Sunny weekend: where to go on holidays in May

May - an ideal time to travel: it is warm, but a little more tourists, and the prices are not as high as during the peak summer months. To inspire you, Heroine has collected several interesting destinations for short and memorable stay for holidays in May. In addition, together with the online service of choice and shopping tours Level.Travel, we figured out how to find the most advantageous offer.


Why go: stroll through the streets of Venice and the ancient fortress city

Sunny weekend: where to go on holidays in May

Stunning views, friendly service and original cuisine of Montenegro, the number of tourists are attracted each year. Well, that in May, the season is just beginning, and you will not have to wade through every step of the crowd of tourists. The daytime temperature at this time of year, + 22 ... + 24, bathed in a sea of ​​desperate daredevils only, but also in addition to the beaches in Montenegro mass entertainment.

You should start with the Budva Riviera. Budva's Old Town - a real maze of Venice - with high stone walls, charming centuries-old churches and castles that are now open are excellent cafes, bars and restaurants with traditional Montenegrin cuisine.

Next remarkable place in Montenegro - a tiny island hotel Sveti Stefan, he is just a 15-minute drive from Budva. Formerly a fishing village has been here, but today is a luxurious resort, ready to meet any need. Formally, the island allowed only hotel guests, but there is a trick. If you book a table at a local restaurant, you can go to the territory and plenty to admire the stone houses and gardens of St. Stephen.

But if you really are interested in medieval architecture and culture - a direct route to the ancient maritime city of Kotor. Once local residents actively traded with the Italian merchants, were at war with the nomads (and even built a wall mount - like Great Chinese) and participated in a complex political intrigues of Europe. Today Kotor - in the list of World Natural and Historical Heritage Site by UNESCO. By the opening of the local Academy of navigation, according to rumors, I had a hand in Peter I, and with all the proud history of the region can be found at the Maritime Museum of Montenegro - the largest on the Adriatic coast. Just a few kilometers from Kotor is Perast - a picturesque town of Kotor bay, like a small piece of Venice, floating on the Adriatic. The most famous attractions of Perast is located right in the middle of water - two artificial islands, each of which is a whole history - Our Lady of the Rocks, or Our Lady of the Rock, and St. George's Island.

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Why go: to look at the majestic mosques and universal museum

Sunny weekend: where to go on holidays in May

An impressive modern architecture and a unique cultural program make the UAE one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Fortunately, it was in May, visitors flow begins to subside, despite the fact that the weather is not hot yet. daytime temperatures can rise to 37 - safely out of the suitcase out with warm clothes and take your favorite bathing suit.

If we talk about the sights, almost home - great Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. This is one of the few mosques in the region, open to non-Muslims, and at the same time - a new masterpiece of Islamic architecture. During the construction of using 90 000 tonnes of white Macedonian marble and thousands of columns decorated with delicate floral patterns of pearl and semi-precious stones: lapis lazuli, red agate, amethyst and jasper.

Those who are really interested in Arab culture, attract Sharjah Art Museum - the largest in the UAE a collection of valuable works of Arab art. Here you will find more than 5,000 Islamic artifacts collected worldwide and exhibited in seven themed galleries, six of which - in the permanent exhibition.

From modern sights - the Louvre Abu Dhabi, designed by Pritzker Prize laureate, the French architect Jean Nouvel, at the end of 2017. One of the leading art museums in the world is located in the heart of the cultural district of Saadiyat. Arabic Louvre collected works of art from different eras and civilizations, including Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Gauguin, Manet, Magritte and Bellini. Choose a tour to the United Arab Emirates


Why go: to admire the spectacular scenery of water and stalactite caves

Sunny weekend: where to go on holidays in May

When did you first see Buda Castle in Budapest, you will understand why so many people call the city "Paris of the East". This impressive historic landmark from the list of UNESCO World Heritage is on a par with Versailles in terms of design and stately proportions.

One of the most popular resorts on Lake Balaton - Tihany. This nature reserve in the south-western part of the peninsula is ideal for walking along the well-marked network of trails.

Mandatory tourist destination in the city - a beautiful Benedictine Abbey of the 17th century with spectacular views of the lake and surrounding area. here is especially nice in spring when the almond trees bloom and the air is filled with their delicate flavor.

The resort village of Lillafüred in the Bükk Mountains - another popular destination in Hungary. He is famous for numerous caves just a few minutes walk from the village. The most interesting to explore - the caves of St. Stephen and Anna, with their fantastic stalactite formations and clean healthy air.

Keep in mind that for a flight to Hungary need a modern visa in advance.

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Georgia, Tbilisi

Why go: to enjoy the flavor and overeat national dishes

Sunny weekend: where to go on holidays in May

Georgia combines perfectly the old and new. On the one hand, it is the cradle of history, on the other - a comfortable modern country, a fascinating place to travel. And in May in this country - the sunniest month, and daytime temperatures are finally starting to handle the mark of +20.

One of the most interesting districts of Tbilisi - Old Town, located on the hillside beneath the ancient fortress Narikala. Despite the fact that he rebuilt a few dozen times, even here you can walk along the cobbled streets among the ancient monuments, churches, and picturesque wooden houses in pastel colors with open carved balconies. The main street of Tbilisi and mandatory recreational space for everyone who stops in the city - Rustaveli Avenue. On it you doydosh Square Rose Revolution, now filled with trendy shops, cafes and museums. And here is the local government, public, cultural and business center. The Parliament of Georgia, the temple Kashveti, Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Academic Theater. Rustaveli Georgian Academy of Sciences - all collected in one area, as if specially for comfortable study.

Mtatsminda Park - the highest point of Tbilisi, from here you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the cityscape. Here you will find a small fantasy amusement park, a giant Ferris wheel, the Tbilisi TV tower, the pantheon of writers and public figures of Georgia, and the rest from such an abundance of impressions can be in one of the cafes and restaurants of the national cuisine. To park a bus and a taxi to it easily accessible even on foot, but the most interesting and exciting way - of course, funicular.

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Why go: inspired by the art of Northern Europe and the silence of nature

Sunny weekend: where to go on holidays in May

Finland unjustly remains relatively unknown corner of Europe, away from the main tourist routes. Meanwhile, it filled the City of Arts and depth of the boreal forest are worth a visit.

Probably the first place you'll see in the old Helsinki - Harbor to Market Square. This is one of the epicenters of urban life and commerce; here you can buy fresh fish, Finnish food, handmade jewelry, wooden clubs and reindeer skins.

Other notable attractions in the city: the Cathedral, the Senate Square, the monument to the Finnish composer Sibelius, seaport Sveaborg, Kamppi Chapel of Silence and the Church in the Rock City area Teele. Helsinki recommend to go to one of the oldest cities in the country - in Porvoo. It stretches from the picturesque waterfront with small colorful wooden houses to medieval cathedral on the hilltop. Between the river and the cathedral is the Market Square with two interesting museums. The first tells the story of the region, and the second - Edelfelt Museum and Valgren - be of particular interest to those who are fascinated by the Art Nouveau style.

If the city - not your choice, welcome to the Aland Islands - a cozy archipelago, known as a haven for nature lovers and the pearl of the Baltic Sea. Here you can plunge into the ancient Finnish culture, visit the ruins of the fortress of Bomarsund, Kastelholm Castle, the Maritime Museum and the open air museum of Seurasaari.

Åland - one of the most peaceful places in Finland. Irreplaceable, if you need a full relaxation before the onset of the next working week.

To travel to Finland you need to apply for a visa in advance.

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Sunny weekend: where to go on holidays in May

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