Mascara "Bourgeois": reviews, composition, manufacturer

If in the process of make-up you want to focus on the eyes, you need to take care of the acquisition of a good mascara. After all, when a means of glues hair, showered, forms lumps, you can create an attractive image will not work with all the skill of a makeup artist. But how to find a good mascara that would transforms our cilia in the magic fan, light as a butterfly's wing? After all, any store cosmetics can offer dozens of brands of such products. In this article, we encourage you to brand ink "Bourgeois" (Bourjois). No way advertising and promoting the brand, we will try to objectively describe its products. The main source of information for writing this brief review of steel consumer reviews.


Brand History

Few people know that the "Bourgeois" is among the oldest cosmetics company in Europe. She has more than 150 years, and it is - an additional recommendation for brand products. It all started with the theater. How so? It's very simple. If the audience the theater begins with a hanger, then the actor - with make-up. In 1863 a certain Joseph-Albert Poncin developed cosmetics for workers performing arts. It is difficult to portray the feelings of the audience, when the face mask strapped flour, and his eyes summed antimony. The actors of the time often complained about the poor quality makeup. And Poncin them for the sake of sparing developed skin and eyelashes tool. His work was continued by Alexander Napoleon Bourjois. He is obliged to brand not only the name but also prosperity. After all, Alexander, Napoleon offered its products not only actresses but also other women. He began to produce not so much makeup as cosmetics under the brand name "Bourgeois":.. Mascara, powder, lipstick, etc., first conquered the world blush. Elegant rounded box was filled with Parisian charm. A rouge contained in it, not the old skin and makes it so that the face looked blooming beauties.


which produces cosmetics "Bourgeois"

often it happens in the world today that renowned companies sell licenses to companies that are punched and their products (often second-rate), cashing in on the famous brand. And it turns out that cosmetics made in France, is radically different from its Polish, Turkish and even more Chinese "namesake". So who is the manufacturer of mascara "Bourgeois"? A distinctive feature of this brand is the fact that all its products are manufactured exclusively in France. In this country, the company has two laboratories. In a cosmetics formula developed - as a caring and decorative. A second best perfumers conjure on drafting aromatic compositions for spirits. shop also located in France, where all products are created by the brand. It combines a craving for eternal classics and bold innovation in the field of make-APA. The color scheme of decorative cosmetics has about 350 tones. Among them are both calm, pastel shades and radical colors. But no matter what you choose, be sure cosmetics "Bourgeois" - is one hundred percent French product.


To learn what components created a particular cosmetic product, it can be read on the bottle (tube). But the composition of the carcasses "Bourgeois" is quite diverse. It depends primarily on the function that has means to perform: to extend, to create volume, to give a beautiful shape, treat cilia. But there are common for all types of components. This colorant (typically carbon black crushed into dust), a preservative, a soap, resin. Thus each sample carcass supplemented with nutrients and vitamins, which are carefully caring for eyelashes and eyelids delicate skin. It panthenol, lanolin, keratin, castor oil, and other useful items. For elongation in the ink introduced cilia mikrokrotlinovye, nylon and silk fibers. carnauba wax is used to impart a luxurious volume. Many women now wearing contact lenses. And the reviews report that the ink from the brand "Bourgeois" does not irritate the conjunctiva and eye irritation. The manufacturer claims that its product is hypoallergenic.


Bottle brush and

Making brasmatika designed not only to entertain the eyes of its owner. Tuba is very practical. It is often done with a "waist". This allows you to conveniently keep it in your hand. It is also a form of eights at the bottle prevents the drying agent and shakes off excess mascara brush. The brush is also made "intelligently". Each brush is designed to strengthen the means of function. For example, the carcass 2 in 1 "Bourgeois" between the bristles of the brush hidden microscopic reservoirs. They are well paint the entire surface of the cilia, creating a 3D-effect. And brush "effect Liner" on one side shorter bristles to create a liner, and on the other - long. The most unique is a brush for mascara "Twist Up Ze Volyum". It is a children's transformer, with the rotation of the cap is able to be transformed from a classical flat in curved - for coloring eye corners.

"The effect Push Up Volyum Glamor"

We now begin to get acquainted in detail with the most popular specimens of the brand. As is clear from the words "Volyum" in the title, "The effect Push Up" is a bulk carcass "Bourgeois". Silicone Brush in the decorative cosmetics are also special. She paints over all the lashes, gently enveloping them while combing and giving stick together. Mascara gives a stunning volume. In addition, the brush gently curls the hair. How to claim reviews, the effect lasts for about six hours. Due to the presence in the composition of oils and waxes (beeswax and carnauba), the eyelids do not feel the gravity of her painted eyelashes. Ink does not crumble and does not form lumps. Due gum Acacia Senegal cilia become coal-black. ladies also note the water resistance and means efficiency. However, not all so rosy. Some users saw as a part of the means of iron oxide and cyclopentasiloxane.


