9 products that affect estrogen levels

Proper diet can act at times better than drugs, and in the case of hormonal imbalance it will not bring any side effects. Increased estrogen - one of the most common violations faced by women around the world. It can be associated with both overweight generating estrogen, and with shortage of progesterone, which should balance it.

In any case, it has a negative impact on health can affect your cycle, to cause immune problems, and even contribute to the emergence of excess weight.

Heroine picked a few key products that are worth adding to your diet or, conversely, to exclude completely, if you want to balance their hormones without any extra pills.

1. Cruciferous vegetables

9 products that affect estrogen levels

Add your dinner more than cruciferous vegetables, which help the liver. Chinese cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts in their raw form, and in pickled can be a great addition to your typical menu.

2. Water

Set for themselves a new standard: 2, 5 liters of pure filtered water. It is necessary for all bodily functions, including the intestines to work properly.

3. Whole foods

9 products that affect estrogen levels

Start eating more whole foods - in its natural form, immediately after harvest. It can be root vegetables, dark leafy greens, cabbage, berries, quinoa, avocado, nuts and seeds.

4. Dietary fiber

The general rule is: at least 35 grams of fiber a day. This is easily achieved if you regularly eat broccoli, pears, lentils or flax seeds. Once a week you can eat oatmeal or oat bran products. Due to this the amount of fiber, estrogen secreted by the liver, will be launched soon in the intestinal tract, but its reabsorption is discontinued.

5. Probiotics

9 products that affect estrogen levels

A diet rich in probiotics, are extremely important for the health of the digestive tract, energy production, improve the creation of the skin and hormonal metabolism. Probiotics create an environment with a high content of beneficial bacteria in the gut, reducing the risk of harmful bacteria in the conversion of estrogen. Choose for lunch kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, kombucha Kombucha and miso soup.

6. Good fats

Do not forget about the balance of other hormones, stimulating them with the healthy fats that are found in avocados, walnuts, olive oil, nuts and seeds. Particular attention is paid to flax seeds, add them to breakfast, because they contain lignans - substances that block the negative effects of excess estrogen.

7. Meat and milk

Try to limit animal products such as meat and dairy. Give preference to vegetable diet, which uses only organic products.

8. The Caffeine and Alcohol

9 products that affect estrogen levels

to limit the use of alcohol and caffeine. The liver has to work much harder to bring all the alcohol from the body, so that it can not focus on the removal of estrogen and toxins. The fact that it was necessary to withdraw, accumulates in body fat, and then begins to recirculate in the body.

The same goes for caffeine - it exhausts the adrenal glands and can cause further damage to the glands, which will also increase the level of estrogen. To deal with this limitation, simply look for new recipes for drinks every day. For example, you can choose a decaffeinated latte - with turmeric or pumpkin, as well as replace the dining drink herbal infusion that stimulates the liver.

9. Refined sugar

Try to completely abandon the use of refined sugar, replacing it with natural sweeteners - dates, honey or maple syrup. But even with these products should be a balance, and to gradually reduce your attachment to sweet.