8 things you should not do, when you do not get enough sleep

Everyone has their own way to survive the day, if you went to bed later than usual: coffee drink every two hours, to move, to use every free minute to take a nap. We tell what exactly you should not do when fatigued or if you do not want to bring down the regime.

1. Snooze day

8 things you should not do, when you do not get enough sleep

If you talk about the small lack of sleep, not a sleepless night, try not to be tempted to sleep in the afternoon. Or at least watch it to last no more than an hour.

Sleep expert Doug Hale advises only sleep in the morning, so as not to bring down the regime.

2. Hiding from sunlight

When tired, you want to protect yourself from bright light and loud noises. But if there is still a whole day, which is to be done on the feet, daylight even useful. Walk 20 minutes after wake up. During the day is spent in the bright light for 10 minutes every couple of hours. It will help to cheer up and hold on until the evening.

3. Lean on snacks to cheer

8 things you should not do, when you do not get enough sleep

Fatigue can make you feel hungrier than usual. If you are drawn to simple carbohydrates, remember that sugary snacks trigger the rise, and then a sharp drop in blood sugar levels. For a short time you will feel a boost of energy, but very quickly you will be even worse than before the meal. Keep the power balanced to blood sugar remained normal.

4. Drink Energy

Caffeinated beverages instantly invigorate, due to high content of vitamins of group B. But the same vitamin in the end leads to insomnia, which again causes fatigue and energy needs.

Limited to one of Liquid drink in the morning, then your body will have time to process it and prepare for sleep. By the way, if you can not do without coffee, perhaps, the cause of your fatigue and anxiety, it is there.

5. Forcing yourself to sleep

8 things you should not do, when you do not get enough sleep

You feel terribly tired and ready to cut at any time, but as soon as you lie down in bed and sleep away. Sometimes, the nervous system is so overloaded that does not give the body to relax.

When this happens, it is better not to force yourself. Fell asleep in the next 10-15 minutes, get up and go do something. It does not matter what time it is and how many you get up. Looking at the time, you only disturbs even more. Go back to bed, when you will feel the natural fatigue.

6. to make important decisions

Try not to make the final decision frazzled state. You think you're adequate and sensible, just want to sleep. In fact, the physical condition greatly affects the ability to think, to assess the situation and moral stability. You can think about your questions, discuss it with someone, but the final decision to leave in the morning.

7. Going too early to

8 things you should not do, when you do not get enough sleep

Cheers, you lived up to the evening and is ready to go to sleep at any moment. I want to get the missing hours of rest, but it can not work as you expect. Because of the long night of sleep you wake up in 3-4 hours in the morning and again you will feel tired.

The best tactic - to try to restore the old regime, and not to compensate for lack of sleep. Go to bed at about the same time as usual. Even on the weekend it is not necessary to shift the mode of more than an hour if your alarm clock on weekdays rings 7, Saturday and Sunday rearrange it to 8, not on time, closer to the dinner.

8. Drinking alcohol to fall asleep faster

Another popular means to fall asleep quickly, but not firmly. Alcohol prevents you immerse yourself into the deep phase of sleep - the body is busy processing pollutants, and he had no time to rest. As a result, you sleep loosely, although it seems that is completely disconnected, and missed important recovery phase of a night's sleep.

How do you recover after the lack of sleep?