Irritation - it ... Causes and treatment of skin irritation

irritation of the skin - this is a very troublesome problem, which from time to time cause inconvenience to many people. It can occur in men, women and children. It has a different cause and place of occurrence. It is not enough that looks very unsightly, so also causes discomfort.

Irritation - it ... Causes and treatment of skin irritation

Often there is irritation and itching. Quite often suffer from it are people who have very sensitive skin, they are more likely than others, there is this problem. Allergic reactions can occur due to many factors: cosmetics, razors, food, pharmaceuticals, synthetic clothing.

The causes of skin irritation

Factors that can cause irritation, quite a lot:

  • Allergic reaction - one of the most common causes of irritation in the area of ​​the face, extremities. It could trigger something like: food, medicine, dust, pollen, poplar fluff, chemical and cosmetics, animal hair. When there is an allergic reaction, there is irritation, redness, severe itching is possible.
  • The cosmetic preparations may very negatively affect the skin. A person may have an allergic reaction to any ingredient of their composition. Therefore, you need to carefully read the label on the jar with cream, as there is lack of harmful additives, which as a whole may have a negative effect on the skin.
  • chapping of skin due to hypothermia. Irritation - is a skin condition when it becomes inflamed and the most vulnerable. And in the cold season, autumn or winter, when the wind begins to blow, snow, hail, the skin needs special protection.
  • Clothing, for example, synthetic. irritation arises often from poor quality materials, and some people from the artificial fur and dyes, which are colored fabric.
  • Also, the irritation may occur after shaving or depilation. In this case, inflamed hair follicles.

Another skin irritation can cause the following factors: stress, hormonal disruptions, pregnancy, problems with the health of the internal organs, fatigue at work, exhaustion of the nervous system, poor unbalanced diet.

The problem in children

In very young infants also may be irritation, redness, rash. They have it, most often caused by the use of diapers, they do not fit on the size or composition of which they are made. If the problem is in them, then you need to think about to change their brand. It is also possible that the child simply reside in diapers and the skin does not have enough air, it begins to rot. A diaper can also be small in size. It can cause irritation. Often, this happens when a child is about a year and it starts to move a lot and dragged.

What to do?

To start therapy, you must first understand the reason for its occurrence. Since it depends on this method of treatment. It is necessary, first of all, to eliminate the source of its occurrence or to reduce it to a minimum effect on the skin.

Irritation - it ... Causes and treatment of skin irritation

For example, if an allergic reaction, you should stop eating food that is causing the problem. If this occurs on cosmetics, you can buy a new one. Allergy to fabric cost to change clothes and get rid of synthetic clothes. But, unfortunately, these methods are not all precautionary saving. man sometimes need advice of professional dermatologist. The doctor, of course, will appoint to surrender all the necessary tests and find out the cause of the allergy. And after establishing an accurate diagnosis will register the patient quality treatment. But such a serious approach necessarily needed if the irritation is continuous or periodic nature of the occurrence. If this is a common irritation after shaving, all these steps are not necessary. The main methods of treatment of various manifestations are creams and ointments, tablets and injections. If we talk about the external preparations, they are locally eliminate redness and itching of the skin. Such funds shall be appointed by the attending doctor for allergies easy etiology. Injections credited as itching and redness are very strong and need urgently to start the internal treatment of the body.

Irritation - it ... Causes and treatment of skin irritation

If the allergy is strong and goes to dermatitis, all the drugs in combination can be assigned. And in severe cases even prescribed antibiotics.

How to relieve irritation after shaving?

Daily or several times a week, men shave. Of course, not all of this procedure to your liking. But as they say, beauty demands victims. Sometimes after such a procedure, there is redness and itching.

How to remove irritation after shaving? This is known to almost all men, it is necessary to use special lotions and gels, which are designed specifically for this. If the problem is only in this irritation, immediately run to a dermatologist is not necessary. If the allergy persists for a long time, then a doctor. But first, you need to try to replace the razor blade. Perhaps it is blunted and thus causes irritation. If this does not work, you can try to change the means of aftershave. After all, the reason may be in it. If nothing helps or irritation is very strong, it is necessary to contact a doctor.

Drugstore means

We already know what irritation. This problem is solved. Now consider the popular pharmacy products to combat irritation. The most common drugs which are released at any pharmacy without a prescription, are:

  • Oil menthol or Boromentol. It helps to ensure that locally remove irritation, such as redness, itching of the skin. Create a feeling of freshness and coolness.
  • Ointment "BoroPlyus". It helps combat dryness and itching of the skin, making it softer. This drug is very effective.
  • means "d-panthenol". This drug is frequently used for the treatment of dermatitis in children. It neutralizes itchy skin, removes redness and helps moisturize the skin. Irritation - it ... Causes and treatment of skin irritation
  • The drug "Elidel". It is used to eliminate the itching, redness. This cream is also very effective stimulus help.
  • means "Bepanten". The drug works well against dry skin allergies, wounds heal quickly, if such emerge from dermatitis, making the epidermis smoother. This means irritation can be used for the treatment of children.
  • "Fenistil gel". This drug is prescribed, when you need to remove the redness, swelling and itching of the epidermis.


Also to cure the irritation from allergic reactions may prescribe different hormonal agents:

Irritation - it ... Causes and treatment of skin irritation
  • medicinal ointment "Triderm";
  • Ointment "Elokim";
  • medicinal ointment "Gistan";
  • ointment "Betamethasone";
  • medicinal ointment "flutsinar";
  • ointment "hydrocortisone";
  • medicinal ointment "flutsinar";
  • ointment "sinaflana";
  • medicinal ointment "Akriderm".

All of these hormones, and not just a means can be used after consultation with the attending doctor-dermatologist.


It is worth remembering that it is always better to take precautions to ensure that reduce risk factors to a minimum and not be faced with such a problem as allergies, what then maybe a long time engaged in her treatment. And for this you need to protect your skin as much as possible.

Irritation - it ... Causes and treatment of skin irritation

To do this, use special creams before going out. In a medium heat will protect against sunburn. And in the winter time like the cream used to protect it from chapping. Do not get too carried away by such cosmetic procedures such as peeling and deep cleaning. If a person knows on what kind of food he had an allergic reaction can occur, it is not necessary to use it.

Folk remedies against irritation

Very good help with a variety of skin inflammation and folk remedies. After irritation - it is often the local allergic reaction, so they can help the various lotions and compresses of herbs. Such folk remedies can reduce itching, redness and help to quickly get rid of allergies.

  1. Mask from irritation of cucumber: makes the skin fresh, creates a feeling of coolness. It removes redness and itching. To prepare it, you need to wash the cucumber, grate it with a fine tooth comb. Then put on inflamed areas epidermis for fifteen minutes, then rinsed with water.
  2. Mask from irritation of oat flakes: relieves inflammation and clears it very gently, without damaging even more. To prepare it, you need to take three tablespoons of oatmeal and soak them in warm water for 30 minutes. Then put this weight on the inflamed sites hold 20 minutes and rinse well with water.
Irritation - it ... Causes and treatment of skin irritation

It is important to remember that all the facilities are well above help in mild irritation. If everything is serious, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist doctor. Because the causes of allergies can be very different.

A small conclusion,

Now you know the answer to the burning question: "Irritation - what is this?". In addition, we made recommendations that will help you in dealing with this problem.