7 unjust convictions of an attractive woman

What we know about beautiful women: they can all, they are not happy, they never cry, they do not happen trouble. And even then, it's just a line from a song to life and they have little to do. Heroine gathered unfair assumptions that people often make about beautiful girls.

1. She does not know what a broken heart

7 unjust convictions of an attractive woman

The fact that the girl was pretty, does not exempt it from the toxic relationship. It still may be a victim of a stalker or abyuzera. Beautiful women, too, exploited, deceived, humiliated, abandoned. They can also be unrequited love or become a lure for fools.

The level of visual appeal does not say anything about the fact that a person is able to build a healthy relationship or painlessly overcome complicated love situation.

2. It is confident

The world would be much happier if everyone were able to adequately assess themselves, and media culture would show us more different bodies, skin color and other appearance attributes. But even glossy instavselennoy Apollo feels disgusting freak, and therefore, of complexes, feelings of guilt and worthlessness is safe, none of us.

Love of self, healthy self-esteem and confidence - this is something that each of us has to create himself. With these qualities can not be born, just as you can not buy them with the help of plastic surgery. That is why quite ordinary by the standards conventionally beautiful girl with a weight of under a hundred and sparse hair can dazzle their self-sufficiency and charm, and someone like a Victoria's Secret angel will all life be considered miserable squalor.

3. It is bathed in compliments and attention

7 unjust convictions of an attractive woman

A woman with a bright attractive appearance is really difficult to remain inconspicuous, but with what you have, it's always a positive note. Other women see it as a threat and a rival. Men can be intrusive, go to the harassment or simply not serious about this woman.

In our society, where any more or less notable attraction is perceived as an invitation to sex, to be beautiful simply dangerous. Therefore, you should not automatically assume that if a girl looker, so it is definitely flattering attention.

4. She has no problem finding a guy

Perhaps the beautiful women do not have a problem finding a Man, with whom you can go to bed. But when it comes to relationships, there's all about equal chances. Moreover, the beauty is more difficult to meet someone who genuinely interested in her as a person, not as a sexual object. A lot of men may want it, but afraid relationship with a girl due to a lack of confidence.

5. She was lucky to

How many of us would not dream of at least a week to get perfect skin, gorgeous hair, breasts for a couple of sizes too big, the thought of how lucky someone born attractive, is not always fair. Society does not like anyone who stands out from the average of concepts and definitions, so beautiful bright people often envy just a girl and do not mind getting lost in the crowd. About a woman who ruined appearance, filmed a lot of movies, and in the life of such examples is also sufficient. So think again before sighing that someone got the best seat in the genetic lottery.

7 unjust convictions of an attractive woman

6. She has many friends

While appealing to people is easier to position yourself to others, when it comes to spectacular appearance, to establish sincere friendships difficult. Many women either want to be you, or will perceive you as a threat. What to say about friendship with a man who in 90% of cases result in risks to the proposal to have sex.

7. Her beauty is effortless

Even if she was lucky with genetics, this does not exempt a woman from routine to care for themselves. Beautiful women, too, are struggling with obesity, unwanted body hair, circles under the eyes, the first gray hair and other horsemen of the apocalypse. They may even have to exert more effort, because one disadvantage to their ideal body looks blatantly noticeable. In other words, if I go out of the house with a pimple on his forehead, it's unlikely that anyone will notice, but if it would be Angelina Jolie, people probably will not forgive her.