5 things that will facilitate the early years of motherhood

Deftly care for the child, avoiding fatigue, and find free time for yourself - the dream of any woman who has recently become a mother. Heroine cares about the health of its readers, so did the collection of the necessary things that will greatly facilitate your life in the early stages of motherhood.

1. Manual Breast Pump Natural Feeling

5 things that will facilitate the early years of motherhood

Breast Pump - an important tool in the life of a nursing and socially active women. It allows you to express and store breast milk in sterile containers, to dad, grandma or other people to look after the child, it could safely be fed, giving the young mother free. This is especially true if the child shortly after birth it is necessary to go to work.

Compact and easy to handle manual breast pump Natural Feeling allows you to quickly, quietly and safely express breast milk. It is made of high quality materials that do not contain chemical substances, so its use does not affect the composition of milk and safe for the child. Rubberized grip at work sits comfortably in the hand, and the ultrasoft silicone cap, fitted with massage elements, tight to the chest of any size. Included with the device also includes a bottle of milk storage and nipple, repeating the shape of the breast.

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2. Highchair

5 things that will facilitate the early years of motherhood

When your child is old enough to eat solid food, it is necessary to allocate a legitimate place at the dinner table, set him on a high chair. It will enable the child to enjoy his meal as he wanted to, limiting the mess the place where he was sitting.

Steady, mobile highchair Chicco Polly Magic Relax ensure a high level of comfort at all stages of growth and development of the child. It is equipped with a convenient functionality, such as seat belts, removable soft toys, tilt the seat, and has several options backrest height adjustment. All this will allow the newborn to sleep, and the older child to play or eat while you go about your business. Thanks to the stylish, ergonomic design, high chair, ideal for the interior of any kitchen.

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3. Pillow for feeding Boppy

Find a comfortable position during breastfeeding is much more complicated than it seems: it is very common in young mothers numb back and neck, tired hands. Modern soft C-shaped pillows can not only comfortably feed your baby, but also to get rid of gravity in the body during sleep or rest.

The unique shape, quality materials, do not cause allergies, and interesting design - all this makes the universal pillow Boppy indispensable thing in feeding for both mother and for her baby. It provides a comfortable and secure support for the arms, back and neck - you can enclose it under the waist during feeding, and sleep on her own bed or baby. Order pad

4. Mobil on the bed Next2Dreams

5 things that will facilitate the early years of motherhood

Mobiles are not at all useless bright toys, they combine not only the style, but also functionality. He will calm the infant before going to bed and help to fall asleep quickly, get acquainted with colors and sounds and will learn to focus on various subjects.

Electron mobility of Chicco Next2Dreams is equipped with a soft night light and music panel that reproduces the so-called white noise to simulate the heartbeat and the sounds inside the mother's abdomen, and classical works by famous composers in Europe: Chopin, Schumann and Offenbach. So you can not only soothe the baby and prepare to sleep, but also from the childhood accustom it to good music. Thanks to the removable electronic board, you can always take a toy for a walk, a firm foothold in the handle of the crib.

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5. Cot Next2Me

5 things that will facilitate the early years of motherhood

Children's bed - one of the first things you start to choose young couples preparing to become parents. Here you need to remember one thing: the better the bed, the more comfortable and safer it will be your child.

Stylish Next2Me cot is equipped with a simple, yet secure fastening system - now you can sleep next to a child, monitor his health and quickly feed, if he wakes up. The crib has a firm mattress for proper formation of the spine and the mattress cover made of soft cotton hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin. In this case, you can easily adjust the Next2Me height and tilt your baby to be comfortable to breathe. Order crib

All these products you can order on the official website of the Italian brand Chicco, which aims to create a variety of products, to accompany the child at every stage of its development. Here you will also find a pillow for feeding, baby dishes, strollers, car seats, cribs, toys and much more. All products are developed with the support of the Chicco well-known European pediatricians, obstetricians and teachers, therefore, ensures perfect quality and safety for the children's health. The site of the brand also have useful information and expert advice on child care, the organization of his sleep, rest or play.

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