7 royal outfits that are more important than you think

The British royal family is known for the strict dress code. Posing for an official portrait, while on a business trip or recreational activities, they are often dressed conservatively and concisely. However, even in highly regulated etiquette they leave yourself a chance to report their clothes important messages to the public. Tells how the royal outfits are becoming a serious public, and not just a fashionable statement.

1. Queen Elizabeth Wedding Dress

7 royal outfits that are more important than you think

The royal family at all times have access to the best designers and an impressive budget. Bride of royal families are exposed to additional pressure: see them and, unfortunately, are judged by millions of people, not just the guests who came to the celebration. They have the privilege effectively and adequately represent the royal family - and Queen Elizabeth II at the time well to cope with it.

According to the author of books about the royal wedding dresses Joanna Marschner, November 20, 1947 was the future Queen of the aisle, dressed not only in a beautiful dress, but a dress, symbolizing hope. While the country was recovering from the Second World War, and it is still operated card system. Elizabeth was given an additional 100 coupons to buy fabric for the dress. The princess came in stunningly beautiful dress embroidered with spring flowers, which tells people about the revival of the country.

2. "revenge dress" Princess Diana

7 royal outfits that are more important than you think

Prince Charles and Diana separated in 1992, but the two remained married and continued to perform royal obligations. In June 1994, she was to appear on the Vanity Fair party just after Charles publicly admitted infidelity. Initially, the output from the outfit Valentino, but Princess Diana decided to change plans was chosen. Royal violating the dress code, she appeared in public in a spectacular short black dress with a neckline by Christina Stambolian.

Diana made sure that accessories were also chosen symbolic. It complemented the dress with pearl choker with a big blue sapphire. The decoration was made by its order of brooches that Charles gave her a wedding.

3. Attire Elizabeth II at the wedding of Harry and Megan

7 royal outfits that are more important than you think

The Queen of Britain is known to love bright colors. In the documentary film "Our Queen in 90 years" (Our Queen At 90) daughter Elizabeth II Sophie, Countess of Wessex, said that the Queen wears flashy shades to its all noticed and everyone can say: "I saw the queen."

At the wedding of Prince Harry and Queen Meghan Markle has appeared in the company colors of the Joker: neon-green with purple accents. According to the author of the book "The Psychology of color today," June McLeod, green worn as a sign of respect, but also a symbol of growth and renewal. Purple - is "proud" color, which symbolizes purification.

4. Kate Middleton Dress Poppy

7 royal outfits that are more important than you think

On the eve of the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, accompanied by Princes William and Harry visited the Sunken Garden. One of the sites was filled with white flowers in memory of the late Princess.

Kate came in an elegant green dress from Prada with long sleeves, high collar and poppy print. Poppy flowers - the most significant detail of the dress. In Britain, red poppies - a symbol of remembrance and hope, including the positive and peaceful future. These colors are often worn in honor of fallen soldiers, but the Duchess of Cambridge decided to honor thus the memory of her husband's mother.

5. Wedding Veils Meghan Markle

7 royal outfits that are more important than you think

At the wedding Meghan Markle chose a very succinct dress, but her veil was an important statement. Ms. Markle wished to accompany her to the ceremony, all 53 countries of the Commonwealth of Nations - a voluntary association of sovereign states, which includes the United Kingdom and nearly all of its former dominions, protectorates and colonies.

Seamstresses Paris studio working on a 5-meter veil of almost 500 hours. 53 flower embroidered on the canvas, each corresponding to one of the Commonwealth countries. Megan also added to two favorite flower: acokanthera that grows close to Kensington Palace, and California Poppy - the state flower of California, where I came from Markle. In addition, the veil wheat ears were depicted, symbolizing love and mercy.

A reference to the Commonwealth was very important for the future Duchess of Sussex: after the wedding, the Commonwealth has become a central part of the official work of Harry and Megan.

6. Princess Wedding Dress Eugenia

7 royal outfits that are more important than you think

The sixth granddaughter, Elizabeth II, Princess Eugenie of York on their wedding made her dress bodipozitivnoe statement in October last year. Before the ceremony, she hinted in an interview that he could put on a dress with a low back - so she would stand up for young people who, like her, have scars.

The fact that a child princess underwent surgery on his back, after which left a long scar on the nape of the neck to the shoulder blades. As Eugene said: I think that you can change the beauty, and you can show people his scars.

Princess remained true to his words and the wedding day came in a charming dress with a low back and collected in the hair hair.

7. Green Dress Kate BAFTA-2018

7 royal outfits that are more important than you think

Sometimes the person wearing the royal attire to make a statement, and sometimes, on the contrary - not to be done. So did Kate Middleton appeared at the ceremony a BAFTA-2018 in a dark green dress. On this day, some of the actors and actresses put on the celebration of black in protest against harrasmenta.

Many have criticized the then Duchess, but her act is quite clear: the royal family should remain strictly neutral in political matters - is a strict rule for its members. Wearing a black outfit, Kate automatically, as it supported the movement of Time's Up, while she was supposed to keep a polite neutrality.