Hockey player Vadim Khomitsky: biography, achievements and interesting facts

Vadim Khomitsky defender HC "Sochi", for quite a long time, is a prominent figure in hockey. But knowing what he is an athlete, few people realize what it is actually a man. Living far from his children and wife, he manages to stay for them the most attentive, loving and caring. About how Vadim came into the sport, he met his wife and became a father, read on the article.

Biography Vadim Khomitsky

Russian hockey player, defenseman, was born in 1982 in the small town of the Moscow region - Voskresensk. Vadim Khomitsky hockey started quite early in the local school, known throughout Russia. It Resurrection Hockey School presented major leagues the world a large number of outstanding players.

Start a career

At the age of 17 years Vadim Khomitsky falls in the local club "Chemist", which acts in the big leagues. Of course, the first time to begin his career as a young player it was difficult to par with other, more experienced players go on the ice and play "grown-up". It is for this reason that the coaching staff included Khomitsky second team. Playing in the duplicated part of Vadim became more confident in my game and confidence.

However, a career in "Chemist" will not last long, as promising by the time the defender has not received adequate playing time. For this reason, Vadim decided to change his club CSKA. After the dissolution of the club in 2002, the athlete signs a contract with CSKA Moscow. After some time, that hockey player Vadim Khomitsky spent on this team, came confidence in their own professionalism defender. Vanity was the reason that Vadim decided to go to the NHL. However, transatlantic style game is not allowed to reveal the talent, and Vadim returns back where you started - home club "Chemist".

Continued career

A year later, after returning home, an experienced defender tries again realized in the NHL. But another attempt again fails. Wasting no time, Vadim flies home, where since 2008, starts his speech for the Moscow region, "Atlas". After three years convincing in its composition is the possibility to link their fate with one of the most successful clubs in the domestic championship - AK "Bars".

Hockey player Vadim Khomitsky: biography, achievements and interesting facts

After the cancellation of the contract with Kazan club known all over Russia Vadim Khomitsky moved to "Torpedo". However, the bad statistics and low efficiency have forced the club to make an exchange with the "vanguard", resulting Vadim swells the ranks of the Omsk team. For the latter, it was a good buy. Vadim for Omsk club paid the "Torpedo" compensation and given at the disposal of the two young players.

Since 2016 Vadim Khomitsky is an advocate HC "Sochi". The team play in the KHL and pretty good. Of course, there is also a merit of Vadim.


Hockey player Vadim Khomitsky: biography, achievements and interesting facts

Maria Butyrskaya and Vadim Khomitsky 12 years of marriage. World champion in figure skating and defender HC "Sochi" met in the company of friends in common. At one meeting, they were lucky to sit at the same table. Vadim at first sight attracted luxurious blonde. Being far away from such a sport like figure skating, Khomitsky did not realize who is sitting in front of him.

After their presentation to each other Vadim hiding some doubt: Mary had already been a prominent figure in the sport and also older than 10 years. After collecting all the will in a fist and confidence, Vadim decided: "We will seek!".

Hockey player Vadim Khomitsky: biography, achievements and interesting facts

At first, Maria Butyrskaya skeptical was set up to courting a hockey player, but after a while heart melted. Vadim distinguished himself as a real man: he could take the car of Mary, to take her to repair and return back to the garage, after filming "The Great Race" program in South Africa met Masha on smart limousine with a bouquet of flowers, and so on..

Struggle with feelings and confidence in the man was useless, and the couple has entered into a relationship. A year later, Vadim received an invitation from the United States, and he asked Mary to go with him. According to Butyrskaya, while she could not break away from their jobs and go to Khomitsky overseas. The question arose squarely: either to legalize their relationship, or leave. The second option was unacceptable for lovers, and they decided to get married. Since then, it's been 12 years, and the feelings between the two athletes are the same.

The rumors about the separation

Gossip that Maria Butyrskaya and Vadim Khomitsky divorced, have no weighty arguments. Therefore, all those who are worried about the relationship of the couple and wish them only happiness can sleep peacefully: the marriage - for life. Especially recently Vadim Khomitsky the third time became a father.

Children - flowers of life

Hockey player Vadim Khomitsky: biography, achievements and interesting facts

In view of the sports activities that Mary that Vadim everything should be according to the plan. Therefore, the birth of a third child has been agreed in advance.

According to most couples, the next replenishment in the family like a very long time. Hindered only a constant and daily work schedule of load. But just over a year ago they were able to leave work for a short time and to give birth: proud, namely the so-called third child, 34-year-old hockey player, was born on May 23, 2017. In Gordey has a brother and sister. Eldest child, Vladislav, currently 10 years, and Alexander - 8.

Hockey player Vadim Khomitsky: biography, achievements and interesting facts

In view of the fact that Vadim and Maria live in different cities, the first time Gordey ceased to recognize his father, but then got used. In general, the relationship with the children hockey the same kind, caring and gentle, as well as in the relationship with his wife. Poking fun at his communication with young Khomitsky, Mary calls herself a whip, and the Pope - the carrot.

As athletes, Mary, and Vadim, and children are taught to a healthy lifestyle and sport. Seeing that the girl grows high, Butyrskaya gave his daughter Alexandra on tennis. To insist that her daughter went on his mother's footsteps, Mary did not.

On his real father when deciding which sport will be engaged in Vladislav. The boy's mother saw him longer in football, but Vadim wanted to he followed in his father's footsteps, and gave it to the hockey section.

Knowing how important sport support, Mary and Vadim give up their work and rush to the tournaments of their children. With these guys mom and dad would grow Olympic champions. And we will be happy to watch their great achievements in the sport.