The best creams: reviews

In a review of the best creams allocate appropriate shades, light textures that hide the flaws, but do not create an unnatural effect on the face, pleasant tactile sensation, efficiency and ease of application. But fit different means individually for each girl or woman. Much depends on the skin type and price categories. After all, if someone foundation for 2000 rubles - it is too expensive, the other girl will get a cosmetic that is effective and hide flaws, without harm to the skin, for any money.

The problem of choice

Immediately to orient in a variety of tonal framework, which offer cosmetics stores is difficult. Firstly, there are creams in different price categories and not always regular mass-market is much worse suites with vitamin supplements. Secondly, the means for oily, dry, oily, combined and normal skin is different. If you select the wrong - the tone will not go to naturally give yellowness, will cause too much greasy or dry up the skin. The last important question - the choice of color. Even the "right" of the previous option, high-quality tool may appear on the skin is very bad if incorrectly determine the correct shade.

Next, let's talk about those criteria tone selection and made a rating of "best foundation" for buyers reviews. Of course, in different price ranges and for different skin types. So what is it - the best foundation for the face? Reviews will help determine.

Selection criteria foundation

The cost of funds, of course, no small detail, but one only numbers on the price tag to be guided when buying a completely inadequate. You need to look at the main characteristics of the product: for any skin type is suitable, what is the texture, color, whether there are additional opportunities.

Skin Type

Reviews of the best creams confirm that a cosmetic product should be focused primarily not on the tone and skin type. Manufacturers take into account the tendency of shoppers skin, such as dry or oily. Thus, in the media for oily skin is not nutritious oils and dry - alcohol.


Tint tone must overlap with the natural skin color. Beauticians are advised to choose the cream is slightly lighter than the skin. True, there are many so-called "smart" means that after the application adapt to the natural shade.


The tone for the summer and for the winter - it's different cosmetic products. They differ primarily texture. For the warm season is better to choose light cream in the winter - with extra thick protective Tonalka. By the same token oily skin fit easy money in the form of mousses or liquid fluids, and can mask problems more dense cream.

Additional features

According to cosmetologists and reviews, the best creams (luxury, mass-market, the average price category) have more opportunities than just leveling the skin color, matting and masking problems. Funds can have a SPF-factor that protects against the damaging effect of the sun's rays, or firming and lifting effect.

The mass-market, which is not worse suites

Many women and girls are afraid to use inexpensive Tonalka, but also in the mass market has really decent money. For facial skin requires especially careful and gentle care. There are at least ten good creams that do not hit on the wallet. So, the best creams (buyers reviews and recommendations beauticians considered in rankings) on.

Better Skin by Maybelline (cost about 450 rubles)

Means with a dense texture that hides all the imperfections of the skin, traces of a sleepless night, fatigue or stress. It lies well to the skin even when the fingers applied instead of beauty blender or brush. There is a dispenser that allows to squeeze out just the right amount of product.

The best creams: reviews

"Ballet 2000" supersteady (just 80 rubles)

Domestic cosmetics is also in demand. Apply the tone easily, leaves a finishing powder effect, matting, it does not close the pores, but also hides only small flaws. What is good, the cream does not stress peeling. Reviews about this tool, make it stand out is not very pleasant smell, but it quickly disappears.

BB cream of Holika Holika (550 rubles)

Almost does not hide skin problems, but to lay down exactly, gives the skin a fresh, rested appearance and radiance. Perfect solution for a normal healthy skin type when you need to look at all 100%.

Facefinity All Day Flawless from the "Max Factor" (700 rubles)

Best foundation "Max Factor" (for reviews of shoppers) - it Facefinity All Day Flawless. Very thick tone of the effect of natural colors - unusual, but very profitable combination. Means odorless, small defects conceals fine, but for problematic skin better to look for something else.

Nude Magique Eau De Teint from "L'Oreal Paris" (500 rubles)

This, in the opinion, the best matting foundation, with maximum light. Per use is enough only a few drops of that very sparingly.

Stay Matte But Not Flat (500 rubles)

Foundation of praise NYX makeup artists and beauticians, because apart from the natural alignment of the skin tone, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin throughout the day. Another advantage - an affordable cost.

