9 reasons why you're not cope with loneliness

Each of us from time to time may experience a sense of loneliness, but it does not mean that we should not worry and should do nothing. There are several factors that lead to the fact that you will be more prone to experiencing this emotion, and today we'll show you what you should pay attention, if you will not feel lost.

1. Always read the news and social networks is tied to the

9 reasons why you're not cope with loneliness

Communication in social networks can be a great gift for those who find it difficult to find the time and opportunity to see up close because of a busy schedule. On the other hand, the more often you hang out online - the greater the damage to his state to apply. It may seem that in your account you are able to talk about their problems and get support, but in fact it is only emphasize how much you all separated recently.

2. You are in a stressful environment

The space in which you are on a daily basis - be it an apartment or a job, a significant impact on the way you feel inside yourself. Even inappropriate to you neighbors in a rented apartment can lead to the feeling that you are alone in this world, and that's not to mention the toxic colleagues.

3. struggling with a mental disorder

9 reasons why you're not cope with loneliness

Any fight with a mental disorder - anxiety, OCD and panic attacks - has a negative impact on your mood and energy consuming. Most likely, so you'll be more likely to stay at home and avoid certain conversations, but it will lead to the fact that you missed all the important discussions and conversations.

4. You have been in isolation for a long time

Maybe a month on the street nasty weather, and you refused from all walks, and maybe you're just too tired to go somewhere with friends at the weekend. In such a situation you find yourself in isolation, without realizing it. Even introverts need to communicate with people, to maintain contact with the world, and such long breaks can affect the mood in the moments when you will feel lonely.

5. You have social anxiety

Some people are mistaken, believing themselves the default introverts. Too many signs may indicate that you experience social anxiety, which leads to the fact that you rarely communicate with people. But here's the irony: just what are you avoiding, and help you feel better.

6. struggling with addiction

If you have suffered a while for alcohol or drug addiction, can become very vulnerable to feelings of loneliness and helplessness. Perhaps you easily feel shame that prevents you to seek help from relatives. Subsequently, you will feel even more alone and continue to seek an outlet in his bad habit.

7. Do not allow yourself to make mistakes

Jump on the state of "I made a mistake" to "I'm a terrible person who does everything wrong," easily. But because of the guilt and shame that imposes itself, can become quite lonely - because you start to avoid contact with other people.

8. Not ready to give

If you're not used to hearing criticism or even be rejected - one failure can seriously lick your confidence, and no matter whether it be about a relationship or a job interview at a dream job. Some people take "no" too close to the heart that hurts their self-esteem and feeds the state of isolation.

9. Close the person does not just gone and died

It is easy to lose confidence in the whole world, when someone of your family dies suddenly. You begin to wonder why this happened and why everything is so unfair. After the death of a close, many people feel incredibly lonely, but in any case it is worth remembering that it will not last long if you take care of yourself.

How often do you feel lonely?