Black Mask: reviews, types

A real secret weapon of women are facials. Even in adolescence girls are faced with an issue like black dots. And so you want to have a person without flaws, pimples, wrinkles. A very effective way to deal with these problems become black masks, which reviews evidence on their effectiveness. Find out what these cosmetic products, why they are called, are made up of any ingredients.

Black Mask: reviews, types

The unusual black mask

Cosmetic mask on his face look very funny - often households make fun of this appearance. Very unusual and frightening appearance is a mask for the face "black film". Reviews suggest that it is at many manufacturers, and can be prepared at home. The black color of the cosmetic product is due to the composition of the components. On the skin, it looks unsightly, but a very high quality cleanses the skin. Acne, acne, sebaceous plugs black effectively removes the tool point.

Reviews of the black mask for the face is said to be a truly carbon-colored due to the chemical composition of the cosmetic preparation. Black pigment of cleaning and sedative give the following ingredients:

  • Black cosmetic clay;
  • activated charcoal;
  • healing mud.

Many cosmetics contain in its composition of these components. Their similarities not only in the resin color, but also in the non-purifying properties. Reviews of black masks for face show that they differ in consistency. Very ductile and soft mud called: it is easily and seamlessly smoothed his hands removed. Most provide performance-film mask with charcoal: quickly dry, tightly adhere to the skin.

Black Mask: reviews, types

The causes of skin problems facial

One of the most common problems on the face called black spots. They are dust, mud, mixed with sebum and entrenched in the pores. Po- scientific they are called comedones. They, like pimples and acne appear in the T-zone of the face, most fat and problem areas. More often black spots seen on the nose, forehead and chin. Before considering the reviews about a black mask for the face of blackheads, get acquainted with the reasons for their occurrence:

  • Wrong approach for oily and combination skin. It is important to twice a day to wash, to remove make-up, use lotions and tonics. It is best to use for this purpose cosmetics purchased in a pharmacy.
  • Management of poor lifestyle choices. Firstly, not all follow the eating wholesome foods. Poor nutrition is immediately reflected on your face. Secondly, it is not recommended to abuse the junk food, alcohol and smoking.
  • Hormonal disorders. Often black dots appear before menstruation, during pregnancy, or inflammation of the female organs.
  • The application of a large layer of makeup. Creams, foundations, powders severely clog pores. They, together with the subcutaneous fat, the most polluting dermis.
  • Too hot weather. During summer, the sebaceous glands are working in emergency mode. By subcutaneous fat is added to the dust, and there comedones.

black masks Action

Reviews of Black Mask Black Mask prove that its effectiveness depends on proper use. Immediately I must say that before the application of cosmetics is necessary to make an experimental application. This is done so that the mask film on different types of skin manifest themselves differently. For example, girls with dry skin may feel tightness or even pain during drying. They are difficult to remove the film, so as not to damage the skin. Holders sensitive skin at risk without testing to acquire a rash on the face. Do not treat lightly the use of these cosmetic preparations, follow all recommendations prescribed in the instructions. How black mask helps preserve the health and beauty of the face:

  • promote metabolism in the cells of the epidermis, activates metabolic processes there;
  • pull toxins and wastes, saturate cells minerals;
  • normalize lipid balance problem skin;
  • to help correct the contours of the face: tighten the skin, eliminate the small wrinkles and double chin;
  • are actively fighting with rashes, heal acne and acne;
  • calm inflammation in the dermis;
  • relieve irritation;
  • align complexion;
  • control the operation of the subcutaneous glands, eliminates shine with problematic and combination skin;
  • effectively pull comedones;
  • eliminate puffiness;
  • make the face a fresh, radiant, tone it.

Proper use of films masks leads to a perfect cleansing of the epidermis. Today it is difficult to find an alternative to this effective skin cleansing. Scrubs only top clean pores, but do not scrub them from the inside. Black Mask pull toxins and wastes, are involved in the metabolism of cells, penetrating into the pores deeply. If you decide to clean the face of these cosmetics, use store-bought foods or prepare the mixture at home.

