Cream "Anti-Bark" - reviews, features and composition

Face Cream "Anti-Bark" is a real boon for every woman. It not only soothes and regenerates the skin but also nourishes, moisturizes. It revitalizes the dermis. Gives it a healthy look and shine. Affordable. It has a soft and delicate texture. Rapidly absorbed and several applications allows you to remove many cosmetic defects. Suitable for any type of dermis.

About Kora

Kora brand began its existence in 1997. Mark is known as the Greek goddess Cora. In another way it is called Persephone, which means "virgin". The Goddess represents the flowering and wisdom. Yuna. She alone, along with men, to make important decisions, which in those days was a rare occurrence. Feminine and independent. His character and manners reminiscent of a modern woman.

Brand "Bark" produces treatment products for skin care. Makeup helps to remove the aesthetic problems of the skin. It has a natural composition. Most tools contain a given brand therapeutic mud, natural oils, and plant extracts.

Cosmetics created with all the quality standards. Ingredients for its production are selected with great care. Products are safe and passes control at all stages of its production. It does not contain harmful chemicals to the skin and does not cause allergies. It is available to all women, regardless of age.

Diverse range of funds, it cleansers, creams, tonics, various masks and serums. They can be used as a permanent or temporary.

Face Cream "Anti-Bark" stands out among the other similar cosmetics. It is indispensable in the winter season and is applied after the salon procedures, traumatic skin. Not only protects the dermis from the negative influence of the environment, but also enhances the immunity of the epidermis. It leads to normal natural processes in the skin.

Description of the action and cream


Cream "Anti-Bark" (manufacturer of the cosmetics company located in Russia, it is firm "Bark") recommended to the ladies with different types of skin. He is multi-functional. Produced in plastic jars of 50 ml.

Means of intensive care of the skin after exposure to the dermis of various negative factors, such as cold, dust, cold wind, exposure to UV rays. The product is recommended to use after cosmetic procedures that can worsen the condition of the epidermis. This is a different chemical peels, thermolysis and other traumatic skin events. The cream is ideal for sensitive skin. Soothes irritated and reddened dermis.

The product quickly penetrates into the structure of the skin. It acts at the cellular level. It gives intense hydration. It helps to restore mineral balance. With regular use, the cream dermis becomes soft and tender. The surface becomes smooth. Appears matt.

The combination of antioxidant enzymes with vitamin C can restore the skin. Fatigue with the dermis. Strengthens protective functions. It neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals. It reduces the effect of different stimuli. It protects against the negative effects of sunlight. Phytochemicals that comprise this means to soothe the dermis. Stow redness, irritation and peeling of the skin. Make epidermis texture better. Prevent premature wilting cells and occurrence of wrinkles. Prevents the loss of moisture and elasticity.

Hour after applying the cream "Anti Bark" (cosmetics for all skin types) reduces the influence of free radicals by 66%, improves skin moisturized to 23%, stabilize the natural skin flora by 10%, is removed inflammatory process by 98%.

A few words about the composition of


Reviews many women confirm the effectiveness of cosmetic products. They say that the cream helps protect the skin from the winter cold. It softens and nourishes the dermis. This is achieved through the influence of components included in the cream "Anti bark". According to the reviews, they are very effective. It:

  • Superoxide dismutase. Antioxidant enzyme. It protects the skin from the effects of free radicals. Increases the protective function of the skin.
  • Natural polysaccharides. Made up of single sugars. Contribute to the accumulation of moisture. Make the skin more elastic. Prevent the formation of wrinkles. Rejuvenate.
  • Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect. It tones the dermis. It prevents skin aging. It promotes the healing of wounds. It makes the skin smooth.
  • Boswellia. It contributes to a more rapid penetration of the cream into the deep layers of the skin. It has antiseptic properties. It relieves inflammation, irritation.
  • Lipa. It strengthens the skin structure. It is making it more elastic. It heals and rejuvenates the skin. Soothing. Removes redness.
  • Garnet. It is a powerful moisturizer. It protects against UV rays. Whiten skin.
  • aloe vera juice. It has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Tones and heals the dermis. It is a powerful moisturizer.
  • Shea Butter. It softens and nourishes the dermis. It has protective functions. Restores the damaged structure of the epidermis. Prevents premature loss of moisture.
  • Avocado oil. It is an antioxidant. It nourishes the skin with all the necessary nutrients. It stimulates tissue regeneration. Rejuvenates the cells.
  • Soy oil. Contains large amounts of vitamin E. It stops the aging process. Promotes renewal of the dermis. Stimulates protective function of the epidermis.
  • Superuvlazhnyayuschy complex. Moisturizes the dermis. It prevents premature loss of moisture. Smoothes out wrinkles. It makes the skin more elastic.

