Fishing in Belgorod and Belgorod region: fishing spots and fishing techniques

Belgorod region can be called a low water. The fact that the region is only one percent of the territory falls on the water. But this does not mean that fishing in the Belgorod region is poor. True lovers can go on such rivers as the Oskol, Seversky Donets, Quiet Pine. They have a lot of ponds and reservoirs, where you can catch a trophy fish specimens of the carp family.

Fishing in Belgorod and Belgorod region: fishing spots and fishing techniques


The nature of the region is simply mesmerizing. Especially beautiful in the Belgorod region is in the autumn and summer months. Many people come here to relax and unwind in one of the nature reserves or national parks, which are so rich in this region. For relaxation, there is everything - and the beautiful nature and the wonderful climate and clean ponds and lakes. But there are those who come to the area for a good catch. Judging by the reviews, fishing in the Belgorod region gives enough good catch. Local reservoirs full of the most diverse fish. Here you can catch bream, perch, pike, roach, rudd, carp, and so on. D. In the area are many paid and free water where, regardless of the method of fishing, lure and tackle, it is possible to get large prey.

What kind of fish can be caught

Of course, due to the proximity of the region to Central Europe it is difficult to count on an exotic catch. Reservoirs and Belgorod region populated only familiar to the median strip of the country underwater inhabitants. A pleasant surprise for fans of fishing is carp, which can be caught in large ponds and reservoirs. Cultural subspecies in a mirror carp. Fishing in Belgorod and the surrounding area will give a good catch of bream, carp, bream, ruff, perch, pike-perch, bersha, asp, etc. Etc.. Even the usual production is so much that trophy catch an instance is not difficult.

Fishing in Belgorod and Belgorod region: fishing spots and fishing techniques

Those interested bream, can go on a slow-moving river. Sometimes fishing in Belgorod on the river Seversky Donets pleases trophy tench. But this production is characteristic of the oblong form and muddy areas.

Lake Belgorod region and in large quantities populated roach, chub, silver bream, perch, ruff and necessarily rudd. In the river there are also spaces of more than catfish, perch and even eel.

Best fishing spots

It is no secret that one of the favorite pastimes of men is fishing. In Belgorod, the locals can just come to the river Seversky Donets, where, armed with a fishing rod or spinning rod, they can have a great time and return home with a rich catch.

When a sufficient width of the waterway thereon weak steady flow. Therefore, it is quite possible to catch carp, perch, pike, carp, roach. The most desired trophy from local fishermen - this river giant catfish.

Lovers of a good catch are also ideal located in the old riverbeds floodplain lakes. They are also rich in fish, especially roach, perch, silver bream, crucian carp. The most beautiful body of water in the area is considered to be the river Oskol. It is a tributary of the Seversky Donets River, so there quite a lot of prey.

Fishing is very popular in Belgorod on the same reservoir. It is located just five minutes from the city, so the summer along its banks are organized army fishing enthusiasts. They catch bream, pike, burbot, perch, pike perch and bream. Another reservoir - Soldiers - is also attractive from the point of view of fishing for valuable species of underwater fauna.

Fishing in Belgorod and Belgorod region: fishing spots and fishing techniques

Fishing on the Seversky Donets

Belgorod stands on the right bank of the picturesque deep river. It is a favorite spot among anglers. At this river is found about forty species of fish. Most often in the Seversky Donets fall for the bait bream and crucian carp, chub, rudd and roach, perch and so on. D. Fishing in Belgorod in this river for pike and walleye begins from mid-spring. In May, begins the hunt for perch and roach, which is the second week of June, hides, and appears only at the end of the summer. Scorching the August days of locals catch catfish, which preferably bites at the bait, such as a roach fishes, carp or bunch worms. The luckiest anglers can get the trophy specimens weighing ten or more kilograms.

On the reservoirs

Fishing in Belgorod is popular not only in the Seversky Donets. Very often city dwellers come to the reservoir of the same name. Very interesting is winter fishing. For outdoor recreation in the area of ​​popular Soldier reservoir, which is famous for its rich catch chub, perch, carp and carp. Built on its shores are many recreation centers and sanatoriums.

Fishing in Belgorod and Belgorod region: fishing spots and fishing techniques

Oskol reservoir in the Belgorod region - a universal place. There can be equally comfortable as a fish from a boat or the boat and from the shore. Some even engaged ekstremaly underwater hunting. The most common fish of this reservoir is a perch, although well caught pike, bream, carp and roach.

Artificial pond adress and please catch grass carp, large carp. Here, too, is equally comfortable as a fish from the shore or from a boat. Locals use for fishing the most common gear - fishing rod or spinning.

"Russian village"

Belgorod region, and are famous not only free places for fishing. Of course, most fans prefer to send it to them. However, in the region there are a lot of "paying students", well-equipped for this favorite male pastime. One of these reservoirs is Shagarovsky pond. He has for many years enjoyed the fame of one of the best paid in the region of reservoirs. On its shore and built a private park of rest "Russian village" (Belgorod). Residents of the city and the region, he is already well known. The lessee of the base regularly zaryblyaet pond, so fishing is always successful, especially in such fish as carp, which there is in abundance.

For customers equipped with gazebos and special bridges. In recent years, Shagarovsky pond near the eponymous village of fishing is gradually "Mecca" was reconstructs the complex recreation center on the waterfront.

Fishing in Belgorod and Belgorod region: fishing spots and fishing techniques

Fishing is here equally appreciate both beginners and professionals. The choice can fish from the shore or from a boat.

The methods of fishing in the waters of the Belgorod region

Fishermen who go after prey on the Seversky Donets, use a variety of techniques and gear, which they catch from the shore and from a boat. Spinning, float, bottom, or feeder rod - the whole arsenal of handy on this river. The main thing - to know where to catch. It is best to tackle feeder caught bream and crucian carp. In the rivers, where quite a solid bottom and a strong current, it meets production with sufficiently large dimensions. Therefore, in such ponds is necessary to take a strong tackle, prepared in advance. Since the fish in the rivers and lakes of the Belgorod region are many, much effort is not necessary to apply for its angling. On the river Oskol popular method such as fishing with spinning. For successful fishing lure prey first. Mainly used for this feed or sunflower meal. The main target for spinnings are pike and perch. To catch them locals use silicone or spinners. Autumn pike spoons work best.

Fishing in Belgorod and Belgorod region: fishing spots and fishing techniques


In connection with a reduction in the population of fish living in waters of the Belgorod region, were introduced during the ban on fishing. Almost all water bodies can not be fishing from May to June and from October to April is not allowed "hunting" on wintering pits.