Black Mask: reviews, types

Carbon Black Clean line from Belarus

We begin our analysis of means to combat comedones and deep cleansing facial with the Belarusian decorative cosmetics - namely, the coal line from "Vitex". The basis of its product Belarusian developers have bamboo charcoal black. It is also called "black diamond" because it has a special cleaning and absorbent properties. Bamboo Charcoal actively use doctors and beauticians Japan, China, India, Egypt. Medicinal properties of the substance described by Hippocrates. For coal selected 3-5 year old bamboo, send it in a special oven and heated without oxygen. Chinese bamboo packaging tea made: in them it retains its useful properties for a long time. Nowadays, bamboo charcoal - a popular cosmetic beauty-novelty. It perfectly removes dirt, pulling toxins and absorbs excess sebum. Black Clean line consists of six funds, among them - the black mask film "Vitex". Reviews about this product mainly positive. Furthermore film mask "T-zone" in the series includes an absorbent foam for washing activated charcoal, cleansing nasal strips, scrub polishing, black body soap with peel particles.

Black Mask: reviews, types

Reviews of the black mask-film "Vitex"

This cosmetic product of Belarus has a relatively low cost. Some of it is disturbing to think that it is ineffective. Reviews of the black mask "Vitex" show that she deeply cleanses the skin. Agent forms a special film on the face, through which eliminates the congestion and pollution.

Many of the girls tried to imagine this cosmetic product. It must be applied on a clean face an even layer, without touching the eye area. Means must be completely dry, it takes about 20 minutes then the resulting film is removed.

Many customers called Black Clean "T-zone" a good acquisition. Reviews of the black mask for the face of the black dots of the company said that it has enough liquid consistency. On the skin, it resembles a translucent substance, well-freezes and turns into a film. When first used may be mild burning, because the product contains menthol. In the future, your skin gets used to this effect. Dried film is removed perfectly even removes fine hairs.

This Belarusian cosmetic product does not dry the skin, visibly tightens pores. Many women are advised to purchase a tool for those who need to clean the pores and make the skin smooth and even.

Black Mask: reviews, types

Reviews of the black mask "Avon"

Avon company pleases its fans with new and new products cosmetics and perfumes. Many girls familiar face mask of this firm under the name of "pore cleansing." The range of this tool includes minerals, easily absorbed into the skin fat. Customers have noted that after the application of a cosmetic preparation dermis becomes fresh and clean, is particularly soft and smooth. This contributes to the product contained in salicylic acid. Everyone knows that the production of "Avon" dermatologically tested in the best laboratories.

"Cleansing far" has a creamy consistency and a dark gray color. Girls celebrate its ease of application, quick drying. Application tools feels reminiscent of a clay mask. Withered - it becomes a light gray color. It is easily washed off with plain water. After this procedure is not felt dryness and tightness of the skin.

Many girls say that the mask of "Avon" really effectively cleans the dermis. Black dots are invisible, and the result lasts a few days. Of the merits of customers emit a pleasant aroma, affordable price, good cleaning and maintenance of salicylic acid. After applying light masks result fastened tonic or lotion.

Masochka sold in dark gray box, which shows a green "pixelation". Inside the box, there is an insert with instructions. The tube 75 accommodates mg drug.

Avon The company produces a lot of cosmetics to cleanse the pores. Another tool is the black face mask with extracts of witch hazel and eucalyptus "Reduction of pores and shine." This masochku applied for only three minutes, but the effect - delicious. Some girls use it instead of a scrub. This cosmetic product is manufactured on the basis of a new Pore Penetranion technology, which allows to remove the shine and pollution, but does not dry the skin. After applying this tool dermis it is not only clean, but also elastic.

Black Mask: reviews, types

Other brand black masks

Most recently, the cosmetic market has a Chinese cosmetic product Black Mask. The pharmacy is a tool has not yet been sold, but bought it directly from the manufacturer on the official website.

Reviews of black mask-film producer China very much, she left behind many of its competitors in terms of efficiency. "Black Mask" is not only fighting with black dots, but with acne. The main advantages of equipment - the natural structure, easy application, tangible effect. To spot a good result, the drug should be used regularly as a prophylactic.

