5 reasons to start using the menstrual cup

menstruation topic long considered taboo, but today women openly talk about their periods, women's health and hygiene products which are considered most effective. Earlier Heroine edition wrote about what a menstrual cup, how to use them and shared their impressions of their wear. Together with specialists from the online store Meluna-cup.ru we present 5 reasons for deciding to replace the pads and tampons is this hygienic product.

1. Do not harm women's health

5 reasons to start using the menstrual cup

Most pads and tampons comprise synthetic flavors to neutralize the odor of menstrual blood, which pose a serious threat to women's health. Studies show that the vagina thin and sensitive skin can easily absorb toxic substances, causing allergies, inflammation of the vaginal mucosa, cervical erosion, and yeast infections. Menstrual cup made of medical grade silicone, having antibacterial properties.

2. You can not be afraid for the flow of

5 reasons to start using the menstrual cup

Most of the girls say that the menstrual cup offers protection against leaks for 6-12 hours, while tampons and pads should be changed every 2-4 hours. While some girls may have to empty your menstrual cup to the 12-hour mark, it is still a good option for those with monthly pass profusely.

Just imagine: no more need to bring pads reserve every hour to check that everything was in order, and constantly throw into the machine dirty laundry.

3 n Save your money

Unlike sanitary towels and tampons, menstrual cup is reusable. Moreover, with proper care the service life of up to 15 years, which makes it possible not to spend every month on buying new hygiene products. The saved money can you spend on a more practical purpose, such as food, clothing, shoes, or tuition.

5 reasons to start using the menstrual cup

4. It is more environmentally friendly than pads and tampons

By switching to the menstrual cup, you can significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment. Due to the long term storage, cup utilized much less frequently and in smaller quantities than the used pads and tampons.

5. Easy to use

Menstrual cup made from soft, hypo-allergenic material which is easily inserted and, if properly positioned sealingly held within. You can easily go shopping or hiking, play sports or swim in the pool, without feeling discomfort and without fear of leakage. To get a bowl quite a bit to click on its base and reciprocating motion pull down - it is easy to come out.

5 reasons to start using the menstrual cup

Menstrual cup MeLuna brand produce in the German city of Gunzenhausen. They are made from a safe thermoplastic elastomer, so smooth, dry to the touch, easy to insert and cost less than their silicone counterparts.

brand creators took into account the features of the female body and have developed several types of bowls. For example, there is a cup for those who have shortened vaginal or uterine prolapse was observed, who is experiencing pain and discomfort from tampons whose vaginal muscles are well trained, or, on the contrary - are underdeveloped.

The site Meluna-cup.ru online store you can find detailed instructions on the use of the bowl and select the appropriate model currently based on the needs, lifestyle or vaginal structure.

And you've already tried the menstrual cup?