5 things that make sunscreen less effective

The closer the summer, the more often we repeat the main rule-care on a sunny day - be sure to use sanskrin. Even if you already are following him, not the fact that your skin is safe. The effect of sunscreen easily reduce improper application. We will talk about the mistakes that people often admit using sanskrina.

1. Wrong combines with other products for skin

5 things that make sunscreen less effective

It is important to properly combine with sanskrin's Skin means and decorative cosmetics - from that its effectiveness depends.

Sunscreen is applied strictly after moisturizing. Decorative tools - tone highlighter, powder - can be used after sanskrina, but first give him a good soak. It will take 15-20 minutes before you proceed to the make-up. Well, if in cosmetics will also be elements of sun, but remember that if you plan to stay in the sun, some decorative means with SPF enough.

Choose a sunscreen with a texture, the most suitable for your skin type. For skin prone to fat - or matting spray fluids to dry - a traditional thick cream.

2. Do not put or render all

5 things that make sunscreen less effective

Another mistake, which reduces the usefulness of sanskrina, - improper application. A recent study published in the journal PLOS ONE, reports that people miss 11% of the face when applying sunscreen. Most often, we ignore the area around the eyes, eyelids - though here the skin is particularly delicate and vulnerable. Still other places that remain without protection: the ears, neck and lips. Pumps sanskrin on the face, paying particular attention to the central part: the nose, forehead and chin. Do not forget the ears, the skin at the hairline and other exposed areas.

3. mixed with tanning

Not everyone has the patience to wait for its natural even tan, some girls tend to come to the beach is already fully prepared. In this case, it is worth remembering that the tanning and sanskrin do not mix. DHA - tanning active element, which makes the skin brown, reduces the protective properties of the cream.

Sunburns such use you may not get it, but a nasty dose of ultraviolet radiation is guaranteed.

4. You use enough sunscreen

It is important to ensure sun protection every centimeter of skin, so you should apply the tool carefully, and not just for the view. An adult will need about two teaspoons of cream to just cover the face, neck and hands.

If you plan to stay in the sun in a bathing suit - will have to spend at least two tablespoons of cream.

When using sunscreen spray is important to put it in every part of the body for a few seconds and then rubbed on the skin.

Apply sanskrin need at least 20 minutes before going outside, then the agent will have time to soak in and start acting.

5 things that make sunscreen less effective

5. Forget reapply

As with any cosmetic, sanskrin in the heat does not stay as long as we would like. Sun protection should be reapplied every two hours if you are in the sun. When it comes to beach holidays with occasional swimming, sanskrin need every time you get out of the water. Update sunscreen just as besides his skin nothing else. But if it is important to maintain a complete makeover, the problem is complicated, the more so before re-applying should ideally wash.

If you want to spend the whole day in the open air and with make-up, enjoy compact means - sun powder or spray. Cosmetics still better to minimize and use only light texture that a person "is not floated," an hour after leaving the house.

How do you protect your skin from the sun?