How to celebrate their achievements in front of others

According to Pew Research, in 2018 women received only 80% of how many earn their male colleagues working in the same office. According to the majority of organizations in the fight against gender discrimination, the world will need 202 years to close the gap on pay - gender gap. Perhaps you and she met with the fact that women on average pay a little less, but there is another serious gap that is hard to spot and count in numbers: women are much less talk about their success at work.

How to celebrate their achievements in front of others

One of four large companies that are owned by women - Mighty Forces, Southpaw Insights, Upstream Analysis, and Grey Horse Communications, - conducted a survey to determine what women really think about their achievements. They interviewed more than 1,000 people (517 women and 499 men) aged between 18 and 55 years and found that women not only do not talk about themselves at work, but do not share their successes with friends. It gives the impression as if the women are not interested in moving up the career ladder and achieve nothing, although in reality it is just the result of education, which requires modesty of women. Heroine has collected a number of ways to emphasize that you are successful in their work, and to show that you will benefit from cooperation.

Try to objectively assess their progress

New people in your life may ask what you're doing, and worse response to this question: "I'm just an accountant."

The survey showed that 69% of women tend to minimize their success: they do not mention how much effort and love put into their work and what results from it are. In the long term, this leads to underestimating the fact that you lose your sense of self-esteem, and therefore the motivation for further success. Practice answering the question differently: proudly mentions the title, add impressive detail, tell us about how well the company in which you work. This does not just help you feel more confident - it is likely that you zavedesh useful links that will help to find a new job.

Use social networks

How to celebrate their achievements in front of others

Despite the fact that most of the social networks can have a negative impact on your mental health, in some cases, they can bring positive results.

Show your work in Instagram - no matter how "boring" it may seem to you, it can attract people who are interested in your line of business. Remember that social media - a great way to reach a large audience, because you never know who is watching your storiz new customers or prospective employer.

Tell us about your work and personal life

Of course, you do not need to insert the stories of their work and responsibilities at gatherings with friends or on a first date at the cinema. But one of the ways to deal with the inner modesty - to talk about the success of the workers to those with whom you are psychologically comfortable. Try starting with close friends and family members, think about it, if they know what challenges you have to deal every day?

Focus on promoting

Networking - work on social interaction - is crucial for the promotion of almost any career. At the same time, according to the survey, 77% of women always find a different theme than work, if they are in the company of strangers. This means that women really miss potential opportunities for advancement. But if you do not talk about their accomplishments, someone else will be talking about them, and you will lose the leadership in this competitive environment. Look at the self-promotion as a way to inspire others

When a woman talks about himself and his achievements, it encourages other women to do the same. When you will feel awkward because boast, consider that your speech can inspire someone else. The more women are inspired to talk about themselves, the faster gender equality will be achieved.

How to celebrate their achievements in front of others

to encourage other women to share their stories

According to the survey, 83% of women in one way or another inspired other women to talk about their achievements. The more the world of women's stories, the faster we are creating a world in which women also have the ability to manage firms and entire countries. So remember, when you are helping their fellow women to talk about their successes, you are creating a favorable environment for the development of all women in general.