Why do you need to clean up their accounts in social networks

Again and again, sociologists repeat: social networks can harm our mental health. Say this is much easier than to give up. Millenialy and tsentenialy - those generations who have social networks have become a part of the image in society. We grow up, remaining, depending on the channels through which we can communicate, learn and share their thoughts. Someone may even find themselves the community that will support them - and this is a serious advantage for the psyche. Today, we understand how to apply the method of Marie Condo for your social networks, and why it should be done every millenialu.


Why do you need to clean up their accounts in social networks

KonMari method can be called when you stop, look back on what is happening around you, and think about the space that surrounds you when deciding what of it makes you happy. Think about how to organize your life on social networks, and see what really brings you a favor. It's time to remember how we focus, organize and live in a small corner of the Internet, where we place ourselves.

According to clinical psychologist Alexandra Hamlet, there are three aspects of social networks, which are undermining our mood: pressure, comparisons and drama.

The specialist determines the pressure as "feeling the need to go on vacation, just something to publish." In other words - any desire to show his life perfect, much better than it really is very week.

Drama Alexander calls the "sense of the need to say something to get back at someone or to show their toxic side." It is obvious that the Internet make it much easier than say in person. Social comparisons as psychologists call a constant desire to compare themselves and their peers in various fields, ignoring the context, who is behind the scenes. How many hours have been invested in his work? How many obstacles he had to overcome? All this becomes unimportant if you look the wrong storiz and infinitely jealous.

The effect on dopamine

Why do you need to clean up their accounts in social networks

The way you look at other people's accounts, in conjunction with how much attention you get in your - can cause mental problems. Thanks to the alert signals to the brain to release dopamine, and social networks - not the best way to stimulate its production. Of course, it is much safer than the use of psychoactive substances. But if your emotions begin to be dictated by your subscribers - if you are under application control. Unfortunately, the more developed Instagram and strength of personal brand - the sooner create a world in which the popularity, the number of likes and verification checkmark become a social currency. Ignore these changes does not make sense, but we need to adapt to them.

The practical application of

Why do you need to clean up their accounts in social networks

Purification of social networks do not necessarily fully on KonMari method, removing everything unnecessary that is not useful. If you use social networks to learn something new, to speak on the important subject or to show their work - this can be attributed to unintentional form of joy. It makes no sense to think that your whole life has luchitsya happiness, but if you give up on that at least from time to time brings you pleasure - you risk to make your life much more boring. The key to solving the problem lies in the fact to know that really helps you feel better.


If you like to read the news a certain person - to sign without a doubt. If it seems to you a good friend and colleague in his life, but his posts seem to be toxic - subscription is not required. All social platforms recently introduced the option to "mute", which allows to hide the posts from tape those people who are unpleasant to you, so that they did not know about it.

Think about what you use your account that you want to publish, and why. Imagine their accounts as a visual diary of life and write only about what you want to look after a year or two with a smile.

Why do you need to clean up their accounts in social networks

Try to give preference to subscriptions thematic accounts that remind you of your favorite hobby or a dream. Do not forget also to develop a habit that would help deal with the lack of social networks. For example, instead of just remove twitter and instagram - find such an occupation, because of which you will feel happy and not be able to find them at the time.