How to combine a holiday with learning English

In the holiday I want to hold anything that does not have time to work half: self-development, active, lazy relaxation, travel. This is possible if, for example, do not just go to a warmer climate, and in the language camp. Or not only learn English, but also to learn surfing and sunbathing. Together with the School of English and surfing "Puraran" describe how to combine leisure and self-development in the Philippines.

What is the School of English and surfing

How to combine a holiday with learning English

"Puraran" is more like a sports camp than at school. Surf, trips, games and entertainment - is not just a way to spend time after school English, but a full part of the curriculum.

founder of the School Cons Del Barrio has created a place for those seeking an interesting and useful holiday. Here you can go surfing and English from scratch or pull up the skills that you already have. "Puraran" is suitable for people of all ages and works all year round, except for January.

Where specifically in the Philippines, you will live

How to combine a holiday with learning English

Surf camp for school students is on the island of Catanduanes in the north-east of the Philippines. Wild beaches without the crowds of tourists, hills covered with lush jungle, dozens of waterfalls - a perfect place for eco-tourism. Here you can relax, take a break from civilization and completely reboot.

Camp is located 10 meters from the beach, where there is almost no one, except for school students. English classes are held directly on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Puraran Bay, which is an island - one of the best surf spots in the Philippines. It is suitable for beginners and experienced athletes. Read more to find out which months on Catanduanes most successful surf, you can at the school site.

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How is the training of

How to combine a holiday with learning English How to combine a holiday with learning English

With you will be engaged in school teacher - native English and job opportunities, as well as a team of qualified instructors surfing.

Cons Del Barrio has created his own method of teaching English. The program will choose depending on your preferences: the more practice the language more surfing or more recreation and entertainment.

Every day you will be a few hours to give the English a few - surfing, and the rest of the time to chat with students and teachers of the school, swim, explore the island and have fun.

Entertainment program is also organized for the benefit: discos, intellectual games and quests you will be able to practice English in an informal setting. It is difficult not to speak in a foreign language when you hear it everywhere around the clock.

Why combine study and vacation in the Philippines - a good idea to

How to combine a holiday with learning English How to combine a holiday with learning English
  • English - the second official language in the Philippines. Teachers and local residents - supports US English. You immerse yourself in the language environment, which is essential for productive training.
  • With a trip to the school you will receive a complete package of services. You will not have to search for a house, a beach with surf lessons, or ways to have fun excursions. Friendly instructors are always willing to help and give, to learn something or just make you merry company.
  • You do not need a visa. Citizens of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan can spend in the Philippines 30 days without a visa. I want to stay here any longer - the school will help you arrange it. It is at times easier travel arrangements.
  • Since the end of February and the beginning of December on Catanduanes dry season: a warm, comfortable weather without frequent and heavy rains. This time is perfect for surfing, diving, beach holiday and exploring the island.
  • The Philippines - a place for the budget traveler, and the school "Puraran" - is no exception. In addition to the package of entertainment for a small fee you can take a walk on a boat ride on a motorbike or relax and heal at the session of the Philippine massage.

By the end of spring at the school "Puraran" special offer for women: 5% discount on all courses for promotional code Purarandelbarrio19.

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