How to make a purchase

Cashback-services - probably the best invention of genius marketing, which helps to achieve significant savings with the active online shopping. But as a rule, it is a low rate of return and plenty of shopping.

Together with the club loyalty frogogo Heroine prepared a statement, which will help to make purchases and regain 100% of the money spent.

frogogo will be of interest to young families, those who started the move and looking for quality products for the home at a good price, and it is simple fans to save. Among the service catalog you can find textiles, dishes and cutlery, kitchen appliances, bags and more.

How to make a purchase

Register online

To start using the service and have keshbek, you have to register on the site. After you get 500 bonus rubles to the personal account frogogo, and if you fill in the information under "My Account" - another 500. An additional bonus: Specify the promotional code in your account Heroine, and you go another 5,000 bonus rubles. Use this money to pay for your purchase and get a 100% first keshbek from frogogo.

purchase is made

After completing the registration and enrollment bonus rubles to the personal account you can start a real shopping. The essence of the service works is simple: to pay part of the cost of any goods bonus rubles, and the remainder - in cash or with a credit card. All that you pay by card or cash at the reception, return to the personal account frogogo as keshbeka. It can not be cashed, but you can pay part of your next purchase. Something that will be spent from your pocket - again go into the bonus keshbek. And so on to infinity.

Invite your friends to

Invite your friends to frogogo, using the link in your account. Per registered you will receive 1000 bonus rubles for shopping.

to subscribe to the service in social networks

Subscribe to frogogo to Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. There you will find information on new promotions, exclusive products and other useful things. In addition, there will be published promotional codes, with which you can fill up your personal account on frogogo.

Subscribe to this group frogogo

frogogo - online loyalty club with a 100% bonus keshbekom. All the money that you spend on purchases from the site and the club partners, fully or partially back to your personal account on frogogo.

On the website you will find many useful things for the home, kitchen and outdoor activities. Do not forget to enter the promotional code Heroine, to get 5000 bonus rubles to the personal account.

service partners are retail chains and brands such as Baldinini, Luminarc, Swiss Oak, FILA, Slazenger, Ducati Corse and others. The list of partners is constantly updated. To pay up to 90% of the cost can be in rubles from the personal account, and the rest - with the card or in cash to the courier

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