Hairpiece - a beautiful hairstyle for five minutes. Types and how to choose

Many people have heard the word "chignon", but not everyone knows what it is. In this article, we will discuss this type of decoration, from which they are made and how to wear. To begin, take a look into the history and remember what it is - a hairpiece - and when he appeared on the women's heads.

The occurrence of

"Chignon" - a word that is translated from French means hairstyle with hair gathered at the back side of the head.

The history of hairstyles began in ancient Greece. Athens the fairer sex twisted her hair into a bun and secured their pins, made either of ivory or gold.

Hairpiece - a beautiful hairstyle for five minutes. Types and how to choose

This convenient hairstyle lifts the neck area, the women look elegant and sophisticated. For many years, such hairstyles were in fashion.

After a time, to create beautiful hairstyles began to use other people's hair. Hairpiece - a bill bundle of natural or artificial hairs, which are mounted on the head with the help of a special device. This may be a clip or bobby pin, pin or rubber band, "crab" or other fastening. Now they are a great variety.

Easy chignon

The women are so fond of hair ornaments? Everything is very simple. Hairpiece - is the rapid creation of a beautiful and lush hair. Using it for any occasion you can in one minute gently lay hair. Holds such wonderful hairpin, so you can easily dance and move freely without fear of that hair disintegrate.

Hairpiece - a beautiful hairstyle for five minutes. Types and how to choose

Hairpiece - a piece of jewelry that will give extraordinary splendor of fine hair. Wig as it is distinguished by the fact that it is only the individual elements, not completely worn down. With the help of the decorations made of natural or synthetic hair, you can add a few bright strands of hair and make a spectacular and original. Simulate hair with hairpieces can be different. We next consider their views and how this overlay can be seamlessly inserted into your natural hair.

Types hairpieces

  • Chignon tail. usually wear a decoration on short hair, wanting to give them a greater length. They can also use it to add volume to thin hair. Wear it easily over his tail, cementing all elastic, ribbons or barrette. A method which can attach a tail depends on the laths model. If you want to create a pony, then gather your hair into a bun at the nape, and a hairpiece made from natural hair in a ponytail wearing top to create a high landing. Fastens it usually "crab".
Hairpiece - a beautiful hairstyle for five minutes. Types and how to choose
  • Chignon Cos. Such a decoration woven together with her hair in a braid overall. On the tail of gum she attached a small invisible clasp bottom, under the hair. Put a chignon in the form of untwisting. When it is well secured, the process of weaving begins.
  • Bang. She clings to the front of the head. Is a short strands which pins are attached to the place where there should be a girl's bangs. Use this option women with their long hair, but without the bangs. Trim the hair they do not want, and sometimes change the image interesting.
  • The individual strands. Some of these elements can be inserted into your hair in order to give more volume to thin hair or increase their length. Such details are attached with clips in her hair base.
  • Babette. It is finished hairstyle made master separately, having finished form lining. It only remains to be fixed on to the head. Very convenient to use this option natural hairpiece to create a festive hairstyle. Time will be a minimum, and the hair will look nice stacked. After such manipulation in the home at the surrounding people have the impression that over the hair worked good master in the cabin.
  • Chignon shaped skullcap. This option is more like a wig hairstyle. It is used for the complete change of image. For example, put on a special mesh laid under the long hair hairpiece with short locks. All friends will think you cut your hair.

How do I make the right choice?

Before buying a hairpiece for yourself, you need to decide exactly what you want. After all, such as the linings are made from natural hair and artificial analogues. Invented a version of the hairstyle is very important to select the pad so that it was completely invisible to your head. It's not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Hairpiece - a beautiful hairstyle for five minutes. Types and how to choose

You can play with you a malicious joke lighting. When one light will look all wonderful, but coming out of the store into the daylight, you will feel the difference immediately. To a good look at the proposed version of the seller, it is necessary to see myself in the mirror in different types of light: near the electric lamp and the light of day. Still, experts advise to choose a hairpiece semitone lighter than your hair. This will give some freshness and luster of hair. After all, even natural hair have several shades.

Artificial lining made of kanekalona that make algae-based. He was brilliant, a silky, bright and looks impressive, but it requires special care and you will not last a long time. But the cost and it is much lower. So the choice is yours.

Care chignon

Natural hair does not require significant maintenance. They should be washed with shampoo, you can cheat and twist. They need to be carefully comb to avoid hair loss. It is better to do it with a soft brush.

Hairpiece - a beautiful hairstyle for five minutes. Types and how to choose

Synthetic overlays require more attention. Wash their special structure for synthetic fibers, and then laid on a towel to dry. Combing impossible. After the hairpiece dried out, you need to hand gently straighten the hair and sprinkle them lightly with water.

After reading the article and selecting a hairpiece in the photo, you can safely go to the store to be able to model and currently trendy new hairstyle at home.