The youngest monarch, Queen of the most stylish: you need to know about the Spanish royal family

global media attention, including Heroine magazine, often attracts the British royal family. However, the life of modern monarchs in other countries is no less interesting. Today will tell what you need to know about the Spanish King Philip IV and his family. Spoiler: scandals and intrigue in her far more than the British throne.

The King of Spain - the youngest reigning monarch in Europe

June 2, 2014, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said that His Majesty King Juan Carlos renounce the throne in favor of his son Prince Felipe. After two and a half weeks on the throne of Spain went up 46-year-old Felipe named Philip IV. He became the youngest monarch in Europe by moving from this place the King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander. And these records Felipe did not stop.

Philip IV is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest monarch in the world - its growth 1, 97 meters. In 1993, People magazine included him in the list of the most handsome men in the world where the Spanish king side by side with Tom Cruise, and the German player Lothar Matthäus. In its 51 Don Felipe is in excellent shape.

Despite the image of restrained, conservative monarch, in 5 years the Board Philip managed to do a lot of steps to ensure that the lives of the royal family meet modern realities. He became the first Spanish governor who accepted and recognized LGBT organization in the palace. Earlier, his father Juan Carlos legalized same-sex marriage in the country.

Another important step for the modern monarch, who went to Philip, - change the oath protocol so that people can take it without the Bible and the crucifix.

After becoming king, Philip cut his salary

Philip took the country in difficult times - Spain torn by separatist sentiment and the economic crisis. He could not stay away from the financial problems in the country and in 2015 cut his salary by 20%. In addition, the king forbade his immediate family to work for private companies to take expensive gifts and decided to publish all revenues and expenditures of the royal family on the Internet.

According to official sources, the Spanish taxpayers spend on the content of the monarchs of $ 9 million per year. This figure seems insignificant when you look at the British royal family costs - $ 58 million per year.

Philip's desire to reduce the cost of the royal family and make them as transparent due not only to the crisis in the country, but also the fall of confidence in the Spanish monarchs from citizens. Previous King Juan Carlos has been implicated in several corruption scandals, and the sister of Philip Christina and her husband accused of large-scale fraud.

The current monarch so far managed not only to preserve his reputation unblemished, but also to win the love of his subjects - his rating is much higher than that of Juan Carlos, convicted of adultery and large financial expenditure.

Philip's wife - the first dilution of the Queen of Spain

The announcement of the engagement of Prince of Asturias Felipe and Leticia Ortiz Rokasolano journalist in 2003 was a complete surprise for all - their relationship is kept in the strictest confidence. Leticia has become the first Spanish queen who had previously been married. In 1999 she married a school teacher of literature, which met 10 years, and divorced a year after the wedding.

The youngest monarch, Queen of the most stylish: you need to know about the Spanish royal family The youngest monarch, Queen of the most stylish: you need to know about the Spanish royal family

Laetitia likes to dress in Zara and Mango

For the queen Leticia its fame as the most stylish representative of the monarchist family in Europe. She often violates a court dress code even during official events, and even on vacation almost completely abandons him. Despite the fact that many dear wife in the wardrobe of the Spanish monarch, the status of things, it is known for the love of democratic brands, for example, Zara and Mango. In them, she can not hesitate to appear even on an important reception.

Leticia often use the same images for different activities, which corresponds to the actual date of reasonable consumption concept.

Now the main pretender to the Spanish throne - Princess Leonor

The youngest monarch, Queen of the most stylish: you need to know about the Spanish royal family

According to the law the throne of Spain transmitted through the male line. Now, however, the King Philip's two daughters - 14-year-old Infanta Leonor and 13-year-old Infanta Sofia. Leonor is the heir to the Spanish throne. She has performed with the first official speech at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid the day of his 13th birthday. Sometimes she and her sister can be seen traveling abroad with their parents and at official events.