The composition Black Mask includes many trace elements, vitamins, herbal active ingredients. The mask film is suitable for all skin types and did not cause allergies. How to operate the main components of the dermis:

  • Deep cleanses the skin, penetrates the pores and draws out dirt and harmful substances used ambukovy coal. It contributes to a mild effect on the dermis.
  • effectively tightens pores, and is involved in the regeneration of skin lightening relieves inflammation oil from the peel of grapefruit.
  • heals wounds, moisturizes and smoothes the epidermis "Panthenol" or pro-vitamin V 5.
  • The present source of fatty acids, preventing moisture loss and premature aging of the skin, is olive squalane (extract of olive oil).
  • As an antioxidant, improves blood circulation, using extract of wheat germ.
  • The film is formed on the face by a collagen.
  • Deep penetration of moisture into the dermis contributes vegetable glycerin.

"Black Mask" is recommended for people with oily skin, prone to rashes and acne occurrence. The preparation is a little different from all other means, because comes in powder form. Procedure for applying this mask is as follows:

  1. The contents of the bag are diluted with water or warm milk 1: 2.
  2. spray on all the problematic zone of the face except the eye area.
  3. Expectant 20 minutes to dry.
  4. Gradually poddevat film with your fingers and pull together completely from the face.
  5. Remove the remnants of funds, causing a light tonic or lotion.

The owners of oily skin is recommended to use "Black Mask" twice a week. The effect of the drug observed after the first application. Duration of one application of the course - 1 month, then used as a preventive measure.

In China, producing many of the same cosmetics. Many familiar coal face masks Bioagua, Lanbena, Pilanet. To this list can be added Remover, Xilizilm, Meiking.

The best recipes of clay

Home cosmetology involves a large number of black masks. The most common underlying components of such assets include coal, mud and clay. Their combination with oils and other products can effectively take care of the person. Here are recipes for masks out of clay:

  • The classic version. Black clay in powder form is mixed with water to form a slurry medium thickness. This creamy makeup applied to the face, waiting for drying and wash off with warm water. The entire procedure takes about 20-30 minutes.
  • With the addition of vinegar. 1 tablespoon black clay mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar, add 2 drops of tea tree oil.
  • with Melissa and mint. The crushed leaves of these herbs are mixed with 1 tablespoon of clay, add lemon juice to form a creamy mass.
  • with apples and honey. Mixed in equal proportions (one tablespoon) black clay powder, apple puree, aloe juice and honey.
  • Since calendula tincture. Black clay (1 tablespoon) mixed with a teaspoon of vegetable oil and tincture of marigold. Black Mask: reviews, types

Masks with activated carbon

The most popular are black masks with activated carbon. Reviews indicate their excellent cleaning properties. They not only cleans clogged and the clogged pores, but eliminate the acne comedones, acne. Here are a few home masks, which are an alternative to the shop:

  • With milk. 4 activated carbon tablets were ground and diluted with warm milk until creamy. Means applied on the T-zone and are dried.
  • The gelatin mask. 2 tablets coal is crushed and stirred with a teaspoon of instant gelatin and milk. Capacity to give a mixture of 20 seconds in the microwave. After cooling, applied to the face, avoiding the areas around the eyes.
  • yoghurt mixture. 2 tablets coal is mixed with two tablespoons of fruit yoghurt. For greater effect, add a few drops of fresh lemon juice.
  • with sea salt. A mixture of 2 tablets crushed coal, 1 teaspoon of fresh aloe juice, 1 teaspoon incomplete large sea salt and a few drops of water.

home-cooked mud masks

Reviews of the black mask, home cooked, talking about the frequent use of it in the mud powder. Most often it is simply mixed with warm filtered water until it forms a creamy mass. If you dream, you can add other ingredients. Perfectly complements the clay crushed chamomile and a little sea buckthorn oil. Excellent active mud powder in combination with the warm milk. The variant combination of clay with infusions of medicinal herbs. All of the above means show that getting rid of the problems on the facial skin is possible, by applying one of the black masks. Experiment for yourself or purchase a magazine cosmetic preparation.