11 life hacking to combat obesity

No matter how you love your body, extra folds on the abdomen and thighs can be an unpleasant piece, from which it would be desirable to get rid of as quickly as possible. Extreme dieting and surgery - not the best solution for your physical and mental health, but you can create your own program, which will help you to quickly and easily get rid of excess weight. Heroine shares simple ways to accelerate the burning of excess fat in your body.

Do not skip breakfast

11 life hacking to combat obesity

Morning - the most hectic part of the day, but the main problem is that you need to do, is a good breakfast. Only 300-400 calories for breakfast can speed up your metabolism usually slows down after sleeping. Choose cereals with high fiber, no sugar, but with milk - to quickly start the digestive system and gain strength for the whole day.

to give preference to protein

To constantly feel satiated - you should increase the protein content in their diet. It encourages the body secrete pancreatic polypeptide, is responsible for the feeling of fullness in the body. In addition, protein speeds up the metabolism - and, therefore, the fat will be burned faster.

Add to their breakfast, lunch and dinner, eggs, dairy products, fish and pulses - and it is will significantly increase your chances of getting rid of unwanted wrinkles.

Eat more fiber

11 life hacking to combat obesity

Foods rich in fiber will help you maintain a sense of longer satiety. They can also reduce the amount of calories it takes your body, and this generally reduces total fat content in the body. One need only 10 grams, to see the result. That's how much fat is contained in popular products:

  • potato cup - 3 years
  • one apple - 4 of
  • a cup of artichokes - 10 g

You can also focus on the content of the products specified on the packaging, in order to calculate how much food you should consume each day.

Give up sugar

Most sugary foods contain trans fats, which only reinforce the feeling of hunger. The less you'll eat them - the longer you will not want to supplement for dinner. If your language is not enough sweetness, use artificial sweeteners, erythritol or add more fruit.

Change sunflower oil in the coconut

11 life hacking to combat obesity

It is not necessary to abandon any fried foods, if you like crisp. But if you want to speed up the metabolism, it makes sense to change the sunflower oil for frying in the coconut. It does not accumulate in the body and has a significant benefit to your overall vitality.

Avoid stress

The more nervous you situation around - the more your body produces cortisol. It increases your appetite, so you'll consume much more than usual. Add to my schedule walks, Teach a few asanas, or try to write down all your fears in a diary - even these minute action can be an excellent way to prevent an increase in cortisol.

Drink green tea

Another important factor to speed up metabolism - the use of green tea. If you drink it at least three times a day, it can speed up your metabolism by 4%, ie at least 60 calories per day. It does not need to exercise or waive the pleasant things - so use this method as a new pleasant habit.

Give up refined carbohydrates

11 life hacking to combat obesity

Remember that not all carbohydrates are equally harmful for your body. Just enough to reduce the amount of pasta, white rice and bread, in order to see the effect in a couple of weeks. Replace them with whole grains, legumes and vegetables, at the same time opening up new interesting recipes.

Watch what you drink

Alcoholic beverages high in calories, even if you do not realize. In addition, they slow down the metabolism, and thus stimulate the body to store more fat. Friday change their habits if you think you can have fun and no harm to its own figures.

Control the level of iron

11 life hacking to combat obesity

The lower the content of iron in your body, the less oxygen is supplied to the cells, and therefore, the metabolism difficult. To the body it easier to burn fat, you need to consume at least 18 milligrams of iron a day - it usually means there are few iron-rich foods every day. The list includes nuts, red meat and poultry, so it is not so difficult to achieve the desired performance.

Get enough sleep

If you're constantly not getting enough sleep, you gain weight with high probability. To start losing weight, you need to sleep at least 7 hours per day, so consider how you can rearrange your schedule. Give up the evening views serials, thoroughly ventilate the bedroom and do not try to delay the rise of begging in his own alarm clock five minutes and sleep.

What are you doing to keep yourself in good shape?