inexpensive mascara, real call to pay attention to the means of Avon. The main purpose of this tool - creating spectacular volumes and beautiful curl, thanks to a comfortable curved brush. Her finest silicone bristles fine paint over and divide the hair. carcass price is 300 rubles.

Reviews of this product are as follows:

  • Easy silicone brush paints over fine lashes.
  • There are twisting effect.
  • The facility has a light texture.
  • Do not fall off during the day.
  • Affordable price.
  • Virtually no lengthens lashes.
Best mascara: reviews of manufacturers

Coup de theatre by BOURJOIS

Not always a good mascara necessarily have to be expensive. Another worthy representative of the budget options - brand Coup de theatre of BOURJOIS. The peculiarity of this mascara - the presence in its composition of nylon. It is well smoothes and seals each lash without forming lumps. brasmatika cost - about 400 rubles.

As women customers say this is probably the best mascara volume. Reviews of this means the following:

  • Easy silicone brush paints over well and separates the hair.
  • Do not fall off during the day.
  • Do not cause irritation and allergies.
  • Not bad lengthens lashes.

High Impact Mascara from Clinique

If you need the best mascara ratings, reviews will help you navigate the choices. High Impact Mascara deserves special attention. The mascara composition include pigments, polymers, and silica. These substances form on each hair color film, imparting a natural volume. This mascara is good for both summer and winter seasons, so it protects the hair against the negative environmental factors. value of the product - from 1000 rubles.

Here are some reviews has received the product:

  • Evenly covers lashes and glue them.
  • Do not crumble and not smeared throughout the day.
  • The soft consistency and pleasant aroma.
  • Creates beautiful cilia bend.
  • Good lengthens the hair.
  • Easy brush.

Mascara Vivienne Sabo Cabaret

The question "What is the mascara is the best?" reviews do not give a clear answer. Every woman has their favorite product. Many women customers prefer affordable brasmatiku Vivienne Sabo Cabaret, which costs about 300 rubles. Due to the presence in the composition of waxes and oils, means good care of the lashes, creating the effect of bright stage make-up.

Here are the reviews, you can hear about it brasmatike:

  • in a single layer to achieve a natural day make-up, and two - a spectacular evening.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • A well kept on the eyelashes for the day.
  • well cared for hair, due to the natural oils.
  • the brush is too small, that creates some inconvenience.
Best mascara: reviews of manufacturers

Luxury from "Bielita-Vitex"

Not so easy to choose a quality mascara. Which is better? Reviews contain a variety of information. Despite the craze known European and American brands, more fans appears in the Belarusian producer "Belita-Vitex". The main feature of the product in question - the presence in the precious Argan oil. The manufacturer recommends that you paint over the tips of the lashes, and then the whole length. This will ensure the maximum amount that will look natural. It should further be noted multilevel silicone bristles that provide qualitative staining hairs. The cost of funds - about 350 rubles.

Here are some reviews can be heard on brasmatike Belarusian manufacturer:

  • large volume of the vial, so that the carcass missing for a long time;
  • gives lashes volume;
  • does not cause irritation and allergic reactions;
  • dries quickly.

2000Calorie Dramatic Volume Mascara by Max Factor

Among the dozens of cosmetic brands have such popularity over the years, which does not decrease. One of them - the ink Max Factor 2000Calorie Dramatic Volume. The main advantage of the product - the presence in the polymers that soften the hairs and make them flexible. This allows you to make eyelashes beautiful shape and securely fix it. The composition also has natural oils and other nutrients that prevent hair loss.

Here are some reviews can be heard about this tool:

  • Excellent convenient brush that paints over well and does not stick together lashes.
  • does look expressive even when applied in a single layer.
  • Brasmatik bad hair curls.
  • Easy to remove milk or micellar water.
Best mascara: reviews of manufacturers

They're Real Mascara Benefit from the

Benefit They're Real - this means from the discharge of professional cosmetics. The main purpose of this brasmatika - striking lengthening and giving a spectacular density. Thanks to the silicone brush with elongated bristle hairs stained perfectly and do not stick together. Hotel attention should be paid to the tip of the brush, which allows a good process lashes at the corners.

Here are some reviews of buyers has received the product in question:

  • Excellent lengthens.
  • Good keeps the whole day, not showering or smearing.
  • Compatible with allergies and owners of sensitive skin.
  • Creates volume.
  • The striking design of the bottle.
  • Easy brush perfectly and quickly paints over the hairs.
  • It gives a beautiful cilia bend.
  • It tolerates humidity.
  • has a deep black color.

How to use ink

Even if you have the best mascara reviews indicate that the result of its use may be unsatisfactory, because you are using the wrong tool. Take into account such recommendations for applying mascara:

  • Any mascara (even the most expensive) glues eyelashes. Necessarily share their special brush or clean the old mascara brush. But do not use needles and pins. It may be dangerous.
  • In order to maximize the effect of the mascara is applied in two or three layers. Prior to application of a new layer must be completely dry prior.
  • If you want to make a spectacular curl, simulate it using tweezers. This should be done before applying mascara.
  • Do not use mascara longer than six months. After this time, it loses its properties declared by the manufacturer.