Every single component complements and enhances the action of other ingredients. Together, they provide the best results.

Indications and contraindications cream

Face Cream "Anti-Bark" can use absolutely all women 20 years of age.


It is recommended when excessive dryness of the skin, peeling, rosacea. Suitable for problem skin. Cosmetic agent is used in winter, for skin protection from frost and wind. In the summer of the product saves the skin from the negative effects of UV rays, protects the dermis from sunburn. Apply the cream in the recovery period after the traumatic salon procedures.

The product is recommended for women with any type of the dermis. It is oily, normal or dry skin of the face. Use cream may ladies with sensitive and mixed skin.

Means "Anti-Bark" (reviews of cosmetics mainly praise and point out that the cream in a short period removes skin imperfections, such as redness, scaling and itching) has no contraindications. An exception is the idiosyncrasy of the components of the cosmetic composition. It is not recommended to use means to girls under the age of 20 years.

Terms of Use of cosmetic products


Cream "Anti-stress" for all skin types has no restrictions on age and type of skin. Its use should be regularly in the morning and evening. Before applying the cream should be thoroughly cleaned skin. Then a small amount of money you need to put on the pads of the index fingers and spread evenly across the face. The cream should be applied 40 minutes before sleep. After applying on skin need to pat fingers to achieve its full absorption. This tool is an excellent base for make-up. it is recommended to use the "Bark" in combination with other means of cream to achieve the best effect.

Pros applying the cream


Face Cream "Anti-Bark" (reviews'll note that the cream is quickly absorbed and does not clog pores and has a pleasant delicate texture) has its pros and cons. On the positive side of this tool include:

  • low price;
  • healing qualities;
  • versatility, suitable to any skin type and age of the woman;
  • natural composition;
  • as a cream, meets all the necessary certificates.

In addition to these advantages, the cream prevents aging process, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Treats skin and in a short time removes defects such as peeling, dryness, acne, irritation. Cosmetics rejuvenates, smoothes wrinkles and softens aging dermis. Protects from adverse environmental factors and enhances immunity of the skin.

means Cons

According to the reviews, cream "Anti Bark" (50 ml) is besides advantages, also disadvantages. User reviews noted the lack of anti-stress effect. They say that the cream is absorbed for a long time and heavy for combination, oily skin. It has a peculiar and not very pleasant smell. It is not always eliminate the problems of the dermis. Not sold in stores cosmetics.

Reviews professionals


Reviews cosmetologists about the cream "Anti-Bark" laudatory. Experts recommend it to their clients for home care, especially after chemical peelings and fruit. Celebrating the natural composition and effectiveness of this tool. According to them, this product deserves attention. It has a pleasant texture, quickly absorbed, and improves overall skin condition. Affordable. However, in the practice beauticians do not use this cream, because they do not consider him a professional.

Cream "Anti-Bark": user reviews

Cream "Bark" with anti-stress effect earned the love of many women. They note that the tool is quickly absorbed. It has a light aroma. Suitable for make-up, and it fits nicely powder. Most women say that the cream removes flaking and irritation. Rejuvenates and does not clog pores. Improves the condition of the dermis, it evens its tone. It makes the skin radiant and smooth. Ladies indicate that the sensitive and problem skin also well tolerated cream "Anti-Bark".


Reviews wearer note convenient jar having a dispenser that allows to adjust the flow of cosmetic products. They say that the cream is spent economically. It has a reasonable cost and natural balanced composition.

Some of the women using the cream constantly. These ladies consider it the best tool for skin care. There are those who use the tool only in the winter. They note that this product protects their skin from frost. Prevents peeling and redness of the dermis during this period.

The negative consumer reviews

Despite the abundance of positive opinions, the cream "Anti-Bark" has negative reviews. These people consider the most ordinary cream. It is said that he does not have anti-stress functions. They believe it too heavy for normal to oily skin. It does not give the skin to breathe and scores enlarged pores. These people say that the cream is too thick and long soaks. It has an unpleasant smell. Poor coping with skin problems and has no effect on wrinkles. Some ladies means cause an allergic reaction in the form of itching and redness of the dermis.


cream cost, according to many women fully justifies its effectiveness. Thus, the average price of the tool varies in the region of 450 rubles and slightly fluctuates depending on the outlet. Maximum price - 550 rubles.

Where can I buy the cream?

Cream "Bark Anti" (reviews of some ladies say that this means they are used in conjunction with exfoliating mask with fruit acids of the same company, it helps the skin to recover after peeling and gives stunning results) is not sold in the ordinary cosmetic stores that depresses many women. It can only be purchased in pharmacies or online stores of cosmetics.