Pure Nude by Essence (290 rubles)

Light cream that moisturizes and naturally looks. If the skin without obvious shortcomings, it is a means fit perfectly. In addition, it is actually the cheapest imported tonalnik in the mass market, but very good.

The best creams: reviews

SS-cream from Vivienne Sabo (420 rubles)

It combines toning and diligent care as it contains useful extracts, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid - a very good squad. Cream adapts to skin tone looks good on her, but did not hide the serious problems in the form of, for example, age spots.

Match Perfection Foundation of the brand Rimmel (420 rubles)

The special formula with sapphire pigments makes the basis of the "smart", adapts to the natural skin tone. Although it is not necessary, because in such a rich palette (15 colors), you can certainly find a suitable color. There SPF-protection. The cream can emphasize the peeling, but it is well removes small skin defects.

Revlon Colorstay (685 rubles)

The cream has already been called "liquid photoshop" and "must-have" for every girl. Tone really quietly falls on the skin, evens tone and hides minor flaws. A rich selection of colors, cost, durability, natural - that still distinguishes the best foundation for combination skin? Reviews say that the agent does not dry, effectively moisturizes, but does not create a greasy shine.

The best creams: reviews

The best creams on the average cost of

Tonalka bit expensive mass-market is not always and not for all the better, but sometimes not even inferior to the best creams luxury. Reviews suggest that in the middle category of cost is also necessary to take a closer look at the composition and characteristics of the funds.

ColorStay from Revlon (900 rubles)

Enough known among budget foundation, which keeps the whole day, practically does not leave traces, even on white clothing, hides minor rashes, redness and freckles.

Teint Infusion from Sephora (1000 rubles)

Another liquid agent with a special pipette for drawing. cream texture is very light, it is not felt on the face. It moisturizes, but does not create a greasy shine and does not dry the skin.

Flawless Skin Top Coat by Touch in SOL (900 rubles)

The only Korean foundation in this collection. Multifunctional tool: replace and concealer, and powder, and primer. Will hide minor flaws and moisturize the skin. Furthermore, Flawless Skin Top Coat contains useful ginseng extracts, rose and pomegranate.

Fluid Like a Doll! by Pupa (1000 rubles)

Liquid foundation, so that only applied using a pipette. Means making uniform tone, lies a very thin layer and not "overload" makeup.


Selection of cosmetics - it is extremely private. Some girls selectively prefer a luxury, very high quality and expensive cosmetics. But in the higher price category there are also the best. Creams luxury (reviews of them, by the way, too, are negative, so the price - not always an indicator of quality) are famous Lancome, Dior, Clinique (when it comes to skin problems) and other brands.

Miracle Cushion from Lancome (4100 rubles)

An innovative foundation in the porous pad - cosmetic products in this unusual form until just beginning to conquer the market, but has a genuine interest in the fair sex. Cream gives skin a slight glow (t. E. Not suitable for those who love the matte finish), evens tone, moisturizes and protects. The color palette is rich - about ten natural shades.

The best creams: reviews

"Lancome Teint Miracle" (2800 rubles)

Another means of brand "Lancome", but in the usual form of a cream. According to the reviews - the best foundation for dry skin that moisturizes without a greasy, it gives a healthy look and a slight shine, removes minor bugs and has a light texture. Tone without problems kept on all day long.

Givenchy Teint Couture (3500 rubles)

Steady tone, which is no problem persists for 12 hours, and not "floating" even in the heat. Cosmetic product adapts to the natural color of the skin and remains invisible from any angle with natural or artificial light. The only drawback is that the best creams for aging skin responses called Givenchy Teint Couture definitely can not - means only emphasizes the wrinkles. Not suitable also for dry skin.

Missha Perfect Cover BB-Who (1650 rubles)

Korean BB-cream, which has a dense structure, but does not create an unnatural effect "mask". Very good even masks significant imperfections, provides good protection from the sun's harmful rays, but emphasizes peeling.

