7 things that can tell the smell of your body

Body odor may suggest not only that it's time you take a shower, but also tell a lot of other information about your health and lifestyle. Here's what you can tell by the way you smell.

1. Do you eat foods that trigger the smell of

7 things that can tell the smell of your body

It is not about garlic or smoked fish, and about less obvious provocateurs odor. For example, broccoli, cauliflower and other plants, which belong to their family, can affect body odor due to sulfur content. It accumulates in the body and then excreted in the sweat. To reduce the influence of these vegetables to the smell of sweat, the researchers recommend to cook them in salted water. Another way - to drink milk after eating.

Among other products, which can affect the way you smell, red meat and alcohol. If, after a stormy party your sweat smells wrong, as usual, it's ok - the body takes a pair of alcohol through the skin. The more intense you will sweat, the sooner you get rid of the unpleasant effects of alcohol consumption.

2. The body is unable to process certain substances

7 things that can tell the smell of your body

To affect how a person smells can be a metabolic disorder, such as diabetes, renal failure, or liver problems. In all of these cases, because of a failure in the normal operation of the organism certain substances released into the pot, and do not split. For example, a person with diabetes have problems with processing glucose, so his breathing becomes sweet smell. In renal insufficiency, the pot gets urea, and in liver failure - matantiol (which smell like rotten cabbage). All these substances smell differently, and this can be used as a tool for diagnosis. If you notice a change in its smell, which occurred suddenly and persist for a long time, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

3. Do you feel stress

Stress causes us to sweat not like exercise or normal heat. In humans, two types of sweat glands: eccrine - used for cooling the body and basically just putting out the water that does not smell, and apocrine - they are almost not involved in thermoregulation, but react to stress. Sweat, apocrine glands that secrete usually viscous and very strong smell due to destruction of the secretory cells. So unpleasant smell after a tense meeting - your body's reaction to the increased stress.

4. Take medicines that trigger sweating

Sweating and, consequently, increased malodor may be a side effect of certain drugs. His cause many pain killers, antidepressants, hormones and heart medications. If you are taking any medication, be ready for possible problems with the scent.

7 things that can tell the smell of your body

5 passes through hormonal changes

Fluctuations in hormones can affect your emotional state, physical well-being and increase sweating. In life, there are many stages at which we experience hormonal imbalance: adolescence, premenopausal and menopause, and pregnancy. If you're on any of these steps, excessive sweating - a common occurrence. But if not, you should check if everything is OK with your hormones.

6. There are problems with the thyroid gland

Another disease, the symptoms of which are excessive sweating and heat intolerance, is autoimmune in nature. This is Graves 'disease, also called Graves' disease or Grave's disease. With this disorder, the thyroid gland begins to secrete excess thyroid hormones, which leads to poisoning by these hormones.

Most often this disease occurs between 30 and 50 years, and in women it occurs 8 times more often than men. The exact causes of diffuse toxic goiter is still uninstalled. There is evidence that in his appearance plays a role of genetic factors, but there are no studies that can confirm it reliably.

7. Sometimes the smell can be said about the rare disease

7 things that can tell the smell of your body

If the smell is not just unpleasant or intense, but frankly bizarre, it may indicate a genetic disease - Trimethylaminuria. The disease is rare, but with a pronounced symptom: an odor resembling fish from the patient's body. The person can not feel it, but the surrounding notice, so this disorder creates a lot of psychological problems.

"Fishy odor syndrome" causes the accumulation in the body of trimethylamine. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms usually recommended to observe certain diet, sometimes prescribed for the treatment of regular intake of activated carbon or of small doses of antibiotics.