5 of emotional problems, which will help to cope Tapping

Psychologists say with confidence that all the problems of the nerves. Inability to manage emotions prevent us from enjoying life, socializing with family and achieve their goals, and at the same time - a negative impact on health.

Together with an expert on emotional balance Alexander Gerus Heroine tell what Tapping, how it works and what emotional problems helps to cope.

What is Tapping?

5 of emotional problems, which will help to cope Tapping

Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Techniques (Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT method), - a special therapy for emotion management, during which removed the blocks with the body's energy meridians. He developed it in 1995, an American engineer, a graduate of Stanford University, Gary Craig, laying the basis for treatment of mental fields Roger Callahan. Tapping on the Effects similar to the Chinese acupressure, but instead of pressing to solve a specific problem using tapping his fingers on the energy points.

With Tapping can be learned quickly relieve stress and tension, heavy feelings, fears, negative subconscious programs and even physical pain. In addition, meridian tapping and phrases-installation eliminate the lack of confidence, which in turn prevents us bring to life what we want: finances, career success, happy love. Here are some common emotional problems that can be solved using this technique:

1. Resentment

Resentment - one of the deepest and most painful experiences. In fact, it's the same aggression, only directed inward. It arises from the mismatch of our expectations imposed on others. If something is not on the script, we feel alone, we become suspicious and insecure. Stuck in reproaches, we hoard a backbreaking load and for the most part live in the past, giving way to the future. The dangerous: to live in insult - like drinking a poison that slowly destroys you from the inside. It is important to understand that people are not perfect, have the right to mistakes and basically anything you should not. The ability to forgive and to get rid of self-imposed experiences - the first step on the way to a happy life, self-acceptance and mature solutions.

2. Guilt

5 of emotional problems, which will help to cope Tapping

Psychologists say that a sense of guilt - evidence of a healthy psyche. It is this emotion is responsible for the opportunity to distinguish good from bad. Guilt is forcing us to be more attentive and sensitive, he makes excuses for their negativity of their actions, or broken promises.

What is dangerous: It is important to be able to distinguish the real from the imaginary guilt, otherwise it will quickly turn into a meaningless condemnation itself. If you submit to his strict requirements, we can not keep up with such a high bar given, and attitude to itself becomes noticeably worse.

3. The fear of loneliness

Fear of being alone, or autophobia, - serious, but not always clearly aware of the mental disorder. Psychologists say that one of the first signs of a phobia - a sense of discomfort when left alone with him. But not only autophobia may feel dislike loneliness. Painful reaction, even on a short-term separation from a loved one shows total unwillingness to accept themselves and the need to fill the space with other people.

What is dangerous: fear of loneliness can occur at any age and for a variety of reasons: lack of emotional connection with parents, communication difficulties, a total lack of confidence, a painful break with a partner or the rapid formation of affection. The worst thing - that autophobia willing to endure any inconvenience, but would not be alone. Think that with myself in you so terrible, unpleasant, or shame that you can not spend time.

4. Envy of girlfriends

5 of emotional problems, which will help to cope Tapping

Envy - Invisible Wall of China, which can occur even between close friends. The next promotion at work, or the ability to draw beautifully - the reason for the anger and frustration can be any, even the most insignificant success. However envious seeing only the tip of the success, without thinking about how much effort spent to reach it.

What is dangerous: envy is destructive, but it can not be avoided, if you constantly compare yourself, your achievements and successes with other people. Furthermore, since not a long time, and left without close friends, alone with his uncertainty and doubt. Remember, joy for others' mistakes will not make you better, and the only person you need to beat - it's you yourself.

5. Love relationship

Love relationship - not the worst, but definitely prevents live a busy life. The main reason for love addiction - lack of self-love and, consequently, its expectations from others. In any relationship balance is important, feelings should not become an obsession and deny self. If you do not feel the support, care and respect from your partner, it makes no sense to continue the relationship, if the problem is in you - will have to be removed from the partner responsible for their feelings and understand themselves.

What is dangerous: total control over the beloved, a constant battle for attention, excessive flexibility - in such a relationship to maintain harmony impossible. Care partner in such cases scares more than an unhappy relationship.

5 of emotional problems, which will help to cope Tapping

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