7 ways to indulge in February 14

If you're not currently in a relationship - Valentine's Day can be a difficult holiday. Throughout florist advertising in social media - presents pictures. But believe me, it's your life going at your own pace, and the universe has a great plan for you - even if at this moment you have no one to drink champagne. And the fact that you are alone on Valentine's Day does not mean you can not celebrate love - love of self. You can easily treat herself with the help of our suggested simple ways.

1. Turn to yoga

7 ways to indulge in February 14

Who said yoga - employment for the weekend? You can take care of yourself by making a few postures to relax and get rid of anxiety. They will improve your blood circulation and stimulate the production of dopamine - and this is the best way to cheer yourself up in this popular holiday.

2. Walk around the city

7 ways to indulge in February 14

You can create a whole new format of interesting walks - not just go to your favorite music on the waterfront, but also to enroll in a wine tasting or cooking class. Go to a small bar where the evening will perform a local jazz band, or find workshops in anti-café nearby. So you will be a unique experience that will not only improve your mood, but also improve your creative skills.

3. Food Book

7 ways to indulge in February 14

There is no better reason to spend money on themselves than on Valentine's Day. Usually we recommend to avoid such costs, to provide more opportunities to defer travel dreams, but if you are quite strict as to what your budget, you have the right to indulgence. In addition, land or other nutritious food - is not just great for evening series, but also help you to fill the iron reserves, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids in the body.

4. Take a relaxing bath

Valentine's Day is definitely not the day, when you need to be stingy with care. Use the tools that are waiting for a certain time a special occasion - mud mask, essential oils or bombs from Lush. You instantly feel relaxed and able to fully enjoy your home spa.

5. Flower Buy

7 ways to indulge in February 14

You're a grown woman who can buy gifts for themselves on their own, including the flowers that you like it - not those that your former considered beautiful. Do not forget that this is also an investment in your well-being - for a while your apartment will be transformed, and the bright colors will please your eye.

6. Arrange marathon romkomov

Viewing romantic comedies - the easiest way to get into the spirit of Valentine's Day. It may seem that watching movies about love, if you're alone and depressed - a little illogical, but they will help you to believe that love exists, and always will be in your life.

7. Go on a shopping

7 ways to indulge in February 14

Shopping - one of the easiest ways to feel instant gratification, especially if you approach it with the mind. Try to try on things that are unlike what you wear every day, to look into the fashion boutiques and showrooms. Try not to lose your head and do not spend money on every dress coming up, but if some of them sinks into the soul - allow yourself this gift.

How do you usually prazdnuesh Valentine's Day?