5 ways to make your daily habits greener

Heroine will talk about a few simple habits that you can embed in your life to stay healthy.

This article, we have prepared together with Coolmart, which produces hydrogen generators of water, hydrogen bottles and household water purifiers. All this is created in order to purify water from harmful impurities and enrich it with nutrients that can significantly improve our health. They ionized water, which allows to strengthen the immune system and to excrete free radicals, toxic organism and cause premature aging.

1. Do not use disposable cups

5 ways to make your daily habits greener

Thousands of paper and plastic cups in which we buy every day tea and coffee - is a disposable material, causing irreparable damage to nature and human health. Immediately after use, they are sent to a landfill, where they begin to emit methane gas into the atmosphere. At the same glasses bright colors necessarily fall into the dustbin, to begin to poison the human body. The paint composition can contain heavy metals, which will gradually destroy the bones, lungs, liver and kidneys. However, the most dangerous for the organism are considered plastic cups made of PVC, they can allocate to drink toxic phthalates, formaldehyde and bisphenol A. Once in the body, they can provoke frequent headaches, skin diseases, cancer and lead to infertility.

2. Replace conventional drinking water to hydrogen

5 ways to make your daily habits greener

The advantage of the hydrogen water is to enrich the organism molecular hydrogen - active antioxidant, launching the process of removing toxins from the body, and hence the rejuvenation and weight loss. To use it at any age. A particularly useful water of life will be for people with weak mentality, apathy and fatigue, as well as for those who live in large cities and areas with an unfavorable environment. Athletes and people leading an active lifestyle, the hydrogen added to the beverage in your diet to improve the efficiency and endurance during training and long working day. Regular use of hydrogen water improves digestion and skin, strengthen the immune system, accelerate the growth of muscles and recharge your batteries for the day.

Make a living water you can help yourself with the hydrogen generator of water, hydrogen, or a bottle of home water purifier. As you can see, not necessarily to buy it in plastic bottles, spending budget for environmental harm.

3. Buy products on the market

To feel in good shape, give up fast food, candy store, frozen meatballs, canned vegetables, and other convenience foods. To prepare useful, easily digestible food, buy fresh food at the market or can be ordered from the farmers on the eco-services. Remember that organic foods spoil faster. Do not buy too much - before you go shopping, think about how much you eat actually.

5 ways to make your daily habits greener

4. Give up the cud

Despite the apparent benefits of chewing gum, it contains a lot of sugar, trans fats, synthetic colors and fragrances, as well as its basis from the rubber - elastomer, which is used for the production of rubber. In collaboration, these substances can cause headaches, fatigue, or disrupt the digestive system. If you do not get to give it up, chew gum no more than 5 minutes, and only after a meal. Chew gum is contraindicated for pregnant women: ballast substances that enter the body through saliva, increasing the risk of a child's allergies and contribute to a decrease in immunity.

5 ways to make your daily habits greener

5. Carefully read the composition of cosmetics

Synthetic dyes and fragrances that are often present even in the composition of natural cosmetics may cause redness, burning and dryness of the skin, breathing problems or headaches. If you are sensitive to smells or certain ingredients, always read the composition, before buying a tool and apply it on your face. It is important to pay attention to the expiration date - if it comes to an end, in cosmetics is changing the chemical composition and the bacteria begin to multiply. That cosmetics are not out of order ahead of time, to comply with the storage conditions specified on the package.