Grandma was right: 6 of the rules of childhood nutrition, which should follow now

Be sure to eat the soup, eat up everything on a plate, drink plenty of fluids before a meal - as a child, we have heard a lot of advice, how to eat. Many of them turned out to be harmful or at least meaningless. But there are the recommendations from the grandmothers and mothers, and a grain of truth about it and talk.

1. At least one apple a day

Grandma was right: 6 of the rules of childhood nutrition, which should follow now

Fruits knowingly necessarily include a menu of kindergartens and other child care centers, at home we also often hear advice from adults "eat the vitamins." The most accessible of them were always apples in Russia.

Improving the use of the immunity is not limited to apples. They increase the hemoglobin, strengthens bones, remove toxins from the body and protect against tooth decay and diabetes.

The only thing that our parents were wrong - that the fruits are useful in any number. If you have problems with digestion apples can lead to bloating and acid varieties aggravate the symptoms of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. So it is better to do useful fruit snack, I'm not the main dish in the diet.

2. The longer you chew - live longer

Grandma was right: 6 of the rules of childhood nutrition, which should follow now

Chew food 33 times - a great tip, which is used by many of us. It affects habit as they grow older the pace of life speeds up, you eat quickly, even if you will not be late. It is proved that if to chew slowly, hardly pereesh - gastric juice is produced for 20-30 minutes, that is only after all this time, after the beginning of the afternoon you will be able to understand what is full. In addition, at long chewing produces more saliva - and it protects teeth from decay.

Thoroughly chewed food is better absorbed, and therefore, you will not feel faint after eating - the body need less energy to digest.

3. There is a need no less than three times a day

As a rule, this advice was limited to the fact that you can not skip full meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Break up the meals is recommended not only for the body is not starving. People rarely care about how their dinner was varied, eating at one time a maximum of 2-3 different products. The same type menu leads to digestive problems, as well as over-eating after a long fast.

I try to keep three full meals and two snacks during the day and the next, so it was different food groups: vegetables, meat, protein, complex carbohydrates.

4. Prunes help cope with constipation

Prune contains fiber and sorbitol - sugar alcohol. The first helps to move food through the digestive system and adds a lot to the chair, the second acts as a natural laxative. The same principle applies prune juice: it retains a part of sorbitol, but it does not have as much fiber.

5. Do not eat cold food

Grandma was right: 6 of the rules of childhood nutrition, which should follow now

To the favorite habit of many families - complete dinner tea, nutritionists are ambiguous. It has long been a common myth that drinking a liquid immediately after meals harmful, as it dilutes the gastric juices and prevents digestion. Who denied this version: water does not affect the efficacy of gastric juice.

In contrast, the warm fluid moistens the intestines and soften the food and helps it move through the digestive tract.

6. Consume more fiber

Children often hear about the benefits of fiber, but it is necessary and adults too. Whole grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits are well saturated, accelerate the digestion of food. In addition, the fiber cleanses the intestines and helps to break down fats.

What advice on nutrition from childhood you follow now?