5 paranoid thoughts, which are not to be trusted

Paranoia - a disorder of thought, which is usually a symptom of a mental illness. But obsessive negative thoughts can occur in any healthy person in a period of depression and self-doubt. Here are a few toxic beliefs that can not be trusted.

1. People are kind only when they want something from me,

5 paranoid thoughts, which are not to be trusted

Nobody can be polite to me for a reason. If someone treats me well, so he is hoping to get from it any benefit. For any positive actions towards me, no matter how small they are, should be treated with suspicion. People do not show attention to others without cause. Can I please somebody by itself?

Yes, we really can be particularly polite to a man, if we hope to obtain from him something - rather, it is a rule of etiquette than hypocrisy. And the fact that someone has addressed to you with the request after the companionship, does not negate the genuine sympathy towards you. Learn to believe that you deserve admiration, respect and love - this will help to stop looking for the catch in each benevolent gesture of others.

2. All hate me

5 paranoid thoughts, which are not to be trusted

The one who suffers from this idea, firmly convinced that everything, even family and partner, secretly hate him. No representation of other people do not help to believe that this is not true. As a result, people really stop talking about it and share their feelings with others, not to be for them even more annoying and unpleasant. At such moments, you can alienate the very people, believing that they are talking to you out of pity. But this only adds to the feeling of loneliness and alienation, reinforcing the idea that no one likes you. The idea that everything can hate a person, it sounds absurd, especially if that person - not a serial killer or a maniac. When you overcome such thoughts, try to rationalize them: ask yourself whether the other people a real reason to treat you with hostility, as manifested in their behavior. Abstracted from the assessments and facts look - it will help to look at the situation adequately.

3. I will never be good enough

Such thoughts often pursue perfectionists: no matter what they do, it is never enough to really start to respect yourself. They always feel that your age must have been great. When the new opportunities before them, they ignore them, paralyzed by fear of failure.

Instead of spending hours to reflect on what you should have said or done, say to yourself that I did everything I could in that situation and in those circumstances. What exactly it is impossible for those who always dissatisfied with himself - to stop. Just keep working, striving to be better, but do not concentrate on what you do not always succeed.

4. My partner would be happier without me

5 paranoid thoughts, which are not to be trusted

This obsession often occurs after quarrels or accusations from the guy, though at times for her there is no reason at all - only a sense of worthlessness. People with mental or physical disabilities often perceive themselves as a burden to the family or partner. But the truth is that the world is not so much perfectly healthy in all respects people. Almost every family has a problem, and it does not mean that the partners are not happy. The best way to opt out of these thoughts - stop decisions for a partner. You can not know what he thinks and feels as if you did not want. Leave him the right choice, and while this choice - to be with you.

5. I can never make the right decision

Another toxic thought that plagues the lives of many of us - my choice will always be wrong. My actions will always lead to failure or, at least, not for the better result. All the bad things that happen in life - also the result of my wrong choice.

This conviction deprives a person of faith, he is afraid to take responsibility for their lives and are constantly looking for someone to throw it. Try to get used to mistakes - part of any experience, and the fact that you can not always be right - not a reason to transfer the management of your life in someone else's hands.