Shop Shein: customer reviews

Today, online stores purchase are no longer something surprising and impossible. Progress has advanced so much that now the comfort of your home, you can order all the necessary items, pay for your order by credit card and get it without leaving the apartment due to the courier service.

One of these stores is Shein. This unique store sells their products from China through internet. Shein company exists since 2008. The main advantage of this store is the wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories. Products can be purchased both at the official website and in the annex.

Shop Shein: customer reviews

Reviews of the clothing store Shein

Given that the company has been in existence for nine years, and its products are manufactured in China, about clothes Shein reviews on the Internet, you can find both positive and negative. Negative, of course, smaller, but if they are, then it is meant that the shop is not as good as we would like.

Shop Shein: customer reviews

The disadvantages, according to buyers, is the delay in the acceptance of the order and the inadequate quality of some things. Many have expressed their dissatisfaction with the wrong size grid. But, as already mentioned above, the negative reviews of Shein in RuNet can be found not so much. According to statistics, every tenth satisfactory order, there is one, does not suit the buyer. Such dynamics is in almost every global online clothing store.

On the positive reviews about Shein store can be said that the majority of customers satisfied with the quality of the goods, delivery terms and prices. The latter, as in all the Chinese shops, amazing value for quality and price. Then you can learn in detail about the positive sides of the store, its price and quality of goods.

online store Advantages

As with all the companies that provide their services via the Internet, Shein has its pros and cons. The first significant advantage can be called a variety and quantity of the goods in the store. Among such an abundance of things and accessories, everyone can find a suitable model.

User-friendly interface with no extra features, helps you quickly choose the right thing and order it. Only need to register on your site or app, choose your favorite items and their sizes, pay for the purchase and wait for the order.

Also, beliefs site developers, the description for goods store is available in clear Russian. In addition, judging by the reviews of Shein, in the application settings, you can find a description more in five languages, including: Spanish, English and French.

Fashion Forms Shein: reviews

Along with its convenient interface and understandable language, plus the store is a huge amount of clothing, footwear and accessories. Unfortunately, the online store specializes only in women's products. But the diversity of species and styles of clothing that are presented in Shein store (for reviews of customers), atones for this fact.

Shop Shein: customer reviews

Varieties of women's clothing:


  • blouses and shirts;
  • jeans, pants, shorts;
  • shorts, skirts;
  • T-shirts, tank tops, tops;
  • outerwear;
  • dresses;
  • svitshoty and knitwear;
  • jackets and cardigans.

In addition, the store has in stock underwear, hosiery, swimwear.

accessories Forms

A large variety can be found in the additional section. Judging by the reviews online store Shein, the presence of all styles, sizes and colors are sure to please every customer. It is commercially available and world-renowned blanket "mermaid" in different colors.

Shop Shein: customer reviews

From accessories are available:

  • Handbags, clutches, backpacks;
  • purses and cosmetic bags;
  • hats, shawls, scarves;
  • sunglasses;
  • belts;
  • sets and makeup brushes;
  • covers for cushions;
  • blanket "Mermaid";
  • jewelery.

Also Shein store offers a variety of shoes and accessories for her.

A significant advantage is the fact that the goods, which are not available at this time, may reappear after a short time. Also, the company manufacturers are constantly updating the range of products.

The quality of clothes and shoes

Particular attention buyers (for reviews of Shein) paid to quality of products and their material. According to a small number of negative reviews can be seen that some things from the store assortment are made of low quality materials or poorly sewn. According to producers, the culprit is inattentive to the product description of the study and display of different quality photos on different monitors.

On the official website store information is provided that the goods to 95% correspond to the description and picture. I want to believe that this is true, and some customers simply add false expectations about the quality of goods.

Shop Shein: customer reviews

Payment, recovery and fitting of

To carry out the fitting of the goods until payment in the online store can not, even if the order is delivered by courier. If the clothes are not approached by any parameters or defective, you will need to contact the site advisors and their instructions to make a return. But, in the opinion of Shein online store, customers do return of goods is very rare, even though he came of poor quality.

The fact is that there are no guarantees for the return of funds from the buyer is not, and the procedure takes sufficient amount of time.

The site online store, as well as all other Chinese companies, payment for goods must be made during the order process. Only in this case, the buyer of goods will begin to gather on the stock. Payment function COD on Shein is absent, which may encourage thinking about fraudulent seller. But, judging by the numerous positive reviews about the delivery, you can reassure yourself that manufacturers accurately send the goods.

Pay can be made by credit card or Paypal system. Also online store accepts the currency of almost all countries of the world, including US dollars, Russian rubles, euros, pounds sterling and Japanese yen.

For permanent purchase, leaving the store reviews and photos, you can get bonuses, which later can be partially pay for the goods. Plus payment of reviews in Shein, is the fact that the site is constantly operating discounts and promotions.

Shop Shein: customer reviews


Before the dispatch of the order, the goods are collected in one parcel, which takes about 3-7 days (excluding weekends and holidays).

On the official website, there are two methods of delivery:

  1. standard. About 21 days after dispatch. Carried by courier or mail.
  2. Express delivery. Paid service (about 1430 rubles for orders of 7400 rubles - free) provided by courier within 8-15 days, not counting the days allotted for the preparation for shipment.

Considering the reviews on the internet about Shein, we can say that there are both positive and negative moments in store. Weighty advantages are: fast delivery, excellent value for money, a huge selection of goods and intuitive interface of the official site.