"Coop de Theater"

In 1990, the company launched the world's first mascara, consisting of two parts. In one tank was a white liquid which gave volume to eyelashes, and in the second - means for dyeing the hair in a radically black. Thus, the manufacturer said that only once theater actress used products "Bourgeois". Mascara, reviews of which has been overwhelmingly positive, gives the effect of false eyelashes. White means (hairs on it looks colorless) tightens, fixes a fan-shaped form and creates a dramatic extent. For him, there is a special combing eyelashes brush. A black mascara is enriched with resistant color pigments, which gently absorbs the color. Painted "Coop de Theater" lashes look like velvet fan, do look more penetrating and profound. Members in a review, argue that it is a means of decorative cosmetics appropriate for an evening out in the light.


"Effect Liner"

In a review of the carcasses "Bourgeois" users have reported that it is available in five colors. She plastic brush, which on the one hand short, and on the other long bristles. This form allows you to brush eyeliner under the eyes. The very ink has the effect of lengthening hair. And the texture means it accumulates at the base of cilia, but not its end. It gives the look a woman expressiveness and depth. As with voluminous mascara brand "Bourgeois," this product in its composition it contains vitamin E and oils, waxes and many other useful substances. In many reviews it noted that such means does not crumble and does not flow.


Ink "Bourgeois Black clubbing Ultra"

Many women who are holders of long and thick eyelashes, still dreaming of that hair was darker. This is especially true blonde ladies. It is for them to please was designed "Volyum clubbing Ultra Black Mascara." This mascara gives not only a wonderful volume (but without the effect of false eyelashes), but also piercing black, charcoal color. Users in their reviews claim that the agent is characterized by its tremendous resistance. And yet it is easily washed off with water or other micellar make-up remover. This mascara does not run and does not crumble. Girls who have spent the night with her in hot halls discos appreciated is its property. Moreover, ink does not form lumps. But this remedy is good for owners of long lashes with a good bend. The same effect give cilia carbon black is "BEAUTIFUL Volyum Dark Hole". It increases the volume of eyelashes tenfold emphasizes shape of the eye and does not leave lumps. Brush mascara that has the shape of an eight. The user's writing that it can help to achieve graphic effects. This tool is hypoallergenic.

"Jess the Volyum, Know the Clumps"

A name is long, but it reflects the function of the carcasses "Bourgeois". Responses about it most favorable. As stated in the title, ink presents cilia fascinating volume, increasing their thickness up to five times. However, it does not create lumps. This helps to achieve a special collagen composition that does not contain alcohol. How to assure users of the mascara brush at the classic. With the help of means can be applied to all the hairs and distribute it from the root to the tip of the cilia. The product does not dry, does not irritate the eyes, it does not weigh down the eyelids. However, customers complain in a review, this mascara is made in only one, black, color.


Eyelash extension

Now fashion make-up Nude in style. Therefore, most women are not interested in volume, and the lengthening of the eyelashes. For daytime make-up is important to make the most natural way. Mascara Talons Aiguilles created just for this purpose. It contains in its composition of nylon fibers that help the cilia become longer. Rice wax maintains the shape of hairs which can impart special brush. A polymer reflects the sunlight on the eyelashes, making them seem natural, not painted. How to assure reviews, mascara "Bourgeois" is suitable for those who wear contact lenses or the conjunctiva is sensitive because it means hypoallergenic. "Easy waterproofs Mascara" is also set up to create a make-up Nude style. But this mascara is also waterproof. Due to its special formula without fatty base and alcohol means envelops each hair pigment. This ink is available in two color shades.

Caring means of

Can there be a therapeutic mascara? "Bourgeois" for its innovative developments produces cosmetics that not only adorns a woman, but also cares about the health of her hair and skin. Members praised the carcasses "Volyum Glamor Ultra Kar". This brasmatik gently nourishes the hair, saturate them with moisture, oils and vitamins, protects against the harmful effects of the environment. Mascara as it forms a shield over each cilium, covers it with a light film. Therefore, the hair does not dry. But also mascara gives lashes a magnificent volume. Classical silicone brush curls hair, combs and colors. This tool can have in your purse, even those women who are forced to abandon the carcass due to allergies.

Bourjois mascara Cost

The products of this brand belongs to the middle price range. carcass value depends on its purpose. price dispersion is quite large: there brasmatiki for 350 rubles, and there are over a thousand. The price is also affected by whether it is a novelty or in the product appeared more modern competitors. Versatility means automatically raises its value. For example, ink "Bourgeois Ultra Carl Volyum Glamor" is valued more because it not only attaches to the cilia delightful volume, but also tightens up the tips, creating a fan-shaped form. "Maxi Franjieh waterproofs" is also much appreciated. This mascara is created for women with sensitive eyelids. Means, enriched with natural oils, smoothes each cilium, it tightens up the tip and holds its shape well throughout the day.


Women customers appreciate the efficiency of the carcass from the "bourgeois." A tube will last about a year, even if you use it every day. Over time, a means of getting even better: it thickens and draws good lashes. Worn mascara perfectly: not showered, does not spread, it does not leave traces on the upper eyelid, and washed off her usual makeup remover. It can be found in any store cosmetics, but for the price it is available to any woman. But there is a carcass and cons. Thus, in some review, it is reported that there are brushes, extremely inconvenient to use. And they leave lumps on the eyelashes.