Michael Ballack: biography, personal life, football career and photo player

Football genius of the German province, representing the German team with the best hand on the turn of the millennium. Biography Michael Ballack has interesting club and personal achievement, as well as a rich career in the national team with the captain's armband.

Childhood and adolescence

Michael was born in the small town of Görlitz, which is close to Poland. He followed in his father's footsteps, because he is a professional footballer. For example, a boy aged 7 years begins to train in FC "Chemnitz", where on the football field, giving all their strength. Desires and aspirations envy any adult, it is only the road on every favorite sport took a few hours to one side. For coaches, he was one of the hopes of the club.

Michael Ballack: biography, personal life, football career and photo player

The young man appeared at the youth level up to the age of nineteen, after which representatives of the native group "Chemnitzer FC" was offered a professional contract. Ballack came in the first match of the second season of the Bundesliga, having in the game, on the field of 15 meetings in the league and 1 in the Cup of the country. But poor results were sent to the regional division structure. With the season 96/97 young talent and start to reveal their abilities, having spent 35 matches and scoring 10 goals. Playing at an early age as a midfielder, thanks to the excellent conduct, the stadium, receives a call in the youth team. changes also take place in the club world, because of the talent of watching head coach of FC "Kaiserslautern" Otto Rehhagel.

The first league title

The player has signed a new contract on favorable terms. But the first season is not specified in the new team, although in an interview with the head coach has repeatedly pointed out the quality of the game in a good context. Michael Ballack - robust and uncompromising, but also tall and strong figure on the field, but the 16 matches in the league is not enough for the ambitious young man. He had a strained relationship with Otto, but still at the club he won the Bundesliga, having caught the first major trophy.

Michael Ballack: biography, personal life, football career and photo player

In the second year Rehhagel all abilities midfielder started to use to the fullest. Michael lived a wonderful game year after spending matches not only in the national championship and the German Cup, but the Champions League. That part of it was not a permanent position, and it is often a substitute, so our hero is dreaming of moving to a more suitable team for him. Of course, at such a young and promising player followed the proposal. During the lengthy and difficult negotiations player in possession of the "Bayer" Leverkusen.

"Bayer 04"

In the first year of being in the camp of the "Lions" football player Michael Ballack gets sverhpoleznym for the team. He quickly fit into the style and tactics of the game club, becoming one of the leaders. In his interview with a German to thank head coach Christoph Daum, because, according to him, only a flair mentor was the transformation of the budding young and promising midfielder in a professional. On your favorite items, the hero of all eyes riveted on the stadium bleachers and TV screens to him. It so happened that due to injury he missed the start of the first competition of the year for leverkuzentsev, which start in the championship and European Cup failed. But only to receive medical treatment, he showed incredible skill of handling the ball and the game vision in general throughout the season.

Showing fantastic attacking football, "Bayer" went to the championship, but fate played a cruel joke. "Pharmacists" in the last round was enough to play a draw against underdogs division, but has become an anti-hero Ballack after scoring an own goal. No matter how eager "lions" in the attack, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Having conceded two goals, they were awarded silver medals. Thus, the most humiliating moment that an equal number of points on additional indicators snatched gold FC "Bayern" from Munich.

Michael Ballack: biography, personal life, football career and photo player

Season 2000/01 for "Pharmacists" was a failure because of the famous scandal with the head coach. For example, team play rough, and in particular Michael, brought only the 4th place in the standings at the end of the season. About trophies then and did not have to think, and absenteeism from the Champions League group stage has knocked down many from the will to win. With the arrival of new coach Klaus Toppmellera who prefers attacking football, smart features and qualities as a midfielder at the German multiplied. He prefers to attack, scoring 17 goals in the Bundesliga.

Silver medals club scored enough, apparently, bad luck pursued the "Bayer". All endure on their way to the European Cup, we lost to Madrid "Real" in the final, becoming the vice-champions. So, in the final confrontation against "Schalke 04" remains unsettled (Michael dismissed), "released from the hands of" Cup of Germany. A constant championship with a difference of 1 point passed forward "Borussia" Dortmund is already at the final turn. For our hero is ripe new shuttle transition.


