7 things that can be learned from loneliness

Each of us has his relationship with loneliness: for some, it is an unpleasant feeling of uselessness and helplessness, for others - a conscious desire and a way to supplement their own resources. If the prospect to stay in isolation from the people makes you uncomfortable, it is necessary to get to know this state and see what benefits you can derive from it. Heroine will tell you what can be learned only when he was alone with him.

1. It can help build a more conscious relationship with itself

7 things that can be learned from loneliness

Staying truly alone with itself - without access to the internet, books and other ways to take the head - we meet with its most profound and at times unpleasant thoughts and emotions. In part they do loneliness so difficult. However, recognizing the complex emotions and feelings, asking the tough questions, you can learn more about themselves and build a more trusting and comfortable relationship with the most important person in your life.

At such moments are born feelings, which are essential for the harmonious development of personality - acceptance, self-love, self-care. When everyone else briefly appear in the background, it's time to see who you are, and to understand their values.

2. To teach you not hesitate to contact the people

7 things that can be learned from loneliness

Some time spent in isolation, oddly enough, can make you bolder. Use your sense of loneliness as the motivation to learn how to treat other people. Rather than suffer from the fact that all you have left, and think about who is to blame, do not hesitate to take the initiative and say to someone: "I'm lonely, maybe go somewhere?". Loneliness - is not your fault and the objective condition in which you end up in the moment. It should not be ashamed. When you honestly tell others about what you feel, then you give them the opportunity to help you. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable.

3. Stop afraid to be the one

If prolonged separation from the people makes you uncomfortable - it's not a reason to avoid being alone, but on the contrary, often it provided. Usually we try to escape from this state - to scroll the tape of social networks, to include the show, call someone, but would not experience these disturbing emotions.

According to the therapist Kristen Martinez, loneliness will learn to feel comfortable in dealing with uncertainty and anxiety. When anxiety gets the upper hand, she advises to remind yourself: "I'm fine", do a few deep breaths and let go of negative thoughts. With constant time in the privacy practices no longer be so frightening.

4. Enjoy the things that make you happy

In solitude, there is one undeniable advantage: you can be yourself. Put on your favorite pajamas, or opt out of the clothes look stupid comedy instead Intelligent Transfer, is there anything like half a day to spend in the bathroom.

Use your time alone as another opportunity to take care of yourself. Think of it as a gift, not a punishment, and be grateful for what you have the opportunity to be in seclusion.

7 things that can be learned from loneliness

5. Change your attitude towards people

When there is a feeling of loneliness, it is easy to feel trapped. Start to blame yourself, thinking that you're no use to anybody, feeling sorry for myself. But if you ignore the negative thoughts that can be quite different to look at what is happening around you. A person suffering from loneliness, can find a lot of opportunities to feel it necessary, and at the same time to bring someone good. For example, to go to an animal shelter or join a public event on the improvement of the city. Left alone, you can see what is happening outside your usual environment and change their attitude to many things.

6. Open your creative side

7 things that can be learned from loneliness

Solitude - the best time for inspiration. Assistant professor of psychology at Wilmington College of Virginia Thomas calls loneliness key element for creativity and spiritual contemplation.

But it is difficult to think about self-expression, when experiencing negative emotions, so psychologists are advised to first deal with the discomfort that you cause social isolation. This can also be done in a creative way, for example, wrote in his diary, that loneliness, write a story about it or draw it on the picture for you. Such practices often help heal and learn to share your feelings with others.

7. Meditate and be careful

Staying alone allows us to reflect on his own inner experience. Check what emotions do you feel right now and why, note that you do not have enough right now, what you're thinking. Being alone with him without trying to avoid this condition - good practice mindfulness.