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau (4000 rubles)

The cream provides perfectly smooth coating with a matte texture. There is a large variety of colors, in addition, the tone adjusts itself to the natural color of the skin. This is one of the best foundation for the combined skin (especially allocate reviews that tone well mattes, but the skin breathe). It is not suitable remedy for extremely dry skin.

Equipment has a special dispenser and very economical. The vial was quite heavy. It will look great on the dressing table, but is not suitable for continuous wear in her purse.

Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat (7000 rubles)

The most expensive foundation in this collection. Is resistant, ultra thin coating, does not clog pores, it hides minor flaws and is suitable for all skin types. Apart from not democratic prices, limited range of shades of a small number of copies. Particularly problematic to pick up the tone for light skin, it can be yellow.

The best creams: reviews

Diorskin Forever by Dior (3500 rubles)

Melting and thick texture, conceals all imperfections and coating. Long does not "swim" in the summer, but a special tool is required for cleaning. The manufacturer recommends a hydrophilic oil (there are in the line of Dior). Apply the cream is better to brush too from this manufacturer - recommended Backstage.

Means for oily skin

Difficult application, instability and disintegration, wrong color and stimulate sebum production - this should not be in creams for oily skin. Here are a few tools that fit:

  1. Match Perfection Foundation of "Rimmel".
  2. SS-cream from "Vivienne Sabo".
  3. Healthy Mix Serum (Bourjois).
  4. ColorStay (Revlon).
  5. Tenue de perfection by Guerlain.
  6. Diorskin Star by Dior.
The best creams: reviews

The best cream for dry and aging skin

Constant peeling, feeling of tightness and dryness - these are problems that have to constantly fight to owners of dry skin. The same is usually characteristic of the aging skin. Top tonal aging creams (reviews, by the way, is isolated and the usual means for normal skin that do not emphasize the peeling, rather than special) can be listed as follows:

  1. Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation.
  2. Luminous Goddess Aura from "Tony Moly."
  3. Dream Fresh. BB Cream 8 to 1 by "Meybelin".
  4. Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream.
The best creams: reviews

Anti-aging cream should additionally have the effect of firming and lifting, strengthen and nourish skin. The best creams for the combined age of the skin (especially reviews allocate funds in the middle category of cost - many women of 30-40 years do not buy mass-market and luxury remains obscenely expensive) represented by the following cosmetic products:

  1. Designer lift, "Armani".
  2. "Luxury Food", "L'Oreal".
  3. Serum Prodigy powercell foundation.
  4. Naked skin ONE & DONE from Urban Decay.

The tone for combination skin

Combination skin requires both supply and humidification, but this not to add fat T-zone. Suitable such Tonalka:

  1. Compact (in pencil) Teint Idole Ultra Cushion, Lancôme.
  2. Stick Mineral Stick Foundation from NYX.
  3. Cream Le Teint Encre De Peau.
  4. Dream Satin Fluid from "Meybelin".
  5. Liquid Naked Skin from Urban Decay.
The best creams: reviews

Tone Cream for oily skin

Problem skin needs a good disguise all defects (ie. Ie. Need a thick cream texture and pigmentation enough), but you need to be wary and effect "second skin" on his face. Fortunately, now there is a tonal framework, which easily and naturally fall on the skin and mask any problems. The best foundation for oily skin (reviews shoppers, professional make-up artists and beauticians at the heart of this rating) can be:

  1. Dermablend 3D, with SPF, from Vichy. Suitable for oily and problem skin. The composition has a salicylic acid, which helps to fight with rashes, acne, pimples.
  2. Effaclar Duo from "La Roche". Not only adjust, but also improves the skin condition.
  3. Affinitone, "Meybelin". Budgetary funds with vitamin E and argan oil in the composition. It differs liquid texture.
  4. Infaillible, "L'Oreal Paris". Mattes, hides the flaws, no additional features.
  5. All Nighter from Urban Decay. Very economical means, stylish bottle. With its main purpose of foundation, of course, to cope.
The best creams: reviews

For the skin with frequent rashes, dryness, acne is better to choose the tonal foundation with additional nutrients. Vitamins, salicylic acid, and cosmetic oils will only benefit.