How to self-assemble home grouboks

How to self-assemble home grouboks

Have grouboks apartment wants more and more people, because we live in Russia, and the climate in most regions of our country is far from ideal. But not all are suitable for ready grouboksy, especially those who have long been engaged in the cultivation of plants. In this article we will explain how to build a home grouboks based on ingredients found in our online store GrowMama. So here's what to do:

Step 1

How to self-assemble home grouboks

Choose groutent. Ready to cost you in the amount of 5 thousand rubles. It is also possible to assemble a homemade grouboks chipboard or plywood with a reflective material on the inside and two compartments: for large and small plants for equipment. Dimensions 60x60x120 be enough to grow two plants of medium size.

Step 2

Plug lights. It is best to choose LED lamps, as they quickly warm up and do not emit UV. HPS lamps are suitable and which are particularly effective with the electronic ballast system. It provides stable operation of lamps and protects them from network failures and power surges, as well as save energy.

Step 3

How to self-assemble home grouboks

design the ventilation. Suitable computer coolers and special fans for grouboksov. One of the fans can be connected to automation, which will be connected to the lighting system.

Also on the sides grouboksa need to install a few fans, they will blow the plants to protect them from overheating and for proper growth.

Step 4

Replace the filter ventilation to prevent ingress of harmful substances and odor grouboks exit groutenta. In simple carbon that trap odors effectively can be used as filters.

Step 5

How to self-assemble home grouboks

Plug all of these systems to automation, which will be scheduled turn on and off lighting, ventilation and watering (if you connect it separately). It should also be connected to system automation light power meter, measuring moisture level and thermo tripping device.

Step 6

Bring out the automation system on the wall grouboksa and close technical compartment. It is desirable to seal the technical compartment to prevent ingress of moisture to the electrical circuit.

Here you are gathered, though primitive, but it is a working system in which to grow plants.

In the online store GrowMama has everything you need for self-assembly grouboksa: groutenty, lighting, ventilation, and more. If you do not know that it is better to choose for your grouboksa, the guys from the GrowMama prompt and help you choose the best option. Also in the store there and ready grouboksy example HomeBox 60x60x120 LED KIT (45W), which costs 11,850 rubles. This is the same size option, as described in the instructions, but it cost slightly more expensive than manufactured independently. In the department of "sale" and you will find the promotional commission discounted products.

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