How emotionally closer to your child

Be the best friend for your child to know about their interests, and to feel an emotional connection with them - almost unattainable dream, considering how little time a modern girl remains in the family. But milleniala-parent, nothing is impossible, because we are the generation that knows all about the modern world and can hold different spheres of life in the balance.

Together with CINEMOOD Heroine will tell you how to create and maintain an emotional bond with their child with the help of modern technology. To your attention we present the new gadget CINEMOOD MULTiKUBIK - portable projector, which will help create a new family tradition, follow the old and constantly be in touch with the closest person to you.

1. interested in what he likes

How emotionally closer to your child

An important difference between the current generation is that we are aware of all the benefits of emerging technologies, and we can use them to make a life of his family qualitatively better. And CINEMOOD MULTiKUBIK - the missing link in the evolution of your emotional intelligence. With features that combines the small cube, you will learn about what interests your child, and you can help him learn more about the world.

Through stylish gadget that fits in the pocket of your baby, you can watch your favorite cartoons without harming health while listening to audio books and go online to learn something new. Turn the use of the new device in the game: let the child tells you that look, and share emotions, and you be attentive and ask questions.

2. Learning foreign languages ​​

How emotionally closer to your child

It is only interested in the passions of the child - is not enough, it is better to invest in your joint interests. Engage in learning a foreign language through CINEMOOD MULTiKUBIK. You need to load the dice exciting lessons HooplaKids, and then take them with the child. You see that he is bored with nothing to do while you're cooking or doing chores - including the gadget and watch his progress. If you want to take a baby on the way - put a training lesson by putting a cube directly into the child's hand, or turn on a cartoon in English.

For more immersion and special experience CINEMOOD MULTiKUBIK have a set of slides, as well-chosen English.

3. Arrange holidays

Show your child that you love to have fun, too, and prove that the interaction with the technology can not be associated with a boring study or work, but also with pleasure. Use CINEMOOD MULTiKUBIK to organize joint party where through access to Yandex. Music you can play any music or projected on a wall or ceiling funny video.

Have fun alone or with your family, and if you need to arrange a birthday party, let the child will brag to friends, how interesting can spend time not only with a phone or computer.

4. Organize a home cinema

How emotionally closer to your child

In our childhood, going to the movies was a real treat, and now from this leisure lost every kind of romance. But if your child is still too young to go to the movies, or permanently lost in the computer, and build up to it an extraordinary experience - home theater that fits in the palm.

With the base films, TV series and cartoons that have gadgets CINEMOOD, you can organize a family viewing directly on the ceiling or wall. Add to this a unique entertainment element - let the child know that everything that happens on the screen, you can easily play back in his room. Superheroes and favorite characters from the cartoon will run on its walls and furniture. Select a day in which the whole family can get together, lie on soft pillows and consider sharing photos directly from the cube by downloading them there. If other family members will not attend the session, the child will still be watching a movie with friends, or on the go, take with you to school or to visit.

Just for such traditions from the creators of the gadget have an exclusive offer - application integration directly into multi CINEMOOD MULTiKUBIK. Each owner receives devaysa 1 year free subscription and will be able to see the new cartoon series before they appear on TV and the Internet.

Why MULTiKUBIK - a technological answer education?

Externally useful gadget resembles a cube toy, easy to use and fits easily into a child's hand. Due to the soft light it is safe to the eye and does not affect the quality of sleep as opposed to other modern gadgets. He meets all the parameters of advanced technologies - he even built an artificial intelligence so that you and the child can control the gadget with your voice.

With Multikubikom child learns the benefit of spending free time, develop memory, logic and imagination. But the main thing - to use it you will be able together.