7 effective ways to get rid of uncertainty

Lack of confidence in himself is able to easily destroy not only your mental health, but also relationships with others. You can question arises: "Why do I feel insecure? Perhaps the fact that someone had told me a word, because of which I have become worse to think of myself. "

These irrational thoughts can lead to the fact that you begin to behave poorly, lose the trust of others, and then go over with jealousy to the charges. The truth is that it is just your own fears, that you begin to project onto a partner or friends. Fortunately, you can win the battle with self-doubt, and for that Heroine gathered a few tips.

1. Admit the problem of

7 effective ways to get rid of uncertainty

The best way to stop feeling insecure - take their instability with all my heart. When you got a wound in battle, after recovery you can begin to show the scar with pride - did the same, and with uncertainty. Think of it as something that can be overcome in a few days and then remembered with a smile: "How stupid we were once." Begin to turn the feeling that you are not worthy of such a life in humility. Remember that whenever uncertainty drags you down, you can stay afloat only maintaining awareness.

2. take into account that only you see it

Each of us feels that she needs to look a certain way and behave so as to appear confident. But if you are mired in uncertainty and doubt, but you usually notice. No one can see right through you and your loved ones do not possess telepathy. You can give only specific actions, and it is necessary to remember always, if you experience a problem with confidence.

3. Stop to chat with someone who upsets

7 effective ways to get rid of uncertainty

This is the easiest way to get rid of negative emotions, at the same time it is extremely difficult to put into practice. If your boss is inclined to humiliate and insult you in the presence of colleagues, you can not just start to shirk work.

The same applies to your partner or toxic parents. But you can change your schedule to understand how best to structure the work, and plan several rituals of self-care to recover after a hard conversation.

4. Work on their independence

This advice is particularly important for those who are beginning to doubt their relationship. Sometimes we mistake an unhealthy relationship for love. It is easy to forget that if you can not love yourself - you are not able to give someone a real love.

Stop asking questions that you can easily find answers on their own - for example, that you have to cook for dinner, and if you should change jobs. Of course, you have to discuss important decisions together, but at the same time you should not wait for someone else's approval to change their lives for the better. Any relationship needs independence of both partners and the air between them, so watch out for so that you do not lose their identity in this love.

5. Write down the emotions

Analyze your self-esteem by writing regularly, how do you feel after specific events. Sender cashier can lift your mood? A praise from the head? And how much weight has the approval of the partner? Replace the question "why am I so unsure of herself?" To "how do I succeed in what brings me confidence?". Converts the negative thoughts to action, and it will be your main strategy to combat doubts.

6. surround themselves with supportive atmosphere

Even the most outgoing have a number only a few people who fully understand them. These friends and family truly love and want to be there - so why not increase the amount of time that you spend together? Whenever you feel unstable, - call, or arrange a meeting with their loved ones, to gain strength, even if you have no more than 5 minutes of time.

7. Learn to value yourself

Every time you feel insecure, you focus on the feeling of what you are missing. Try to remember the most about you is important to your company, for your circle of friends, for your family, and even to its subscribers in the blog. Remember that all people have different qualities, and when you're not alone - you can complement each other. Take into account their contribution to this world and Appreciate what you do.