7 Dangerous myths about abortion

With regard to abortion, there are many myths, some of them are transmitted from generation to generation, some - are the result of the lack of sex-lumen in schools. Delusions can repeat the illiterates officials, and some even later may extend beyond the prohibition of abortion without medical indication. Today, we have gathered a few popular myths in relation to termination of pregnancy, which can be dangerous for women's health.

Myth 1: Abortion is not safe

7 Dangerous myths about abortion

Supporters of pro-layferskogo movement often try to intimidate women that abortion is not safe. Now about 1, 3 million women make one abortion per year, and 90% of them - in the first trimester of pregnancy. In this case less than 1% of abortions lead to serious complications. Statistically, this procedure is about 10 times safer than childbirth or a colonoscopy. And access to legal and safe abortion - that really need our health care system so that poor performance is not growing because of the criminal interrupts.

Myth 2: abortion can lead to breast cancer

7 Dangerous myths about abortion

In the present study found no link between abortion and infertility, ectopic pregnancy, or breast cancer. Yes, all these operations carry some risk, but the direct damage fertility is not applied, and the right of abortion is 10 times safer than pregnancy. According to the American Society for the fight against cancer, the risk of developing breast cancer may increase during pregnancy, but it is not obvious whether the abortion it affects. However, even in the absence of precise figures because of lack of study The American Cancer Society believes that the scientific evidence does not confirm the belief that any abortion increases the risk of cancer of breast or any other type of cancer.

Myth 3: Most women regret their abortion

A study conducted in 2015 by the scientific community Plos One among the two groups of women who had an abortion three years ago showed that 95% of women were confident in the correctness of his choice - like a week after the procedure, and three years later.

The movement to ban abortion constantly argues that most women regret their abortions and, as a result, become depressed, but studies show that the opposite is true. Denial of abortion harms the mental health of the women more than the actual procedure. A study published in JAMA Psychiatrythis, found that women who had been denied an abortion, had higher levels of anxiety, lower life satisfaction and lower self-esteem than those who had the opportunity to carry out this procedure.

7 Dangerous myths about abortion

The procedure of abortion has been held for more than 40 years - and, of course, abortion has serious emotional and psychological damage to women. But the stress is short-term, and most women are successfully coping with it and do not have serious consequences in the future.

Myth 4: a woman should not make a decision on their own

Your loved ones, of course, can provide you help in choosing, as well as affect the majority of the factors and conditions of your life. But no stranger shall not make a decision for the woman who decides whether she should have an abortion or give birth to a child.

Only you know your life circumstances, their strengths and opportunities, as well as the resources that are available. You'll be the only person to whom it will affect pregnancy or interruption - so that the opinion on this question is definitely your partner should be less than significant. And if you are forced to a particular reproductive choice - remember that this is one of the clearest signs of domestic violence.

Myth 5: abortion - the result of poor controls and irresponsibility

7 Dangerous myths about abortion

Fertility and Conception are not always under the control of women: Studies have shown that from one-half to two-thirds of all women who had an abortion, contraception use during pregnancy. No contraception is not 100% effective. The circumstances of life and health of women - irregular periods, menopause, drug use, medical conditions, stress - all of these factors also influence the birth rate and the effectiveness of contraceptives. In addition, it is worth remembering that sex may not always be voluntary, even if it takes place between the two spouses.

Myth 6: Women who have abortions do not appreciate motherhood

Many women who have abortions are already mothers. Often their decisions affect the desire to do everything possible for the child or children that they already have. They fully understand the responsibility for raising children and how their lives have changed by the emergence of another in the absence of resources.

This myth is often used to create the stereotype that there are "normal" woman, dreaming about the children and a large family, and "abnormal" - who do not plan to start a family for a variety of personal reasons. That is why it is so important to remember that your rejection of motherhood - is absolutely normal.

7 Dangerous myths about abortion

Myth 7: Only certain categories of women have abortions

Any woman can face an unplanned pregnancy - no matter how old she is, from what her social class and whether it has been children. Women of all ages, ethnicities, income, ethnicity, religion, marital status and occupation may become pregnant - and want to have an abortion. Someone may think that abortion - a choice for those who have been abused, but in reality to terminate the pregnancy a woman may want a completely different reason - whether it's lack of interest in children, the desire to first make a career, or even the process of moving and obtaining a residence permit in another country.

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