Checklist 6 signs superiority complex

superiority complex - the flip side of an inferiority complex, in which a person is constantly feels the lack of confidence and trying to achieve excellence in everything. Many people who have problems with self-esteem, often believe that they will not touch it - though in reality they seek to gain power over others and constantly convince themselves that may require them to attention. With our checklist you can understand, is not your superiority over others is only an illusion of the psyche.

1. Constantly comparing yourself with others

Checklist 6 signs superiority complex

Because the self-awareness of man with a superiority complex tied to the other, people are constantly comparing themselves with others. In this comparison the brain plays in their favor: he says that they are not good enough. If you just can not spend a day without comparing their achievements with other people, this may indicate a deeper problem than it seems.

2. It is difficult to admit mistakes

Those who feel that they are superior to others can not take full responsibility for what is happening, because it is contrary to their sense of self. When you are unhappy with what is actually, you can hide behind the "ideal" version of yourself, which is theoretically capable to please others. Admit their mistakes - it means the recognition that you are not perfect, as is the case with a superiority complex and more disillusionment.

Checklist 6 signs superiority complex

3. The mood is constantly changing

Due to the fact that a person with a superiority complex is constantly struggling with their conflicting personalities, he often occur mood swings. Sometimes these people feel too inhibited and this changes their behavior - so much so that the next move is difficult to predict.

4. Waiting for confirmation

A man with a superiority complex constantly waiting for the approval and confirmation of what is happening from outside sources. It feels good only when his actions surrounding the notice, and it looks like a constant search for resources that could fill the void inside. Unfortunately, only one compliment can not long maintain such a man, and he will soon again will not be pleased with himself.

Checklist 6 signs superiority complex

5. All talk only about them

People with a superiority complex may seem selfish and focused only on itself. Some people think that they have all the answers, and some even devalue the achievements of others. For example, if you tell that person about how successful you are briefed, he can answer you that during his story more people showed interest.

6. They have a sense of permissiveness

Checklist 6 signs superiority complex

superiority complex can manifest itself in the fact that people constantly claims that he has a right to certain things. It does not matter, it is about the financial, social and emotional aspects: he thinks he can constantly voice their wishes and other people are obliged to listen to them. Most often this is due to the fact that a child's parents tried to give their child a maximum of resources that he was always happy, but the causes of this syndrome may be other circumstances.

The presence of a superiority complex does not make people bad, because most often it is the result of prolonged emotional pain. To overcome the problem, it makes sense to turn to a therapist, as well as learn how to track the positive internal changes.

Do you notice this complex in themselves or their friends?