Jeans "Collins": reviews of current models in 2018

Jeans have always been a symbol of sexuality, daring character and youth. Of course, they are those who have long exceeded thirties or even older, but the fact that with the new models become more and more openly, no one will deny every year. At the beginning of this garment was regarded in the West operating, but with the arrival of a new life, the onset of the sexual revolution, and the desire of every young person to express themselves seriously, much has changed. Decade changed one after the other, related to the life of society and, of course, models of men's and women's jeans, and all clothes, sewed of practical fabrics.

Marks related to denim clothing, a lot, but we wanted to stay at one of them and tell us what they think about such ordinary buyers. Mark the subject can be like: "Reviews of jeans" Collins "." But the main highlight of the material will have a small overview of the latest models for men and women for the upcoming 2018.

A Brief History of the brand


Make "Collins" is not a long-lived among aksakals denim industry, such as the Red starr, Levis or Jordan. However, in its short life (by the standards of a recognizable and respected brand), the company was able to gain a foothold and win a place among the elite. From the outset, the brand COLLINS not exist. There was a certain Turkish company, but rather to tell the family that sewed clothes for sale, and jeans there was very little. Over time, the buyer was able to appreciate the quality offered by Turkish masters of things, and the existence of a family contract came to an end. The expansion came a well-known brand of jeans themselves "Collins", which reviews are necessarily listed below. By the way, before the formation of the brand family of Turkey preferred to sew different clothes, avoiding jeans due to lack of demand.

The high cost - a consequence of the quality of

Many people do not even think about why some jeans are expensive. They aggressively acquire for themselves an obvious fake, and then complain, they say, high-quality denim pants now in the afternoon with fire will not find. However, this is absolutely not true, because all pretty transparent: quality can not be bought for next to nothing. In a review of the "Collins" jeans, and other branded trousers, you can often find references to their high cost as some disadvantages. But at the same time buyers are always celebrate their strength and quality of the fabric, which does not fade and does not break over time.


Denim brands, not to lose positions in the list of most popular, sought-after and-selling brands are simply obliged each year to come up with new products to delight their customers. It is still a necessity and therefore to buyers not to the side of the competition. Judging by the reviews of jeans "Collins", this has not happened. Turkish brand on the eve of 2018 has already managed to introduce certain models of men's and women's trousers, which can be characterized by the phrase: the actual classics.

Men series

Summing up the results of 2017 and entering 2018, the company "Collins" presented to the public model of men's trousers. It is worth noting that at first glance, nothing in them has not changed, but it is quite misleading:

  1. The first jeans, sewn specifically for men, will not be in 2018 no single model with slanted pockets, popularly referred to as "hooligans". Perhaps only the end of the year, this option will be available again, but for now it is just speculation.
  2. Secondly, low waist pants, and the average landing on the man's thighs remained relevant, roaming from year to year in the fashion denim trends.
  3. Reviews Men's Jeans "Collins" after the presentation of the collection of the coming year zapestrili delight teenagers and young men. This is due to the fact that the brand has done for them sexy model trouser leg as much as possible Sause. Such a model is really only for the young and daring, who does not hesitate to show others every curve of the body.
  4. Classic, in its modern sense, and stay afloat - a male model with a mean planting and moderately narrow trousers.

Women's Collection "Collins" in 2018

Many companies that produce high-quality jeans, at the end of 2017 returned to the most popular model in the 50-60 years and at the junction of two millennia. It is about pants bottoms, which again and again find themselves in the wardrobe of every beauty. "Collins" is also not an exception in the struggle for the buyer, but in addition klesa collection in 2018 there are still some interesting patterns:

  1. stretch jeans will remain relevant in the next year, but all models, without exception, will be with trousers, ending just above the woman's ankle. Jeans and did not clean up the fashion is now worn and torn knees, but added color stripes and riveting. By the way, just because of the numerous reviews about women's jeans "Collins", which praised the tight-fitting model, it has been decided not to remove from the collection next year.
  2. model with a high waist, are at the peak of popularity in the early 2017, is no more. This applies to the excessively low belt. Now the bet is placed on the middle landing of trousers and short legs, which can contemplate almost every model coming year.

Work firms based on feedback and wishes of the client

Customer reviews on "Collins" jeans delight and inspire the manufacturer to create something new each year in a row. And as you know, as long as the seller takes into account the wishes of the consumer, business will flourish.