When the main dominant club of the country aims to select "tidbit" in its direct rivals, it is difficult to resist. Done deal, terms of which satisfy as a football player with the manager and the club. In his debut, he won the national championship, but as part of the Bavarians failed in the Champions League draw.

Michael Ballack: biography, personal life, football career and photo player

Michael Ballack goals continue to delight its fans, hitting goalies precise strikes 15 times. But he did not like the playbook and responsibilities assigned Ottmar Hitzfeld. Expressed his opinion very sharply, the player received a fine. In general, the midfielder holds 4 full season for the "Bavaria", while collecting a whole collection of trophies home country. The main achievement was the personal rewards, which he was honored three times. Many compatriots would like to earn the title of best player in Germany.


Michael Ballack throws a new challenge for himself. This time Albion he prepared a place at the heart of London "Chelsea". For "blue" midfielder rather reliably and consistently spends time at the usual place for themselves, eventually becoming one of the leaders of the team. All seasons he always went into the basis of spending in each of not less than 40 meetings on the basis of the game of the year. Only in 2007/08, he was given less playing time because of injuries.

Michael Ballack: biography, personal life, football career and photo player

Under the leadership of Carlo Ancelotti "retired" take the Premier League in England, where the huge contribution made Michael. Perfect harmony with the style of coach Jose Mourinho, Ballack in the "seniors" took the FA Cup and Carling Cup. Again, great passing of the Champions League cup draw 2007/08, but a shame that on penalties conceded, "Manchester United", where the midfielder scored the penalty for the first "blue". Let us not forget the German temper, due to which it was not possible to reach consensus on extending the contract. The reason was the difference in conditions between the leadership of the club and the player's agent.

Returning to the "Bayer"

Free agent Ballack returns to Leverkusen. Signed June 25, 2010, he could not really play out in his native club, a fractured tibia. After recovering from a serious injury, experienced players helped again on the podium, "Bayer", costing Munich "Bavaria" in the regular season and gave a stubborn "Borussia" great Jurgen Klopp.

Michael Ballack: biography, personal life, football career and photo player

Further, in the drawing shown 2011/2012 well itself, but had less possession. The player knew that their position is inferior to younger teammates. Having taken a difficult decision, he retired at the age of 36 years, though, it may be a continuation of performances in the United States or Australia. The famous champion beautiful and dignified left the field, having spent in the best tradition of a farewell match.

A career in the national team

In the national team, our hero shone from a young age, and the first meeting of the core team was held in 1999. At Euro 2000 he went not to the full game, where the team failed miserably. And at the 2002 World Cup silver medals were won where the player went 8 times to fight for the honor of the country. Silver was mined at the European Championship in 2008, as well as two bronze medals: in the Confederations Cup in 2005 and the 2006 World Cup.

Michael Ballack: biography, personal life, football career and photo player

Michael was ready to fight at the 2010 World Cup, but the injury is not allowed to go to South Africa. For a long time the master came out proudly, but passed his "powers" Philip Lama in 2010, to finish his career in the national team. In general, I like to call it a failure finals. Think about it, how much was the final meeting at the club level and for the state.

Some statistics

Summing up a career, paying attention to the statistics of Michael Ballack. Few can boast conducted 583 matches in a career, having won the gates of the enemy 145 times. And in the national team it was a little less than 100 outlets for the "heads" when scored 42 balls.

Michael Ballack: biography, personal life, football career and photo player

Such versatile players who have time to help in defense and attack, not so much. To mark the centenary of FIFA was established list of the top 125 players who lived at that time. The matter was entrusted to the legendary Pele, who included it in our hero.

Personal life Michael Ballack

For a long time footballer he lived in a civil marriage, then married officially, but in 2012 the couple divorced. Wife of Michael Ballack was Simon Lambo. The couple have three children together: Louis, Emilio and Jordi.

Michael Ballack: biography, personal life, football career and photo player

After the divorce, Lovelace had affairs with beauties from around the world. Among them: Ekaterina Leonova and Natasha Tannu. With the girl in the photo, Michael Ballack always looks amazing.